Friday, September 30, 2011

sneak peek - white rosemary, and more!

Why not take a quick moment to welcome method's newest scent to the family, white rosemary! OMG. Does that not sound amazing! And you'll soon be able to pick up white rosemary in all-purpose cleaning spray and dilutable floor + surface cleaner!

And that's not all! Coming to the kitchen hand wash line will be clementine! A lot of people lust this scent, so it should be a perfect fit right next to the lemongrass scent (still my fuh-av-orite ever!) Now I'm just making an educated guess here, but I'd say basil might be on its way out, as lemongrass has received a new bottle (yellow, instead of it's current stainless steel look) and they've added clementine, while basil has not gotten a new look. So I'd stock up on basil while I could, just in case. I've been noticing the kitchen hand wash has not been restocked for a while at Target stores, so I bet this update is the reason!

Along with all of those, method has been, and is continuing to roll out lots and lots more!

Just recently we got red currant limited edition dish soap, wood for good daily clean spray, lavender and clementine floor + surface cleaner, and coming this month we'll also see:

method's new designed for good hand wash line in botanical garden and mimosa sun, and their updated fabric softeners in fresh air, water lily + aloe, and lavender lilac scents!

What will you be picking up? What excites you? Have you seen these new products out on store shelves yet? Let method lust know! You're all so quiet anymore! But I know you're reading, I check my stats, advocates! So speak up! Remember, method is also listening, so your thoughts and comments are appreciated by not only me, but method, too! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

giveback - method lust

UPDATE +  Thanks to everyone who chipped in and donated to method lust's domain name renewal drive! Drinks all around! (Well, electronic fake interweb drinks, at least!) I so appreciate your help, and taking the time to read (and comment!) on method lust!

Current donations total:
$30.00 (two year renewal!)  

Do you lust reading well, method lust? Enjoy the product reviews, the sneak peeks, all the green news and eco-challenges? Well, if you do, a) thank you! and b) I could use your help, and I promise it won't hurt a bit!

method lust's annual domain name renewal has come back around for another year! And believe it or not, I do this little blog all out of my sheer lust for all things method! It's true! But every once in a while I need my loverly readers help! If you could spare a buck, five dollars, fifty cents, fifteen dollars, a nickel, anything, it would really help me out with this domain name renewal bit! Fun fact: Did you know you have to actually pay for website addresses every year? And I kinda cherish my little!

It's $15. a year. If I get more, I'll purchase additional years (and then you won't have to hear me beg for a couple of years!) If I get less, I'll simply put whatever I get towards the renewal (and cover the remainder myself.) But anything will help, I promise.

I hate begging, so don't feel any obligation - but if you're so inclined, just click that donate button on the right side bar (it's yellow, and says donate! It'll take you to a PayPal page, it's safe and secure and ridiculously easy!), and a hearty thank you from one method luster, to another! Check back to see how the current donations total progresses each day!

Monday, September 26, 2011

sneak peek - holiday 2011

So how about a little method holiday 2011 sneak peek? You know, the holiday season is just about upon us! (Well, at least my version, which consists of all three months - October, November (gobble gobble!), and December!) And of course this year method is giving us our holiday gifts early! Expect to see the new holiday line popping up on store shelves near the end of October! As Joey Lawrence would say, Whoa!

Not only that, but it looks like this year our beloved holiday dish soap is making a comeback! As the Kool-Aid man would also say, Oh yeah! I'm so excited! So look for hand wash and dish soap! The dish soap will be available in frosted fir (so excited, so excited, so excited, I can't believe this has made a return appearance! I lust it so!) and new candy cane scents! How awesome does that sound?! I know everyone adores method's peppermint vanilla, but personally I always wished it had more mint, and less well, vanilla! So it looks like this year I might get my wish!

The hand wash will be available in candy cane and frosted fir gel hand wash, and spiced pear (oh my goodness! So disappointed this isn't available in gel, but still excited for it's return. Spiced pear is the method bomb of awesomeness!) and cinnamon drop (another new scent!) foaming hand wash!

