Monday, December 29, 2008

home for the holidays

That's my dad, extremely intrigued by that method pink grapefruit all-surface spray cleaner bottle! Ha ha! So this holiday, I tried (uhm, 50%. Ok? So I've got to work myself up, slowly. I think I did well!) to give family and friends consumables. Something they could use, and use up! Instead of sitting around and gathering dust. (Wait, if it gathered dust, then method products could clean it! Hmm, perhaps consumables weren't the way to go, more to clean means more method! No, no. I'm sure consumables were a good idea...)

Well, I decided this year I'd get my mom a great big basket of method products for the holidays! Hold on, hold on. You're giving your mom cleaning products?! I know. But a) the closest Target (and hence, method) from us at home is an hour and a half away (can you believe that. I could never move home. Not never.) and b) she's liked the few method products she's purchased in the past, when she'd been down visiting me in NC; and c) she needs to get rid of all those nasty cleaners she's using! In fact, during this trip up, she had her method spiced pear hand wash bottle out in the bathroom. And it was filled with, I shudder, dial hand wash. Gah! When I first used it, I was like AH! LOL I totally called her out on it, too...

Now, I know what you're thinking. NATHAN! Is that tissue paper?! I know, three steps forward, one step back. But again, with some things, it's a slow progression. But I think I did well, actually. I wanted to give her the whole surprise of opening something, so yes, I did wrap the items in tissue paper. BUT, I figured that was better than wrapping each thing in actual wrapping paper. Well, it made sense in my head, at least. Doesn't it make sense to you? Just shake your head yes, ok? Thank you.

And that overflowing white "paper" that's coming out of the basket and making you scream? Hold up! It's actually this soft gauzy stuff that I received ages ago when someone sent me a package, to keep the item safe; and I always save all the peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. I get to reuse, so as not to waste it. And I thought this would be perfect to wrap up the whole "package" with, inside the basket. So actually, I'm recycling packing material, and using it for gift wrap. AND, I picked it back up when she was done unwrapping, and am all set to use it again! She didn't tear it or anything, so it worked great!

AND, AND, the basket is a great (used) find from a thrift store I frequent. See, I'm trying here. She really liked the package, and immediately went and replaced faux spiced pear with her waterflower hand wash I got her. She lusts the waterflower body wash, so I knew she'd like the hand wash as well.

As she opened each item, I told her what it was for, and some I specifically had her smell (cause I'm all about the smells, baby! Wait, did that come out right?) So, in order of the pictures above (which I had to shoot twice to get it all in! Lucky her! We had a budget going for gifts this year, and she swore I went over it with these products. But no, I didn't! See, method can be thrifty, too!)

First photo: Ginger yuzu hand wash, almond flower hand wash, waterflower hand wash, and go naked wipes. Next photo: eucalyptus + mint lil' bowl blu toilet cleaner, mint glass cleaner, almond wood for good, spiced pear dish soap, pink grapefruit all-surface cleaner, and hiding back there, pomegranate tea aroma spray. WHICH, by the way method, she LOVED the bottle! Like, loved. She replied multiple times about her love for the little ring at the top (which reminded her of some fireman thing, don't ask me!) So congrats, you got my mom to comment on packaging. Not an easy feat! In fact, she giggled as she opened that aroma spray! Oh, and my dad exclaimed "These are made out of bamboo!?" when he read the package for the go naked wipes. I think he was surprised!


So there you have it! My methody holiday! How was yours? Did you give, or get any method goodies this year? Tell us what you gave/got?


PS - Oh, and Happy New Year!

holiday leftovers

...and I'm not talking turkey, folks! Whew! Alright... well that was a (great) but whirlwind holiday week. Where did it go? I'm still looking for it, so if you see my holiday week, give me a call, ok? It's about this tall, wears jingle bells, and goes by the name of ho ho ho!

While we're looking for my holiday week (how was yours? Did you get any method goodies for the holidays?) give me a bit of time to get reacquainted with technology (given that my parents have a 28.8 modem connection. Yeah, you read right. What is that about? I could chisel the internet pages out of rock faster than they would load. No, seriously...) and I'll get back into the lustful swing of things! Until then, let's keep up with all the latest discount (ah, so THAT'S what he means by holiday leftovers!) deals! If you spot any method holiday discounts, please post them here, as I know I'll miss some!

+ Target is still holding tight to their 15% method holiday clearance prices at the moment. You know what's funny, you're gone for a week, and when you return, you think you've been gone for months! It's like "15% still?! But it's been a week!" where as if you'd been doing your normal schedule that week, you'd be saying "15% still, of course, it's only been five days. boo." But they have added the gingerbread + spice to their clearance list. Also at the current 15% off.

+ Office Max has placed their method holiday line (from last year, hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla) on 50% off. I've hit up two of them, and they seem to only have the aroma sticks still around, but perhaps you'll have better luck!

