Friday, May 30, 2008

naked notes

Some time back I did a quick post on how method lust reader Steve had been using the method go naked spray cleaner and dish soap for carpet cleaning and clothing spot treatment! So I decided to give go naked a try, and see what resulted! I haven't yet purchased the dish soap for the spot cleaning (I tried the spray cleaner, to be honest, and wasn't that happy with the results. But perhaps that's because he said dish soap, and not spray cleaner, for spot treating your clothing! I'll listen from now on, I promise!)

But I've given the spray cleaner a run for it's money, using it to replace my carpet spot treatment cleaner. I have two cats and they like to make messes, let me tell you! In fact, I have this nice WHITE shag rug (ok, it's more like creamy white now, cause I didn't do the no shoes rule, shame on me - and how do you clean shag rugs, other than spot treating, anyway?? I don't think it's possible) in my living room. And I came home last night to, well, a mess on it. As in cat = barf. Not in one spot. - Four. I was not happy. (Oh, and this has happened before, but not for a while.) So, in between my three hour Lost fest on tv, I decided to give the go naked cleaner a try!

And you know what, I'm impressed! Do I think method could just slap "carpet cleaner" on the label and be done with it, nah. But for a simple ole' all-surface cleaner to do as well as my carpet cleaner (that costs more, and is bad for the environment, and I swear has bleach in it?) I'm pleasantly surprised! It took a little more elbow grease to get out the big stain; I had to spray the main spot three times total, let it sit for about five or ten minutes, then I took this small bristle brush I have for cleaning, and just started "scrubbing" at the spot, using circle patterns; and then I'd pat it with a towel afterwards each time. And by the third time, wow, it was gone! I think we all want to be able to just spray something, and poof it's gone; no actual work (I know I want that!) But I think the point of natural products are they are better for the environment, but might require a little more gusto on your part (even though method tries hard to make them work as easily as possible!) but I think I'm working to get that in my head as time goes by! Stop being so lazy, and do a little bit more, the result is great and it's better for you!

So end point, I'd recommend you giving the go naked all-surface spray a try next time you want to get a spot up off your carpet! (Definitely use go naked, though; no colors, no scents.) Let me know how it goes!

color me pink

Let's talk pink. I love me some pink! (Ok, in that way I'm a bit stereotypical, but hey, what can I say?) But I'm talking pink grapefruit all-surface method cleaner! Here's a quick, sweet review:

"Method All Purpose Pink Grapefruit Scented Cleaner is my new favorite. I can't get enough of it. I looked forward to cleaning kitchen cabinets, because of the soft scent and lack of sticky residue. This cleaner is worth trying. Whether you prefer the lavender scent or, my personal favorite, pink grapefruit, you'll love the fact that Method All Purpose Cleaner does a fantastic job on most surfaces without leaving a sticky buildup of cleaner.

All purpose solutions are my favorite types of cleaners. I'm busy and my time is valuable. A good all purpose cleaner saves time and energy. Method has made a wonderful all purpose cleaner that I will never hesitate to recommend to anyone and everyone.

I need an all purpose cleaner that can help on lots of different surfaces and clean multiple types of messes. Method's All Purpose Cleaner did a wonderful job in nearly every room and on the majority of washable surfaces in my home. In addition, when the surface was dry, running my hand across it revealed no residue to attract new dirt or make a sticky build up.

The fresh scent of pink grapefruit is quickly becoming one of my most favorite, combining a fresh energizing feeling with a hint of cleanliness and sanitary conditions. Without overpowering the senses, Method's Pink Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner left every area of my home fresh and inviting.
- Sarah Aguirre"

You know, I have mixed thoughts on the Pink grapefruit scent. Mind you, I've never actually tried it, so I can't say too much. But every time I go to smell it in the store (which is a lot, cause, well, I sniff so much method product in Target they probably think I'm getting high off the stuff! Oh wait, I am! Yay, method!) But I'm expecting this burst of delicious citrus, and I never get it. In fact, it smells nothing like grapefruit to me. I've read both sides online, from people who love it (and those that have said they disliked the smell in the store, but when they used the product, loved the scent it left behind) to those that thought after using it, it did indeed smell nothing like grapefruit. But for some reason as of late, I've been wanting to give some sort of method pink grapefruit product a try! So I just might go for it! I'm needing some new hand wash anyway... What are your pink grapefruit thoughts? Lust it, or leave it?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