What do you think? Are you excited for these scents, and the return of holiday dish soap? Will you be hoarding bottle after bottle? Cause yeah, you know I will!

sneak peek - designed for good series

Oh my, method's designer series has finally been announced, via their official blog! And just check out those gorgeously designed bottles, along with new botanical garden and mimosa sun scents! I can't wait to see how wonderful they smell (cause they sound divine!) method says:

"we at method have always believed in design as a force for good. it's why all of our products are made using safe and sustainable materials, and manufactured responsibly. our limited edition 'DESIGNED FOR GOOD' hand wash series uses eye-catching, thought provoking design stories to highlight this continuing commitment to caring for people and the planet.

first up in the 'DESIGNED FOR GOOD' series are botanical garden and mimosa sun, emphasizing the importance of recycled plastic. all of method's hand wash bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). so every bottle of method hand wash you buy keeps plastic out of our landfills and lessens the demand for virgin material. these particularly gorgeous 100% PCR bottles were designed by method's own intrepid design star, Sally Louise, who has designed soap for method for the last four years..."

You can read the entire post on method's official people against dirty blog!


Over on their blog they state that these will be available shortly for order on their website. I'm curious if they'll also hit store shelves (and don't know the answer to that, yet!) so if you happen to see them pop up at your local Target stores, let method lust know in the comments section!

video - morning joe

How about a little Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry goodness to start your week off? Here's a quick clip from Morning Joe, as they discuss their new book, the method method!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

one man review - the method method

Guess who just reviewed method's brand spankin' new book, the method method? Oh, yeah, that would be moi! And you can read my review over on method's official people against dirty blog today! Right now! This very instant! What are you waiting for? (You know you wanna!) So go, go, Speed Racer!

the method method!

This baby is out tomorrow! Hitting your bookstore (and e-store!) shelves! Will you be picking up a copy?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

slipping into something new

Looks like method's lemongrass kitchen hand wash is getting a new bottle! What was once pretty in silver, is now luscious in lemon! I kinda liked the stainless steel looking silver bottle, but hey, whatever gets method to sell more lemongrass hand wash is fine by me! Cause this scent is ah-mazing! (Now, if we could only get some lemongrass dish soap. lemongrass dish soap. lemongrass dish soap. I am placing you under a spell, method. You will do what I tell you, method. You will make us lemongrass dish soap, method. And it will sell like lemongrass hot cakes, method. Cause it'll be über awesome lemongrass sauce, method! Thank you, method...)

copyright this!

From over on the Camp Copy website comes this sweet little Q&A with method's very own Alexis Vogelgesang! (Whew, that last name is a tongue twister!) You know you all want to...

Meet Alexis Vogelgesang, the copywriter at Method!

Sometimes the world feels huge and random. Other times it feels tiny. Like Dillon, Texas. For instance, when I first made contact with Lex via Twitter about this interview, she was just the talented stranger who writes all the great one-liners for Method products.

Then we realized that she’s great friends with Lissette, my coworker at Smart Design who happens to sit two feet away from me. Tiny, right? So tiny. That little connection made this interview all the more fun and casual.

So here are three unrelated facts about Lex before we dive into the questions: She lives in San Francisco with her boyfriend, Martin. Her curious last name is German for “birdsong.” You can follow her @lalavogue.

Okay, people, here we go.

Hi Lex! So tell me about the creative team at Method. And how did you join the company?

The creative team consists of six of us who do web, packaging and communication design and writing. We work within the larger brand experience department, consisting of twelve ladies and two very outnumbered and tolerant guys. I got connected with method through a friend of a friend. It seems like that’s always the way. After a few months of freelancing with them, they offered me a full-time position and I couldn’t resist working with these wonderful people every day. Even if it meant I had to start putting on pants before 9am again.

I’m always curious how people get into copywriting gigs. What kind of jobs lead you to this one?