+ has also placed their method holiday items (also from last year, some peppermint vanilla and cinnamon bark plug-in refills; and hollyberry and cinnamon bark hand wash) on clearance. Prices range from $2.89 to $7.47. ALSO, they currently have the method Plastic Bag Rehab totes for sale at only $4.99 (they usually go for $15!) So pick one up if you haven't yet, that's an amazing deal!

Friday, December 19, 2008

happy holidays from method lust

Alright, I'm outta here like Santa heading to Hawaii on December 26th! I mean, come on, after all the work he does Christmas Eve, he deserves a vacation! I'll be heading home for one week (please snow, please snow! Though I know some of you are already saying "enough snow!") and then I'll be back! Well, that's how these things sorta work, now isn't it?

I'm excited for method, and method lust in 2009! New challenges, new products (and I'm hearing whispers of possible scent choices like tangerine + ginger, seacress, and more! I'm all giddy!) and, I'm hoping, a fresh coat of paint here for method lust!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Thanks for rocking method lust! Without you, well, I'd pretty much be writing to myself. Ho ho ho! (And all that jazz!)
Paper towels. Check! Plastic bags. Check! - Here's my question for you! I'm taking suggestions as to what you think my next environmental goal should be? Give me your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas for Eco Challenge 2009! Don't be shy! (Remember that time during last years New Years party? Yeah, you're not shy. Don't even try to pretend...)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

let the holiday sale begin (early!)

Looks like Target has started the method holiday sale, early! (Oh, wait, did I already say early in the title? Well, it's worth repeating!) This is a change of pace, as last year they actually waited 'til mid January! I just stopped by on my way home from work tonight, and while hand wash, dish soap, and spray cleaner are still regular price; all other holiday method items have hit sale! As in after-holiday sale! Right now they're only 15% off (which is the first markdown discount Target usually does.)

So if you're looking for some frosted fir, spiced pear, winter berry, or toasted hazelnut candles, aroma rings, aroma sticks (hmm, just realized they were gone!), candle trios, or potpourri ornaments, now's the time! Run on out, and pick some up!


Looks like lust readers Jamison and Josh found them as well! You readers sure do post comments in the strangest places! Ha ha! Thanks for the info., guys!

our third (late!) poll finale!

It's (finally!) here! If you've noticed lately, method lust's third set of polls have recently closed! And I've (finally!) gotten around to compiling them for you, my dear readers (finally!) Uh, yeah, so I'm a little behind on this one, I realize. But hey, here they are (finally!) Ok, ok. I know, finally, alright? Geesh! Move on already! Don't you have holiday shopping to do or something? Ok, so take a look at the big results (finally!) Gah!


What 2008 holiday scents have you purchased?

Yeah, uhm, whoa! spiced pear and frosted fir blew everything else out of the water! (Secret applause from me! As these are my favorite two holiday 2008 scents! And I swear I didn't sway these results! Ha ha!) I'm always curious to know what scents will be making their holiday returns, and what ones won't. The only two holiday scents (to my knowledge) that have never made a comeback are snowy days, and mistletoe. So there's a pretty good chance that if you don't see your favorite scent during a specific year, it'll be back sooner or later. You think peppermint vanilla and hollyberry are gone for good? I'd definitely bet not! I'm just really happy spiced pear has done so well! I'm stocking up on that scent this year, just in case I have to wait a few years in-between, like last time!

I'm also noticing the method holiday scents are starting to dwindle, without restock. So if you have a favorite scent, I'd be buying some up, before they're all gone. (Though I know we're all secretly waiting for the after holidays sale! But there really isn't a Target near me when I head home for the holidays (we so live in the boonies!) So I have to think ahead!)


Which method product could you not live without?
OTHER - 12%

Yeah, so don't touch people's method surface spray, or you'll be in trouble, mister! It gets the most lust! With hand wash coming in a very close second. Both products are part of method's founding line, so it doesn't come as too much surprise they get the bulk of the votes. The other item's votes seem to be matching how long the product has been on store shelves. Looks like there are some method items out there people still haven't tried out! (Go on, you know you want to try the squeaky green kids line! No, you don't have to be a kid, just one at heart!)


Are you part of the Plastic Bag + Paper Towel Challenge?
I'M WINNING! - 12%

Yay to no plastic bags (56%!) Boo to all you "I gotta have paper towels" people - 27%! Come on, you can do it. How many more speeches do I have to give. I know, I know. None, since you don't even read them anymore (proof of the fact, since I asked a question at the end of my last paper towel/plastic bag rant, and no one responded. Uhm-hmm, I know you didn't read it. For shame!) But hey, at least 10% are more than willing to straight up admit you're just plain lazy. I guess that's what makes anonymous polls so great! Ha ha! If you haven't started yet, go for it! 2009, and a greener you, awaits!