pop and go

I'm curious, has anyone tried the new wipes packaging? Thoughts? While roaming through Target yesterday, I took a look at the wipes, and noticed on one of the packages, the plastic pop top had come off. I went "Hmm?" and picked it up, looking closer; noticing the pop tops are "glued" in place, and not really part of the packaging. That got me to wondering how tightly the seal was in terms of the pop top to the packaging, and how well it did keep the wipes moist? Then, for kicks, I tried to get one of the pop tops open, just to see how it worked, and MAN it was a little difficult to "pop" open. In fact I never got it open, cause I was afraid I'd rip it off the package. (But then, hey, I'm in that group of people that utterly ripped the entire lid off the bloq bottles cause I couldn't figure out why they were so hard to open, until "ding-ding!" I just popped the tiny flap up, and DUH!)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissin' the new packaging (I think it's pretty cool!) it's just I'm not a wipes guy, therefore not a lot of experience with them; so I was curious what others thought of the new design, now that it's been out for a bit! What says you?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

method evolutions

Sometimes, while buried in my method madness, I fail to realize that there are new method lusters out there that might not know which method package design came when, where, how, or who? So every once in a while, if needed, I'll post up a shot of a method product in evolution! Since dish soap has been mentioned here quite a few times as of late, here goes!

method dish soap

1+ version one packaging (larger bottle: nicknames include the pawn, the bowling pin, the icon; smaller bottle: nicknames include the flame, the teardrop) You can still purchase the pawn on method's home site (in lavender and cucumber.)

2+ version two packaging (discontinued, resembled "Big Brand" dish soap bottle styles)

3+ version three packaging (current version, now with thumb indent for easier handling)

...And now you know your dish soap bottles! Yay! Just imagine what you can do with this kind of knowledge and power! Ok, well, not much. You're right. But it'll make a great trivia answer, one day!

design mom: method party

So just how jealous am I? Check out this great Detox New York party:

"Best Thursday Night Ever. Can't wait to report. The event: I hosted a fantastic party at the Method pop-up shop in Soho. I can freely say it was fantastic, because I was responsible for nothing more than the guest list. And I should mention, the guests were the best part — a smart, hilarious and creative group of women from my neighborhood.

The highlight of the evening was refurbishing second-hand-store dishes into works of art. Our crafting leader for this project was the famous Danny Seo. Who kept us entertained and informed and happy. He is lovely. And clever. And patient. Danny has an empire of books and dvd's and magazine columns and tv appearances and I'm embarrassed that I didn't know more about him until last night. But he is some kind of creative genius and I have serious plans to stalk his blog forevermore. The most important thing you should know about Danny: he was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People magazine. Because he's a total hottie.

The basic instructions: we used sheets of computer sticker paper to draw a silhouette. In my case, an elephant, but there were all sorts of great ideas. Fish rounding the edges of the plate. A well-drawn initial. A beautiful moose. Then we adhered the sticker to the plate and covered the plate with some kind of made-for-ceramics paint. When it was dry, we peeled off the sticker and voila! there was our silhouette on our happy refurbished dinnerware. We were told to bake them for 20 minutes at 350º to make the paint permanent.

What a great project! I think this would be fun to do with my kids — I'm having visions of a cute set of dessert plates for the holidays.

The food was yummy. The company was yummier. And to make things even better, while the paint on our plates was drying, we discovered the Method photo booth. Designed to showcase cleaning confessions — our dirty little secrets.

There were lots of photo booth photos that had been left behind by past party goers. The one that made me laugh the most said: I like bacon more than friends. And I don't mop my floors. I had 3 thoughts when seeing that photo: 1) Totally. 2) I think I would be bff's with the subject of that photo. 3) She should totally check out kirtsy. It's like a bacon showcase over there.

After we photo-boothed to our hearts content, it was time to send us home with generous swag bags: reversible, reusable grocery totes filled with Method cleaning products and a super cool tee that says "Cleans Like A Mother." Fun, right?..."

Read the rest over on Design Mom!

speaking of...