I have a Masters in social-organizational psychology, a degree I rarely, if ever, use. I definitely suggest everyone go into crippling debt to study something frivolous. Well, maybe not. Nonetheless, said degree did lead me out to California and to a job in marketing communications at IDEO. But a year later, I was writing freelance. This led to gigs with frog design, a boutique ad agency and method. Which finally feels like home.

What do you work on as the copywriter? Has your role changed over time?

I’m the only writer at method. So needless to say, I’m busy. I write our packaging copy, product and fragrance descriptions for the web, marketing communications and blog. It sounds like a lot — and it is — but the method voice is such a delight to craft. I feel like I just get to be ridiculous for a living. I literally spent one afternoon last week coming up with wood puns for a new cleaner. I certainly never get bored. Since I started a year ago, my role hasn’t changed a lot. It just seems bigger. There’s always more and more to write. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll get burnt out writing about cleaning products, but the freedom I have to be weird and push boundaries makes everyday feel different — and not very much like writing about cleaning products.

How would you describe the Method voice? Where does it come from?

We always say the method voice is like a conversation with a funny friend — if your friend only talked about cleaning products. So I guess my job is officially to be that friend, but the voice has been consistent since the beginning. If anything, I think we’re getting closer and closer to what it was always intended to be — quirky, irreverent and skating the line ever so slightly.

Speaking of quirky, my favorite line is “cleans like a mother.” It’s risky in a good way. What are some of your favorites?

Risky in a good way is exactly what it is! That’s why it’s such a joy to craft. We have some great legacy one-liners, like “cleans like heck, smells like heaven” and “this beauty is a beast.” But I think my favorite is “we fight dirty.” I mean, the only thing better than a double entendre is a triple entendre, right?

A lot of times there’s only one writer in the in-house creative department. (That’s my situation too.) What are the good and bad parts of being the sole writer?

Being the only writer can be overwhelming, but ultimately it’s incredibly satisfying. I feel a lot of ownership and I’ve really become a bit protective of the voice. I’ve never thought of myself as a control freak, but once you’re given the reins, it’s hard not to want to hold onto them really tightly. Gosh, maybe I do need some kind of writing partner to help me relax a little.

Do you do the product naming too? Please say yes. They’re so fun.

I wish I could take credit for those pearls, like “lil’ bowl blu” and “smarty dish,” but unfortunately they’ve been around longer than I have. The majority of our product names are actually pretty straightforward these days. We tend to reserve witticisms for the back of packaging...


Read the rest over on Camp Copy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

method live (sorta!)

Why not take a little moment and catch up on method's "the method method" book webinar! It all went down on Wednesday, September 7th! Did you attend the live webinar? If so, what did you think? Picking up the book on the 15th? Let method lust know!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sneak peek - fabric softener

Looks like method is about to debut an updated fabric softener line (three cheers! - with sparklers! And don't forget the cheese dip! Cause it's a softener party!) After improving upon the look to the packaging (and helping it to stand out from the laundry detergent bottles), it looks like they are also expanding the scents (which is a great, and much requested, thing!) Fresh air (the current and only fabric softener scent) will soon be getting some new friends in waterlily & aloe and lavender lilac scents! Special thanks to method advocate Livebetter for this scoop! Let method lust know when you start seeing them hit your store shelves!

Friday, September 2, 2011

method-a-go-go: baby line

They grow up so fast, don't they? Or I guess in this case, they go away so fast. Over on method's Facebook page an advocate asked why it was so difficult to find their baby line, and method's response was:

"Are you looking for baby or kids products? Our baby line is being discontinued, but we still have kids shampoo and body wash available at Target stores nationwide."

So it looks like you new moms (or soon to be moms!) might wanna run out to your local Babies R' Us (the best bet for finding the baby line, as Target clearanced it out long ago) and get some deals before it goes bye-bye! I'm kinda surprised, as I'd bought method baby products for some of my friend's baby showers, and they always raved how awesome the diaper cream was!
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