Which is your favorite scent type?
CITRUS - 20%
FLORAL - 10%
FRUITY - 10%
MINT - 26%
WATERY - 15%

Green + earthy makes the win! Holiday comes in an extremely close second! And uh, yeah, hello, I'd like to make a collect call to method? Yes, method? I'd like to let you know mint hit 26% with the third highest score in favorite scent type! Mint, people! Seriously, I'm shocked at that one! So yeah, method, more mint! What do we have? Eucalyptus + mint doesn't even count (doesn't smell like mint.) So we have refresh mint, and mint glass cleaner. Time for mo' mint, method! Yes, I'm so excited! Like my little poll where 26% of method lusters loving mint will result in more method mint products! But, I'm gonna dream anyway! Cause that's what I'm all about, dreaming big! Happy thoughts! Spreading lust and cheers! Wait, none of that is me... who is that? Word. More mint!


Aircare! Which is your lust?

Bamboo aroma ring would like to say something. "Ahem... (clearing throat)... you like me, you really like me! Thank you so much, I'd like to thank my agent, and my mom, and..." Anyone think the bamboo ring might replace the plastic one down the line? I mean, this poll preferred it big time! Many of the items, again, seemed to be chosen on newness of product. But most are close, while the aroma ring ran well, rings around it's former self! (The aroma spray did as well, but the original version was missing for an entire year (almost) so I chalk that up to many simply not being able to give the original capped version a try. What do you think?)


And that's that! Our third poll finale! Thanks to everyone for taking the time and voting! You're the best! I'm gonna take a short holiday break before rolling out brand new poll questions for the new year! So check back real soon!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more tissues, please...

Woe is me! After barely beginning to pick up the pieces upon The Great Sarah leaving method last month; now we have to start stocking up on more tissue boxes, as our wonderful Felicia Benefield is moving to Belgium next week (thereby also leaving method!) It seems like only yesterday she was filling out her method profiles! And now, she'd bidding us farewell!

Great luck Felicia! I'm jealous (Belgium!) I know there will be many advocates here that will miss you! Send ole' method lust a postcard!

Everyone, take a moment to wish her your best!

Monday, December 15, 2008

buying in

A very interesting article over on The Dieline, a blog focusing on product and package design. And method is included in the discussion:

"Journalist, Rob Walker writes the weekly “Consumed” column for the NY Times Magazine. Equally adept at addressing both the business and cultural aspects of his subject, Walker’s well-reasoned column has emerged as an unusually clear window on the murky world of branding.

His book, “Buying In, The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are” came out this past Summer.

box vox: One of the companies you write about in your book is Method. You make the case that buying one of their cleaning products is not a strictly rational decision, since so much of their product appeal is based on how cool the packaging looks, rather than how well the product works. Because of their packaging, Method seems to have inspired one of those impromptu brand communities that you discuss elsewhere in your book. Their products are regularly celebrated in package design blogs like The Dieline and I know of at least one designer’s blog (Nathan Aaron’s “Method Lust” site) that is devoted to nothing else. Of course, package designers may have their own self-serving reasons for loving Method, but they don’t seem to be the only ones who are buying Method because of its decorator packaging. Is it possible that Method has built a business entirely on a demographic of aesthetes who want every detail of their lives to reflect their own overarching good taste?

Rob Walker: It was actually one of the founders of Method who told me that their customer feedback indicated that people who bought Method products were often surprised that they worked — that is, they were attracted to the packaging for whatever reason, but had some kind of suspicion that there would be some kind of tradeoff of function for form. I thought that was pretty interesting, that people would buy a household cleaner, of all things, on that basis. It’s not like dish liquid is a good candidate for the “conspicuous consumption” theory of consumer behavior.

So I think it’s pretty clear that design was a major part of what has built Method’s business. BUT ... I’m not sure that I’d go quite so far as to say they’d built their business totally on the aesthete demo. That that demo was not crucial.

Here’s what I mean. One of the things that most interests me about Method is that they have an eco-friendly or “green” story to tell—their products are (they say) made without many of the toxic ingredients common to household cleaning products. But they chose not to make that their main selling point, their main way of differentiating themselves at the shelf level. They went with the “good design” strategy instead. They don’t hide the other, eco-ish story, they just skipped the traditional strategy of, you know, putting a tree on the bottle or whatever.

And I think this strategy worked well at a time when the broad idea of “good design” was much in the air. I think there were plenty of consumers who had been in essence conditioned by a variety of cultural forces (many of them commercial) to pay attention to the idea of “good design.” And Method offered both a kind of novelty at the shelf, and an easy way into that broad idea.

I’m generalizing wildly. But still. I think it was both a clever strategy and, on some level, an admirable one. I think it’s clever because the truth is the eco/green thing is really easy to knock off—especially in symbolic/design terms. (Just add a tree to your package and you’re ... green ... ish.) Many consumers don’t want to “do their homework” about such issues, so devious design/packaging strategies can work. And Method, as far as I can tell, had the right facts to back up their eco claims for anybody who did do their homework.

So I think that’s clever because really striking visual design is actually harder to knock off, if it’s done right. Copycats look like copycats, and it can actually strengthen the position of “the original.”

And I think it’s admirable in the sense that there was something going on behind the “good design.” (I am not particularly impressed by the argument that buying “good design” is its own reward, which is in effect what many observers seem to believe.) There was something ethical (for lack of a better term) about the product—but they aimed for an audience larger than the one that is overtly tuned in to such issues. And it would appear that they have attained such an audience. For now!"