Speaking of method parties! ...Remember this little post I did WAY back when? Well, apparently it really happens, and I never knew! The Great Sarah promises more details will be sent my way soon, as she had the chance to be part of four method in-home parties recently during the current Detox New York; and I can't wait to hear more about them! Hmm, I wonder if she'd let me host an in-home party? That would so rock! I wonder if they'd trust me with all that free swag... am I thinking out loud here for all to read? Yes I am! A plan is being hatched in my little head, watch out, yo! Oh SARAH...

lust forever

What a little whimsy will do (this particular branding he's talking about is from the second version method dish soap bottles. I'm not sure if the same wording is on the current bottle design, but perhaps they should give it another go, seeing as how well it worked here!)

"Target has some cool stuff. Some of it you don't really notice unless you look really hard. I was on the hunt for some dishwashing soap the other day when I stumbled upon Method dish soap. Ok, one dish soap is no different than another dish soap. Ivory, Palmolive, whatever. Right? So I thought until I read the back of the Method stuff (I know, reading the back of dish soap is pretty pathetic). Here is what I found:

This dish soap has been designated a collector's item by us. In the future, your grandchildren will sell this bottle for lots of money at a dish soap collector convention. Always insist on authentic method products. See cashier for exact value.

Now if that isn't the coolest thing in dish soap I will drink this whole bottle! I imagine most dish soap products post a list of incomprehensible chemicals, warnings about drinking or washing your eyes with it, and plugs for other products. This one goes beyond that and inject a little whimsy. That is what the corporate world needs, a little more fantasy.

I will always buy this stuff from now on. They have a customer for life.
- Corsair The Rational Pirate"

le original

With all this talk of pop-up retail shops (and not just method, it's catching on!) let's take a step back in time and check out the original! The very first method pop-up shop, in San Fran, 2004:

"A store dedicated to cleaning products? Couldn’t imagine it? Ammo could. And we did.

In the spring of 2004, Method Home products, a San Francisco-based natural cleaning products company, approached Ammo Marketing to develop a creative marketing strategy that would build overall brand awareness and put its product in the hands and minds of peer influencers within its consumer target: moms and savvy singles. The Method Pop-Up Shop was the ultimate result.

For the price of a traditional billboard, the Pop-Up Shop reflected the brand’s whimsical personality to the target consumer, while offering a 7-day-a-week, 360-degree experience with the brand and its products — previously available most readily at the nation’s Target retail locations. In addition to operating the store in a normal retail capacity, the Pop-Up Shop hosted regular, targeted Influencer events, including catered parties for specific target groups including Dwell Magazine subscribers, Volvo drivers, local philanthropists and the corporate staff of Design Within Reach.

The Pop-Up Shop — a clean, bright, gallery-like space — opened August 11 one-block off Union Square in downtown San Francisco, and was slated to close two months later (“Like a Summer fling, we’re gone with the changing leaves”). By the end of October, however, the project was deemed a success and a decision was made to stay open through Christmas Eve.

The result of this six-month program? Sparkling! ...Method’s return on investment was palatable: the months of November and December featured enormous surges in return customers and sales; media attention was strong with local and national stories reaching more 3 million consumers; and Method’s existing customer database grew by more than 20%. The buzz was on the streets — Method shopping bags were spotted in every neighborhood, Method t-shirts graced the torsos of Influentials across the city, and the Thursday evening happy hours became a frequent weekly stop for downtown workers on their way home to the suburbs. Method Pop-Up Shops are planned for additional cities in 2005."

...And 2007, and 2008, and... Yay! (PS - See the premium candle line method used to produce, in the upper left photo? Too cool!)

danny does it again

Pop on over to the people against dirty blog (method's very own!) to read the latest Danny Seo fun from method's detox New York!

"While we're in NYC at our pop-up-shop we've been throwing some VIP (very important parties) events in the night. Lucky for us, our co-conspirator Danny Seo has been giving us a helping hand in leading 4 eco-parties this week. Danny has been taking guests step-by-step through 2 simple eco-friendly craft projects. Want to make the same cool projects at home too?"

Click on over to the blog to get full instructions on making your very own painted plate, or turning an old tile into a cool coaster!

(Uh, I don't think the lady on the left liked her tile very much, what do you think?)

now with marshmallows!

Yesterday we ran a review by Kelly Leahy over at Green Daily for the new method kid shampoo 3-in-1. Today she focuses on the new method baby wash!

