Friday, July 29, 2011

things that make you go...

Looks like method's lemon mint limited edition scent (currently available in dish soap and hand wash) might not be headed for method Heaven after all! A new post on method's Facebook page revealed:

Advocate: Dear method, please dont get rid of lemon mint dish soap. It is my favorite dish soap. It says on the bottle that it is limited edition. PLEASE DONT GET RID OF IT!

method: don't worry, it's not going anywhere. ;)


Hmm! Personally, I wasn't too impressed with lemon mint. method is doing themselves a huge injustice by not giving us lemongrass dish soap (to match their lemongrass kitchen hand wash. Hello, method, it's a no-brainer! And not just because I lust your lemongrass scent like crazy!)

Lemon mint vs. lemongrass? Your opinion?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new suprises!

Photo: (left to right) Fresh currant limited edition dish soap, wood for good daily clean spray, and floor + surface dilutable cleaner in clementine and french lavender

UPDATE Just found the pink grapefruit limited edition dish soap at my local Target! It was not in the method section, but rather in the Target dish soap aisle section. Just an FYI for all you lusters!


Oh, child! Have I got nifty news for you! While roaming into my nearby Target today, and of course stalking the method aisles (what else would I do at Target?) What did I stumble upon but some shiny new method friends sitting up on the shelves!

We've gotten ourselves some new wood for good daily clean spray cleaner! It comes in the exact same size spray bottle as method's other surface cleaners! It's a bit pricy at $5.99 right now, and I'm not really sure where it fits product wise in the wood for good scheme of things (as they still have their wood for good cleaner polish, and this spray is not a polish, but more so just a daily cleaner. Hey, I bet that's why method named it daily clean! (Sarcasm, people, sarcasm.) I'll let you know more as I get info. on this new family member!

Next up, apparently along with the just announced return of pink grapefruit (limited edition) comes red fresh currant dish soap, also limited edition (and apparently replacing out the limited edition lemon mint dish soap (should I say limited edition just one more time? Ok!I just did!) Lemon mint dish soap seems to have now gone to method Heaven. So if you lust that scent, you might wanna stock up on some of the dish soap before it's gone! The fresh currant dish soap is $2.99.

And lastly, but not leastly, we have two new floor + surface dilutable cleaners! I believe these will replace out the previous citrus leaf dilutable cleaner (but don't take my word for that. I just know Target has clearanced that product out, so that's where my guess is coming from) and they've replaced it with new french lavender (Yes! They used to have lavender floor cleaner oh so long ago, and I'm so very excited it's back!) and clementine dilutable cleaners! How awesome is that! (And the bottles are cute, too!) These dilutable cleaners are $4.99 for a whole lotta ounces! And remember it's dilutable, so that makes it an even greater deal!)

So to wrap it up, new method products just hitting Target store shelves include:

+ wood for good daily clean surface spray
+ fresh currant (and pink grapefruit, which will be hitting in August) limited edition dish soap
+ and new dilutable floor + surface cleaner in french lavender and clementine


Also something to keep in mind, Target appears to be sprinkling method products more than they've done in the past, into specific areas of the store. You of course still have your usual method section, but for example, mine only contains the pink grapefruit dish cubes, but Target still carries the free + clear dish cubes, only now they're in the dish cube section with other brands. Same goes for the dish soap, some in the method section, and now some in the dish soap section of the store (same with hand wash, laundry detergent, etc.) So if you think something you lust is missing from the method area of your local Target, be sure to check that particular area of the cleaning aisles to see if it's been moved there, before you get frustrated!

So, who's gonna be picking up all the new goodies? What will you be buying?

Monday, July 25, 2011

pink is the new back

(...and yes, it's supposed to say back, not black. Get it? You will... just a bit more... oh, and there it is!)

So after three days of teases, method did their big product re-introduction reveal! And it was none other than... limited edition pink grapefruit dish soap! method says:

"get out the good china. pink grapefruit dish soap is BACK! we know that many of you have sorely missed your zesty sink partner. some even said that dishwashing almost wasn’t worth doing anymore. we thought of you with your dishes piled up, unable to gather enthusiasm for anything else, and it sort of broke our hearts.

so we brought it back and made it even better. the biodegradable formula and fragrance you love now comes in a handy pump bottle for easier washing up. all is right in the world of grease-fighting.

it’s here as a limited edition, but if it’s as big a hit as we anticipate, it’s likely to be granted permanent status. look for it online at now and on shelves at your local Target at the beginning of August. it will be rolling out to other online retailers soon thereafter."


I'm pretty surprised it's limited edition, and I'd bet money it'll become permanent. Though, uh, I bet money the big reveal would be auto care, too, now didn't I? I guess I'm broke!