Oh! I didn't even realize I was in the article! Yo, too cool! Head on over to The Dieline and read the rest!

You can also read Rob Walker's original Consumed article, from 2004 (Whew! Did they have computers back then?!) which was previously posted here on method lust.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

what next?

Uhm, yeah, I'm so excited! Because my favorite (right below method's very own "Plastic Rehab" tote, of course!) reusable tote, the Baggu bag (see pic), now comes in three sizes! So awesome! These things work great!

Which leads me to asking you, dear lustful readers, a question! By now you should all know my No More Plastic Bags + Paper Towels Challenge! (And if you don't, shame on you! No fruitcake for you! Well, wait that might not be much of a punishment...) You can read up on my Plastic Bag Challenge, as well as the Paper Towel Challenge, and then you'll be all caught up!

And hey, insert sly smile here, it's almost New Years! What a great time to add these two challenges to your resolutions for next year! I swear, I've said it so many times, but you'll never miss either of these two items. I can't even remember when I bought paper towels now (ok, so it was like four, five months ago. But that's a long time without paper towels!) My microfiber cloths work like a charm! And plastic bags from a retail store? Gah! Never again. Lately I've been forgetting my reusable totes when I head into the grocery store for ONE item and walk out with like, six. And I literally just precariously carry them out of the store, bagless (with receipt in hand in case anyone things I did a grab and run! LOL) I get an occasion odd look from a customer walking into the store as I walk out, but at this point, I seriously don't care! All that beginners worry is gone ("What will others think?" "Will they wonder if I stole this?" "How pushy can I be to make them use my tote?" "Do I look pretty in pink?" "Of course I look pretty in pink! What kind of question was that?!") Yes!


I promise you can. I had the same questions, worries, and "I'll never be able to pull this off" that you do. And yes, every once in a while I do stumble upon some use for a paper towel that I have to work out in my head (bacon, wood stain, etc.) But you'll figure it out, just as I do (or uh, just ask me! I don't have all the answers, but uhm, most of them. Yeah, I have a secret answers book. I use it to get my way in life. Erm, I mean, to help others out!) And tada, you're all the better for it.


Your Question
Ok, ok, enough pushing. Here's my question for you! I'm taking suggestions as to what you think my next environmental goal should be? Give me your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas; and I'll pick one as my next Challenge!

"Oh man, and then he'll harp on it forever. Just like those dang paper towels and plastic bags!" Yes, yes, I will. But you know you secretly lust all my harping, yes you do.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

honored by the epa

A little behind on getting this one to you, but just in case you haven't seen it yet... (Hey, it's the holidays, I'm hectic! Ok, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

Over on method's people against dirty blog, method good cop Ryan Williams, all around great guy (and cutie! Oh come on, like he doesn't know he's cute. Right.) literally helped snatch up an award for method!

"We were recognized last week by the US EPA at the SDSI awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. Our Good Cop, Ryan, happened to be speaking at a green cleaning products conference in Alexandria, VA and swooped into the event to receive our plaque, commemorative pint glass, and cash in the two drink tickets!

The Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative is a program through the EPA's Design for the Environment that recognizes industry leaders who voluntarily commit to the use of safer surfactants. That means they use ingredients that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds and help protect aquatic life in both fresh and salt water. We are honored to be recognized at the Champions level, the highest level for this award.

If you're looking for more info, be sure to check out the EPA website that also has a full list of DfE certified products."


Congrats to everyone at method!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ho ho ho flashbacks

Remember those times when you were a child, and you dreamed of all the wonderful trinkets, toys, and things dear ole' Santa Claus would bring you? Remember that magical feeling you used to get as Christmas and the holidays crept ever closer? Twinkling lights, hot cocoa, candy canes, Christmas carols, big packages, glittery wrapping paper (well, my mom still uses glittery wrapping paper! I think it's her way of trying to be "ok with me." Glitter = gay, well, at least in her books. Ok? And really, it's a sweet gesture (cause psst, glitter = gay. Well, ok, I may be biased!) Anywho, remember all those snowy, wintery, precious Holiday moments of our childhood?

And how now, as adults, we pretty much spend most of our time trying to relive our holiday past! Cause, seriously, life just blows as adults! Oh, what, sorry, am I bitter? Never.

Well, in much the same way (minus the blowing part. Cause method still rocks our world!), let's take a stroll back in method time! And check out two previous website images oh so long ago! Above is a shot showcasing the debut of their peppermint vanilla, hollyberry, and mistletoe line! Yeah, this image is old! Like when you were four years old, old. Except in method years. Which is more like cat years. Cause they're not that old, yet. (Well, they're more than four years old, but oh, you know what I mean!)