"...Today I'd like to give a review of Method Baby wash as well. Method baby squeaky green hair + body wash is one of the newest additions to Method's growing line of cleaners. With growing concerns about the toxins that I put on my baby's skin, I was drawn to the phthalate-free promise on the bottle.

The two main ingredients listed on the face of the packaging are rice milk and mallow (as in marsh mallow, one of the original ingredients in my favorite puffed confection). Both are mild enough for baby and beneficial to the skin.

Again, the packaging is eye-catching. It features a removable "cap" that acts as a cup for rinsing baby and I love the pump dispenser for perfect one-hand action. My only complaint is that the cap is a bit superfluous as I already have a dozen plastic cups in the tub.

The soap itself has a mild scent and keeps my baby clean -- not that babies get terribly dirty anyway. I'm definitely a fan and would buy it again.

In addition to the soap, the Method Baby line also includes a lotion and diaper cream."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

eavesdropping the 'net

"...Did you know you could technically swallow any of (method's) products without dying? I have yet to test this theory, but I was told by the staff that it was a proven fact."

leaves 'em clean and toxin free

Kelly Leahy over at Green Daily has a nice review for the new method kid shampoo 3-in-1!

"I more conscious now of what soap and shampoo I keep around for the kids. I try to fight my cheap frugal ways and buy healthier options, even if it hurts. During my last trip to target I two small $9 bottles of baby shampoo and conditioner in my basket when I came across Method Kid Squeeky Green 3-in-1 Shampoo in Fuzzy Peach scent for the pleasing price of $6.99.

The shampoo, conditioner and body wash promised no "numbing agents," parabens, or phthalates. The solution looked like a winner so I threw it into my cart. I use quite a few Method products and it's a brand that I trust. I found all of the ingredients listed online and at the very least, the packaging was fun (I'm a sucker for packaging, what can I say?).

Method Kid shampoo was also a winner in practice. My two and a half year old just now has enough hair to require conditioner but fights every time water gets poured over her head so I like the fact that one bottle does double duty. The fact that it triples as a body wash is an added bonus.

I did find that the scent was a bit strong but remember, I had been using Dr. Bronner's unscented baby soap so any fragrance was going to throw me off. A more thorough rinsing was required than before but that's normal with any conditioner. This product also comes in Crisp Apple scent.

All in all, I am very pleased with this product due to its availability (I can't always make it to specialty shops to buy soap), list of ingredients, and friendly face."

new york daily news

My, my, what a sweet article from the New York Daily News! Read up!

"Trade toxic cleaning products for Method
By Leah Chernikoff and Eloise Parker

Eric Ryan sells his Method environmentally responsible cleaning goods at a temporary store at 550 Broadway in SoHo. For everyone who thinks a clean home is a healthy home, it's time to take a long, hard look at all those familiar cleaning products stashed under your kitchen sink.

"The average American home is two to five times more polluted than the outside world," says Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method cleaning products, who's on a mission to educate New Yorkers about green cleaning at a temporary store (at 550 Broadway until June 7) packed with information and green cleaning items.

Common household cleaning products chock-full of ingredients like ammonia, chlorine bleach and antibacterial agents are filling our homes with unnecessary toxins, according to Ryan.

"We grew up with this idea that chemicals equal clean," he explains.

With small living spaces being the hallmark of New York living, Ryan believes the problem is compounded.

"Because spaces here tend to be really small, just using regular cleaners and spraying them around, the chemicals don't escape as effectively. Anything you spray in your home, you breathe, you touch."

It sounds scary, but how much risk do we really face?

"Most products chemically degrade the stains, meaning they use a really harsh chemical that's cheap to source in mass quantities. When you go to clean a stain, the chemical reacts with the stain and breaks it up, but it also has that same effect when it touches your skin or any other surface," reasons Ryan.

As far back as 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the fumes produced by common household cleaners were three times more likely to cause cancer than other air pollutants, while in 2007, a study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine cited cleaning products as accounting for 15% of all asthma cases.

Even more difficult to calculate is the effect of such chemicals on the environment.

Ryan remembers the aftermath of Method's first toxic cleaning products amnesty in Seattle, which prompted the arrival of city workers in hazmat suits and giant toxic drums to dispose safely of the items collected.

"I thought, if this is how the government treats cleaning products, and they're not safe to put in the environment, why are they safe to spray around your home?" he recalls.

