Wednesday, December 15, 2010

naughty or nice?

Make sure you take a moment from your sugar cookies and eggnog to check out method's sweet little "Are Your Hands Naughty or Nice?" game! It's clean fun (and there are cute method bottle designed snowflakes, too!)


Sorry I've been incognito as of late! I've been workin' like a mad man, and honestly have barely had time to breathe, let alone update the delightful method lust! I promise to try harder, but you know, perhaps after the holiday season (not much method news happening at the moment, anyway!) Hey, stop reading this, and go play the game!

copycat? - hand wash

So, an homage or an (unlicensed) copy cat? What are your thoughts? (I saw these bottles at my local Big Lots this week. They're made by Swissco.) They even make them in pink grapefruit and french lavender scents. Hmm...
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