...And does anyone remember these? Holiday bundles promoting their peppermint vanilla, and hollyberry scents. They came in cute wire sink caddies! All packed up in adorable packaging, with a little candle (what their candles used to look like), or hand lotion. The copy reads:

"Fruitcake is not a biodegradable gift - Actually one of our summer interns checked on this so it's almost definitely incorrect. We're sending the fruitcake people a method sink set as a peace-offering. If you want to get on someone's good side, send them a set as well. Holiday sets are available in stores. The peppermint vanilla sink set is available online. Includes hand wash, hand lotion and a sink caddy."

Yeah, get this, way back when, they had two holiday scents, in hand lotion, a candle, and hand soap. NOW don't you feel special with all the scent and product choices you get during the holidays? I know I do!

Look for more flashback holiday method throughout the next couple weeks! When did you first discover holiday method? And what holiday scent/product was it you first purchased? - Ho ho ho!

let's have a green christmas

How about we take a little time out of our hectic holiday, and make this year a green holiday! Here are some pointers to help us out (and really, we can use all the help we can get!)

"A is for artificial trees These are not necessarily greener - although they last for longer, they are made from plastic, not recycleable or from a renewable source and have probably been shipped great distances. There are also question marks over where they are made and the labour used. Real trees also help to remove carbon from the atmosphere while they are growing (more on real trees below under C).

B is for batteries New gifts at Christmas often mean that households go through a lot of batteries. Batteries contain toxic chemicals, do not biodegrade and are difficult to recycle. As an alternative use rechargeable batteries or try the new AA size USB rechargeable batteries. By opening the cap and plugging into a USB connector, you can recharge them pretty much anywhere.

C is for ...

Candles Paraffin candles are made from petroleum residue and are no good for your health or for the environment. Candles made from soy, beeswax or natural vegetable-based wax are more eco-friendly because they biodegrade and are smoke-free.

Cards With an average of 17 cards for every man, woman and child, that's a lot of trees saved. Can you send an e-card instead? Purchase recycled or charity cards or cut up last year's and re-use them?

Compost Compost all your food peelings or get a wormery to help break down the vegetable food waste into rich soil nutrition.

Clothes Over 80,000 tons of old clothes will be thrown away this Christmas. so if you do get a new wardrobe, make sure you donate your old clothes to a local charity shop.

Christmas trees Real trees are the more eco-friendly choice, as long as you consider where and how they have been grown. Make sure you get one from a sustainable source. You could also choose a tree with roots so that it can be replanted. Trees in pots mean that they will stay fresh all the way through Christmas, won't drop needles all over your floor and you can even plant them in the garden in January. Failing that, take the tinsel off and keep them indoors all year round.
Recycle your tree after Christmas. Most end up in the landfill, a wasted opportunity to create biomass that would have provided nutrients for depleted soil. Many local authorities and garden centres will be recycling Christmas trees after the festive period.

D is for ...

Decorations Use recycled decorations - Use CDs and juice cartons to make your tree sparkle. Or decorate your tree with products that are fairly traded and ethically sourced. The WWF has some ideas here. Or get creative and make your own.

Defrost your freezer before Christmas It will work more efficiently and create more space to store leftover food, so that it doesn't go to waste.

E is for eco-bags Use a reusable tote bag instead of all that plastic. (Note: Buy a method all-surface cleaner right now at, and get one free!

F is for food shopping For some horrifying statistics on how much food we throw away, read this story.

By the time the ingredients that make up the average Christmas dinner arrive on our plates, they have travelled a combined distance of 49,000 miles. Buy an organic turkey. Ten million turkeys are eaten every Christmas, so try to make sure it has been reared in humane conditions.

Buy local or buy less. Produce bought locally means you will be supporting small suppliers and the local community, while minimizing your carbon footprint. Shop at a local farmers' market, or try growing some of your own vegetables where possible.

Buy your fruit and vegetables loose and ditch all that wasteful plastic packaging. Make sure the goods that are packaged are made from recycled materials.

Buy drinks in bigger bottles rather than small ones. One large bottle generates less waste than several smaller ones.

Try to avoid serving people with paper or plastic plates and cups if you are entertaining.

Pack all your goods into a re-usable shopping bag or re-use old plastic bags.

Don't forget to put the vegetable peelings from your Christmas dinner in your home compost bin.

K is for keeping your curtains closed This keeps heat in and saves energy and money. And with all those guests to entertain, more heat is going to be generated anyway.

L is for lights Christmas tree lights left on for 10 hours a day over the 12 days of Christmas produce enough CO2 to inflate 12 balloons, so turn them off when they are not needed.

If you want to be more environmentally friendly, try switching to either LED lights, choosing lights that are powered by solar power or rechargeable batteries, or installing an energy-saving bulb to offset the energy usage.

If you haven't already - make it a new year's resolution to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.

P is for ...

Plastic-free Millions and millions of plastic bags are handed out by supermarkets a year - that's 300 for every man, woman and child - causing nearly 60,000 tons of plastic to go to landfill sites (more on why plastic bags are so bad here).

Now and after Christmas, use a reusable tote or take old plastic bags and reuse them.

With retailers yet to get the message on excessive packaging, try to avoid purchasing products and food that are overpackaged.