Ryan began planning his own solution back in 1999 with his then-roommate Adam Lowry.

"Adam came from a chemical engineering background at Stanford and he had a passion for environmental sciences. ... I come from a design background, so I also started asking, 'Why is this stuff so ugly you want to hide it away? And why does it smell so bad?' " he says.

Launched in 2000, Method has been looking at new ways to approach green cleaning ever since.

"We were the first to come up with triple concentrated laundry; now the entire industry has switched over," boasts Ryan. "Most of our products are 95% natural, our wipes are the first wipes made from bamboo, some of our bottles are switching to 100% recycled, which nobody has done before."

Explaining how his new generation of home cleaners works, Ryan says: "What Method does is, instead of chemically trying to destroy things, it breaks the bondage of the cells so when you go to wipe, it wipes away."

While the pair's new "Detox New York" campaign is encouraging locals to drop off their old cleaning products at the SoHo store in exchange for a free Method item and consultation, Ryan admits that going green comes at a price.

"Ironically, natural things cost more," he reasons. "It's more expensive to use old bottles than to take new oil out of the ground, ship it to America and refine it into a bottle. Since so few people make things out of recycled materials, it costs more right now. Plus we're a small company. But our prices have come down. We started at Target for $4.99, now we're at $2.99. We just keep bringing our costs down as we get bigger."

The store's mission, he says, is to create advocates, not simply shift products.

"If you really want to be earth-friendly, baking soda and vinegar are great cleaners and home remedies," says Ryan. "As a true environmentalist, I'll tell you to try that before buying our product."

+ + +

What's Toxic?
Wondering which cleaning products you should replace? Here are Method co-founder Eric Ryan's top five offenders:

Air fresheners
"Aerosol air fresheners, especially, use a lot of chemicals. They way it works is a lot of them don't kill the odor; they just kill your ability to smell. As much as 50% of the spray is propellants — chemicals like propane. Not the stuff we want to inhale. Try using essential oils, fresh flowers or vegetable/soy-based candles instead."

Floor cleaners
"The active chemicals in many common floor cleaners are chemicals that are known as toxins. With kids, something falls on the floor and then goes in their mouth. Look for nontoxic floor cleaners and switch to a microfiber mop, which grabs dirt and traps it instead of spreading it around."

Bathroom scrubs
"You use a toxic product to clean your tub, and then later you fill it and soak in it. Switch to people-friendly cleaning products, which are more compatible with your natural body."

Toilet cleaners
"Toilet bowl cleaners use really strong, harsh chemicals. [Manufacturers] are not required by law to disclose the chemicals in them, because it's not meant to touch your skin. But when was the last time you used a cleaner and it didn't touch your skin?"

Antibacterial soaps
"Essentially an antibacterial agent is a pesticide. Most bacteria in your home is good bacteria, and antibacterial soaps aren't effective at killing viruses that make you sick. Wash your hands with good old soap and water. Done properly, it's effective in getting rid of pesky germs."

+ + +

Annd... Article over! Nathan here. You know, I'm glad Eric said the following: "Ironically, natural things cost more," he reasons... since so few people make things out of recycled materials, it costs more right now. Plus we're a small company. But our prices have come down. We started at Target for $4.99, now we're at $2.99. We just keep bringing our costs down as we get bigger."

I was in Target this weekend, and I noticed this young woman (the mom types that should definitely be thinking about not only their environment, but their children's future in this world, etc. etc. don't let me get on my soapbox) and she was looking at some Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. The regular version was there, right next to the Greenworks version (also made by Clorox.) Unfortunately, the method version was separate in the method section, so she couldn't really compare in the toilet bowl cleaner area. She ended up picking up the regular version. (The bad stuff!) And so I did some price comparisons. Clorox regular: $1.69. Clorox Greenworks (RIGHT NEXT to the regular, which she passed on) $2.59. Then I walked over to the method section, lil' bowl blu: $4.29! AND it was all for the same amount, 24 oz. Dang, that is a price jump. Now, here is this woman, she's not even willing to pay an extra .90 cents for the Clorox green version; and method's is over double what she just paid. I thought to myself, "ouch!" How am I going to get people to switch over to method. I actually have friends that have bought the Greenworks variety, instead; saying method is too expensive (and again, I believe you get what you pay for, great cleaning products AND great design. Greenworks, not so great design, same ole' same ole'. BUT at least it's green, so I applaud them for going the extra mile and being green, no matter what they purchase!) But you know what, we Americans are cheap a** people! Ha ha! So at first my mind reeled into "the world is doomed we're never going to change, blah blah blah" and then I started thinking exactly what Eric just said in that article, method is a much smaller company compared to Clorox! And as they continue to get bigger, their prices will continue to go down; and they'll be more competitive! So I'm feelin' a little better over the whole thing. And you know what, even if that woman hadn't picked up the method, it really irked me that she didn't even buy the Greenworks. Come on people, the time is NOW for green! That old standby regular "environmentally-evil" crap is done with. Move on! For everyone's sake.