So, what do you think? Excited? Underwhelmed? Facebook comments ranges wildly from:

"Yay!!!! LOVE this scent." and "Thank you!!!! ♥" to "I thought it was going to be a new product. Not a new scent that we had months ago. There was no reason to drum up so much anticipation."

Honestly, three days of teases for one product return (and it wasn't really a product, but more so a scent) might have been a tad much. But at the same time, many people (method lust included) were screaming for a new line, when method had used the word "product" the entire time. So let's go with 50/50 blame on over excitement, shall we?

So, will you be picking up some pink grapefruit dish soap?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

green tease!

Tease #3 Looks like method might be getting a bit tired of the zillions of posters on their Facebook page begging, pleading, and praying that Monday's big reveal is the return of aircare (which they obviously need to bring back! Because, uh, zillions of posters on their Facebook page have been begging, pleading, and praying for it!) Today's tease is:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #3: it's not aircare."

Yeah, rinse and repeat. It's gonna be car care, lusters! Oh, and my favorite comment from the teasers so far: (directed to method) "I bet now you wish it was aircare!" Zing! (Cause of the zillions of... oh, you know!)


Tease #2 Today method issued the following tease:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #2: both Rihanna and this product have ties to Barbados."

What's a famous Barbados tourist destination? None other than the Sea Flower Cave (also known as the Animal Flower Cave.) And what would one of the original scents in the method Vroom car care line be? Why none other than... sea flower! Wow, it'd be great if they brought this scent back, it was amazing (my favorite in the car care line.)

So far, I've still got my betting money down! What do you think? (Other than I need to get a life, I realize that...)


Tease #1 Things have been mighty quiet around these here parts, now haven't they? Well, that's all about to change! method made a whole bunch oh' advocates giddy with excitement when they slipped us this naughty little tease today:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #1: this product first debuted in 2005."

Of course people are begging for it to be aircare (and I'm included in that bunch! In fact, I'm down on my knees this very moment praying to the Green Gods!) But alas, you're ole' method lust buddy and pal here decided I just had to do a little research into this! I mean, for shame on me if I didn't, right? This blog is called method lust, after all, not method eh it's alright, or method "It's me, not you"! (Actually, at this point, it should be called method stalking! Oh, man, I should have thought that up at the very beginning! Ha!)

Guess what I've found out? Aircare - so 2006. Pish posh. Now, now... candles were around even before 2005 (before they became part of the aircare line.) So, it could be candles, but nah, I'm not betting any money on that horse. My strong guess is (drum roll, please!) car care! The method vroom (Target) brand debuted... in 2005! May, 2005 to be exact. Well, possibly April, but let's not split hairs here, ok? So that's my educated guess! method's left me out in the dark on this one, so I'm again just guessing here, but I'd put a whole bunch of money down on this! Like, Vegas style money, baby!

Whatever it may be, looks like we'll all know come Monday! (Only 116 hours or so to go! Let the countdown begin!) Thoughts?


UPDATE Seems sea minerals surface spray is also on clearance at Target! So grab some of that, too!...

Head on over to your local Target right now to find clearance deals on method's stainless steel for real, and lavender cedar 25 load products! Target is probably just clearancing out the lavender cedar 25 load, while retaining the 50 load bottles. But I'd look forward to a reformulated stainless steel cleaner to hit store shelves soon! I'm making a guess here (I've been doing that a lot lately!) but that's my official thought!

Until then, though, grab the deals before they're gone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sneak peek - the method method

Guess what, squeaky green fans? method co-founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry have a brand new book hitting store (and e-reader!) shelves in September! (You've still got your snazzy copy of their first book squeaky green: the method guide to detoxing your home, I hope!) So I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peek at the new cover (above) to the method method, as well as a bit about the book (which, if I don't end up on the cutting room floor, Ha!, will also include a case study on none other than the ole' method lust blog! Yay!) Details include:

Founded ten years ago by childhood pals Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, Method has been making headlines and profits with a revolutionary blend of culture and commerce, style and substance. Today, Method's ecofriendly soaps, detergents, and cleaners are ubiquitous in stores, capturing valuable shelf space long dominated by the tired old products of giants P&G and Unilever.

Ryan and Lowry obsess over seven principles at the heart of Method's business philosophy, including:

+ Kick Ass at Fast: Use small size to your advantage; by bringing innovations to market faster, you can stay out in front of larger rivals.

+ Inspire Advocates: Rather than getting caught up in costly battles for market share, foster deeper relationships with fewer customers in pursuit of greater wallet share.

+ Win on Product Experience: Beyond satisfying your customers' rational needs, design experiences for them.

The Method Method is an irreverent, candid, firsthand case study. Readers will learn how today's consumers behave, how today's companies compete, and how both groups are acting together to drive profound global change.


Will you be picking up a copy? (You know you want one!) Look for it online and in stores September 15, 2011!
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