Presents Buy local or buy less. Each Christmas, 4,000 tons of products arrive from China. Presents bought locally means you will be supporting small suppliers and the local community, while minimising your carbon footprint.

Buy durable gifts and avoid buying or requesting presents that rely on disposable parts like batteries. Try to look for alternatives, for example, goods that are solar or wind-up powered.

Do you have to buy gifts? Could you buy an "experience" instead? Try cinema tickets, club memberships, gift tokens. Sponsor an animal, buy them some rainforest to protect - but don't give them another unwanted gift which they will simply throw away.

R is for recycle According to, (English) households will throw out five sacks of trash per family - over the festive period. Much of this will be waste that could have been recycled.

If you're not doing it already, it's getting harder to have an excuse not to recycle.

T is for ...

Turning off your appliances Turning your appliances off, rather than leaving them on standby. This saves huge amounts of carbon.

Turning down the thermostat. Not only does this save carbon and money, it's a good excuse to resurrect the themed Christmas jumper.

U is for using the right-sized pan Use the right-sized pan for the vegetables you cook, and only boil the kettle with the amount of water you need.

W is for wrapping This constitutes one of the biggest Christmas wastes. Try wrapping your presents in brown or recycled paper, recycled foil or newspaper, and using string or raffia (made from bark which regenerates) to tie it up.

So what will you be doing this Christmas?"

+ Taken from The, by Jessica Aldred

Monday, December 8, 2008


Reader Kirby shares with us a great photo of Costco's giant soap refill bottle display! Thanks!

clean sweeps!

+ Big Lots blowout! If you haven't taken a trip to your local Big Lots lately, do! It looks like method (or whoever sends these things out? I'm not sure...) has done a big new shipment! Lusters from all over are finding all sorts of method greatness! In fact, I decided to head out this weekend, and found a slew (I'm talkin' slew!) of ginger yuzu hand wash in gel and foaming varieties! As well as some sweet water hand wash (again in both versions), a couple bottles of sweet water laundry detergent, more eucalyptus + mint gel hand wash (again, tons of it!) and let's not forget some almond flower, olive leaf, and white tea creamy hand wash!

Reader Josh found the above hand soap combo packs (which I've never even seen!) in sweet water and green tea + aloe. A mere $6. for 2 bottles and a 25 oz. refill! So definitely head on over to Big Lots, and find some finds!

+ And speaking of finds, Josh is a lucky, lucky man! Check out this photo!

He found this display at his local Wegman's (and I so wish we had this chain in the south east! MAN! Look at all those candles... sniff sniff. And aroma beads. Oh, I'm in pain! Pain, I tell ya! So much lusting, so little time.) He says: "Hand soaps, rings, candles, beads, and sticks were all there (and on sale too! $2.79 for soap I believe, $9.99 for rings, $4.99 for candles or something ...i forget really. the only thing missing was the all surface spray." Oh, Josh, and I think the dish soap is missing as well.

It makes my tiny little cardboard stand at my Harris Teeter look so puny in comparison. And speaking of said cardboard stand, my fears were true! No restock! I just went yesterday, and the stand was gone! Gone. And I found two little bottles, one cinnamon bark, and one peppermint vanilla, just shoved on an end cap, with cereal. LOL The poor cinnamon bark bottle is all banged up and dented. And no one loves it. Didn't they see Rudolph? Don't they know about misfit toys? Won't someone take in this little sad bottle? So anyway, it looks like you definitely need to be picking up these last year finds while you can, cause when they're gone, they're gone! ...Unless you have a Wegman's, it looks like. Then you can swim in method holiday products. Sigh!

+ Josh (he's popular in this post!) also asked if anyone has seen any method dryer sheets. As he's been looking everywhere, but no luck. Unforunately, as far as I know Josh, the only place to find them right now is on method's site. Target pulled the wet dry sheets ages ago, and they've since been discontinued (I swear, if Big Lots shows up some lavender + juniper wet dry sheets, I'm buying out the LOT! I'm so not joking! Oh, I lust those things...) method is replacing the line with the new wet dry sheets in sweet water, rice milk + mallow, and go naked. BUT, I haven't seen those anywhere yet. And the original dryer sheets were gone long, long ago (in a galaxy far away!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

how's the market?

No, no, not the stock market. The method market! It began recently, and there was a lot of interest in the overall idea. But how has it worked out for you so far? I gotta say, I think there's big potential in the market, but I don't think things are quite there yet. Items are out there for trade, but (as far as I can tell) no go so far.

So what do you all think? How could method lust make the market better? What is, and isn't working? I'm all up for some suggestions! Thanks!

ebay surprises

New method finds from ebay! (They always have a few method items, but I try to find the rare, or great deal finds to post here on method lust!) Today we have a great old school method product!

+ method grapefruit + pear aroma capsule (yes, capsule! The precursor to the aroma ring!) - $6.79 (Buy It Now Price) + $3.21 shipping - This is a great deal! These are really hard to find! They've been discontinued, well, like forever! This comes with one aroma capsule, two AA batteries, and a capsule refill. It would sort of be a one time thing, since it'd be pretty hard to find more refills. But for "vintage" method, this is a great find!