Rant over.

lotsa new york lust

Lots of great new method detox New York pics! Thanks to Racked New York and psfk.

Monday, May 26, 2008

baby be mine!

new method luster Netta sent me in this glowing review for the new squeaky green baby rice milk + mallow personal care line:

"It's been a month and 3 days that I have been a method advocate and I am very proud of myself. I have been trying as many products as I can from the company. I went to a baby shower last weekend and since I have changed my cleaning habits, I wanted to give something that was friendly for the environment, the baby, the home, and the parents. I went through your blog for some ideas and came across one that was giving away a baby prize which was the baby line, the baby detergent, and the squeeky green book and thought that was the perfect gift. Last week I went to Target and purchased the baby line, the sqeeky green book, and I had to order the detergent online because it was not available in the store. Needless to say I picked up and extra baby lotion and baby wash (don't remember the name) and tried it myself and I am in lust. I love the lotion and that smell is so soothing and to die for and the bath wash is the best, the smell is so calming and soothing.

My friend that had the baby shower called me yesterday and told me that she just got around to opening the gift that I gave her and that she tried the lotion because she had never saw it before and she loves it. She likes the baby laundry detergent (fyi...I use the baby laundry detergent in place of my woolite for my delicate clothes when I do laundry and it is the best). She said that she also started reading the book and has been making changes around her home so that her baby can be in a healthy environment.

Kudos to Method, they have done it again. By the way when I run out of baby stuff I am going to restock. I have been using the almond flower body wash, soap, and hand soap in my bathroom but the baby line is giving it a run for the money. I hope that Method does not discontinue this line it is wonderful."

what the?

Curious? Head on over to people against dirty and find out!

you may now kiss the method

How about a wedding gift that the couple will actually use? Wow, what a great idea! And if you're on a thrifty budget, well, method lust reader Kristin has a great idea! Check it out:

"...I'm writing because I have an idea that I'm so proud of that I'd like to share it! I figure you would probably appreciate it more than anyone else (my family thinks I'm crazy and who can blame them. Who goes crazy over cleaning products?!?)

I'm going to a double wedding tomorrow afternoon so I needed to buy 2 gifts. I'm strapped for money, so I had to get creative. Method! Of course, who won't use cleaning products, right? Since I've taken on a personal mission of converting the world over to Method (at least my world), it seemed appropriate. So I bought each couple Le Scrub, Lil' Bowl Blu and a couple of sponges (since my Target is out of the LE Le Scrub w/microfiber. WAAA!). Now for the wrapping. Hmm. Gift bags are upward of $3 and usually get tossed after the first use. I went on a quest through Target to find an alternative, more useful form of gift wrap. I ended up buying a plastic bin in a color that complimented the Method bottles. Filler... hm. I could buy recycled-looking shredded paper... hm. Nope! I ended up cutting up old Trader Joe's paper bags (I've since converted to reusable totes) and used that for a filler. Tied with raffia twine and voila! An eco-friendly, attractive (I think) and PRACTICAL gift for just over $10. I wish that I had received a gift like this when I got married. Just doing my part!

BTW, if you have any influence, please tell Method that we want those microfiber sponges back! I don't care if they're sold separately, they're so fabulous!"

Thanks for the wonderful idea, Kristin! And HEY, method, are you listening? More microfiber sponges, please!

Friday, May 23, 2008

bag rehab

method lust reader Kristin sent me an email, wanting to know how she could purchase herself one of those great green "Plastic Rehab" totes method has, because apparently it wasn't available on the method home site anymore.