+ method sweet water aroma pill and four refills - $9.99 ($19.00 Buy It Now Price) + $10.25 shipping - Package deal. You're really getting five refills (as the pill comes with one) and a new pill! But I think you might be able to purchase this in the store, and get it slightly cheaper (if you use the Buy It Now Price option.) So I'd try to just bid on the item to begin with, and see where it goes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

happy holidays to you (from method!)

method holiday card 2008 from People Against Dirty on Vimeo.

clean sweeps

+ method's got a great deal going on right now! You get a free reusable "Plastic Rehab" tote with any all-surface cleaner purchase! Can you believe that deal!? These regularly run for $15. Grab the deal while you can! (This was mentioned in method's twitter, methodtweet! I'm not sure how it works on their site... anyone from method care to give more details? Thanks!)

+ While (again) roaming the Harris Teeter aisles this past weekend, I stumbled upon the lustfully wonderful method hand wash cardboard stand, and my eyes bulged out! It's as if that sucker had been wiped out! Apparently last year's scents are still a big deal, as there was only one cinnamon bark left (all beat up, too. Poor cinnamon bark bottle), one hollyberry, and surprisingly (as I always think this is everyone's favorite scent, though not mine. - Too vanilla-y, not enough peppermint for me) four peppermint vanilla's were sitting there. I'm curious to see if these get restocked, but either way, I'd do a run and grab before they're gone!

+ Where is everyone? It's like the day after Christmas and you're all in a sugar coma! I haven't heard barely a peep out of anyone for quite a while! Peep, peep!

ohh, orangey

(Yeah, I know. The candle is green. We'll get to the orangey in a minute, ok? Hold on...) Winter berry and Frosted Fir must be the name of the game this year! Well, ok, to be honest, they're calling theirs Frosted Forest (I believe) but it's so close, ok? Come on, work with me here.

Old Navy has a new line of candles out for the holidays, and I was surprised at the similar names they'd been given. Similar, that is, to method's own holiday line! Winter Berry is slightly the same, but their Frosted Forest is just gah! Gross. method got it down right, Old Navy, not so much.

BUT, the reason for this post IS, to not only let you know of one candle they have that would go perfectly with your method flock this season; but to also whisper a little future scent hint for method's next holiday. Old Navy currently has a clementine clove candle, and it's drool worthy! So seriously. This scent appears here and there this time of year; but you know what, I never think there's enough "orange" in the overall bouqet. I want ORANGE, with an undertone of spices, etc. And that's exactly what you get here with this candle. Seriously, I've bought two! And I burn one at the same time, with my frosted fir method candle. And it gives you this great combination of pine trees meets orange and clove, spice and crisp freshness... oh, it's Heavenly!

Pick one up while you can (they're currently on sale for $10., from $12.50) and add it to your method holiday candle stock! It'll all smell great together! And next year, wow, wouldn't it be great to get some orange/clementine scent from method for the holidays? Mmm, yes it would, Nathan, yes it would... You come up with such wonderful ideas! Why thank you, I so appreciate it! And yes, you're right, I do. I do. Uhm, am I talking to myself? Yes you are, Nathan. Yes you are. Ok, just checking.

silver and gold (well, really, just silver)

I've been hearing some comments from fellow method lusters that they've been chosen to take part in some special advocate testing of a new stainless steel cleaning/polish product. Apparently method is working on improving their current cleaner, steel for real.

Chosen advocates received two bottles of cleaner, each marked with a different colored sticker, and they are to use each for ten days, write down their thoughts, notes, etc. in a daily dairy they were also given; then send it all back to method! Sounds great, I lust that method chooses advocates to give their new products a test try! I can't wait to hear more about this updated (or new?) product!

Poor Nathan wonders why he wasn't chosen to be a test subject, though? Uhm, he runs this little blog thing called method lust, and would LOVE to do this kind of thing! Yowza. Yes, this is me pandering to method. Ok? I'm not above it. In fact, I'm really way below it. WAY below. Willing to do anything? Ok, well, I'm not sure ANYTHING. You'd have to tell me what it was, then I'd let you know.

(PS - method, please choose me next testing! Oh, purty please!) I'll keep you posted when I hear more.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

samantha who?

Wow! Ok, have you seen Samantha Who? On ABC, Mondays? I decided for the first time last night to check it out (after my post Shrek and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas cartoon fests were over. I have to watch my holiday cartoons. I have to! Don't laugh at me, I secretly know you do it too. I've been watching you with my binoculars! Ha, see, now you're not laughing. No, wait. Don't call the police, that's not what I meant by all that! I'm innocent, I swear it...) Whew, back on track! So anyway, this show has always looked funny to me, but I've never watched it. So I broke down and took in two episodes. Two hysterical episodes!

What was really great (and why I'm posting it on ole' method lust) is that the first episode was about environmentalism. Apparently she's been dating this really great guy, who is big into being green, saving the environment, and overall helping mankind. He does A LOT of things to accomplish this goal, but I don't really think they portrayed him as over the top or anything. The final straw comes at the end when she finds him in his apartment feeding a tiny lamb, which he says "He's nursing back to health, as it's mother was slaughtered. And so he's going to take care of it for a few weeks, then they're going to give it to a petting zoo... for the blind." - "Of course, for the blind." she says.

What's interesting is at first, she's all for it. The water saving shower heads, the vegetarian way of eating, the cleaning up parks and planting trees. All of it. But then she can't take it anymore, she actually lies to him just so she doesn't have to deal with all the "environmentalness" all the time. And then, when she finally admits she can't live her life like this anymore, he says "Ok, just be you. You be you, I'll be me." He's totally fine with it. Except now she feels like such a bad person; he's doing such good works, and every time she's around him, she feels bad. She eats a steak in front of him, and imagines him berating her as she's doing it. And in reality he's totally fine with it all.

It just made me think a little bit, about how even though I need to save that environment; for other people I know, it might be in baby steps. They might not be able to just jump in and go hog wild! (That's a West Virginia, saying, ok?) It may take them a bit longer. Hey, they may never get to where I am, or where I want them to be. But instead of berating them, hopefully I can be happy with what they've done, and where they're at. And not preach to them all day long. That's a hard one for me, the no preaching thing. I can get all heated up, you know. Show me a plastic bag, and I'll show you a fire and brimstone sermon just waitin' to come out!

So next time you're diligently separating the recycling; or adding to your compost, or begging your beloved to not use half the roll of toilet tissue in one sitting, ahem; just remember, baby steps for everyone. Be happy with where you are. Be happy with where they are (But they better well get on that no paper towel band wagon, and but soon! Oh, wait, sorry... right, baby steps. Darnnit!)

The moral of this story is: A little can go a long way. And make a bigger difference then you might think. (Do you agree? Thoughts?)

Monday, December 1, 2008

clean sweeps!

+ Ok, so get this. I thought this was just TOO unbelievable. This past weekend we had our annual crafts festival. I lust it! It happens every Thanksgiving weekend, and I go every year. It's a great place to not only be inspired, but to pick out some amazing handcrafted works for your loved ones this holiday season!

So while waiting in line (for a sampling of some hot cranberry beverage that I try every year, but actually don't like. But it's tradition! Yes, yes, I'm insane. Did you just now figure this out?) these two women in front of me were making purchases. Each bought a package of the drink mix (what were THEY thinking?!) and the man placed each one into a plastic bag, which the women then took and slipped into...

oh we need a drum roll here really bad.

...their "Paper or Plastic? Neither" reusable totes they'd purchased from Walmart; which they were each sporting on their shoulders. I literally rolled my eyes and spoke OUT LOUD to them, in as nice a way as I could muster "Don't you think that pretty much destroys the entire point of those bags?" and let out a laugh, so they didn't think I was about to beat them out. They both started laughed uncomfortably, realizing what they'd done, and one said "Oh my, it just might." and then the other one, I guess realizing she wasn't going down without a fight, said "Ha ha, It might not, though." To which I responded, "Oh no, it does."

Ok, OK. So I didn't say that very last line. But it was burning a space in my brain as I walked away from them. I mean, COME on people? Give me a break. And... rant over. (Hey, it's almost resolutions time! What will yours be this year? No more plastic bags? No more paper towels. Come on, break that bad habit! AND, more on this later... I know, you're so excited.)

+ method lust readers Josh and Kirby have both been scouring the aisles at their local Big Lots lately, and have come back with lots of method finds! Josh has found quite a few of the items previously mentioned here on method lust (eucalyptus + mint hand wash, fig candles, aroma pill refills, etc.) but did also find some sweet water laundry detergent. Perhaps because the new line has hit stores (note on that. Has anyone seen this yet? Target clearanced out the old laundry line, we now have nothing but some softener. And nada. No new line. I'm curious if it's hit anywhere else? But I swear method said it's already made it's way to stores. Perhaps this is the line that will hit in waves. I forget... hey, I write a lot of method stuff. I forget, I'm not an elephant. Anyway...)

Kirby happened to find some ginger yuzu foaming hand wash! So you might want to head out to your local Big Lots and give them a new look see. Josh said to check everywhere, as many of the items he found were in boxes throughout the store, not even on shelves! (Or uhm, perhaps you just have a really messy Big Lots there, Josh. I've seen some doozies!) Good luck everyone!

(PS - Thanks to Sustainable Is Good for the (doctored) photo.)

+ Yeah, see over there on the right. There is no advocate spotlight. You really want to see me cry, now don't you? No, you, I'm pointing at you. That's alright. If you want to see a grown man cry, just keep not sending in your advocate spotlight. OR, you could make me happy, and send one in! Oh, happy is so much better than crying Nathan. Trust me. All cranky and red eyed. Not a pretty sight. Come on, rub your lust for method in everyone else's face! You know you lust method more than they do. Go on, show it. Get in their face. Make them know just how much you love method! I dare you! (Is any of this working? Is this thing on? Hello, hello?)
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