Well Kristin, I believe you, I really do. Now just sit down with some nice lemonade, relax, and let that stress go; cause it's getting to you! Those great totes are still available on the method site, just head over to "explore the collection" and it's the very last item in the list. (Or make it even easier, and just hit the special tab, then click on swag; and it will hightlight all the non-cleaning items, including the tote, for you! Also, you can purchase this really sweet pale blue tote on HSN (see above pic!) It's the same overall design, front and back, with the addition of the method 'm' and HSN logos on the front (and again, it comes in the blue.) I happen to actually love that blue color, it's so great! (But when is blue and chocolate never great?)

So whether it's the green or the blue tote, method has it in the bag! Ba-dum. So sorry... (Both bags are around $15.00.)

nice and easy

Have a friend who's interested in trying out method products? Want to get a few items for someone's birthday/holiday/no special occasion except you just gotta try method cause it rocks day? Well, Office Depot (I know, can you believe it!) has a few options online (and perhaps in their retail stores, as well. I'm not sure, to be honest.)

They are currently carrying two 4-piece starter kit sets, in pink grapefruit and cucumber! The sets contain dish soap (only in the kitchen pink grapefruit kit), hand wash, wipes, spray cleaner, and shower cleaner (only in the bathroom cucumber kit) - along with a cute little wire "tote" to hold them all! Target used to carry these during back to school months! I loved them! (I loved them even more when they'd go on clearance once school started, and you could get these great kits for a really great price!) In fact, this is how I tried out their wipes. Not really being a wipes kind of guy, I ended up purchasing two kits, in cucumber and french lavender; and each contained a bottle of wipes. So I got to give them a try!

So next time you're looking for a great starter kit for your friends and family, check out Office Depot! (I sound like a commercial, don't I? Hey, yeah, maybe that's how I can make money here! I can start doing product placement copy in my posts! I'll make a fortune! Then I can buy even more method products! Yay! It'll be just like Paul Harvey! You know him, right? Or am I totally showing my age/the fact that my father listens to really old style radio programs? Anyway...)

The pink grapefruit kit is $15.00, while the cucumber kit is $14.39

Oh, and don't forget, while you're running around doing your errands and stopping by Office Depot to pick up your method starter kits, don't forget to stop by Taco Bell for a quick lunch! Mmm, mmm! Taco Bell has just introduced the Big Bell Box! A delicious meal, all in...

I'm so joking, k?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

site tips

A quick method home site tip! I love the cool drop down menu system they have on the new site, and one bonus feature is the "special" tab, which lists limited edition items, online exclusive, refill and swag (non-cleaning products).

If you click on the online exclusive tab, this will show you all the items that method has recently discontinued in retail stores, but are still available on their site, until quantities run out! That way you'll easily know which products you should stash up on before they're gone! Now, this isn't scientific (I haven't been TOLD this is what the online exclusive tab is for) but if you click it, you'll notice all products highlighted have "left the building", so to speak. So I'm stickin' with my hypothesis! (Did I just use the word hypothesis? Wow! I am smart!)

method profiles - joe woerner

Here we are, time once again for method profiles! Time flies, now doesn't it. I mean, seriously. It's already Thursday? What the crap?! (It's a good thing, mind you, but uh, what happened to the rest of the week? Or for that matter, the last fifteen years of my life? Oh, but back on subject...)

Today we got Joe Woerner! Joe thought he'd be cute and send in a photo of himself during a method dodgeball game! Yes, you read right. These guys play dodgeball, and Wii, and ping pong! Really, where can I sign up!? I bet you'd like to know more about Joe. (And even if you don't, too bad, cause you're gonna!) PS - Joe, your picture's grainy. I can only do so much with my amazing design skills, ya know?

1+ Your name, please? And do you have a nickname at method?
Joe Woerner, no method nicknames that I am aware of. Have you heard something I haven’t?

2+ What was your first method lust?
Mango Mint Body Wash and now it is our new flat pack, eco-friendly, cleaning wipes – Pink Grapefruit or Wood for Good. I use them everywhere on almost everything.

3+ What brought you to method, the company? (How did you become interested in a career with method?)
The opportunity to help build out a department at a company where I really could get behind the vision and the products. It is also a chance for me to become more eco-conscience in my life and to help spread the word.

4+ What is your title/dept. at method, and what is it you do there? How long have you been with method?
“supermarket strategist” in the customer marketing department under the sales group. We help make it happen at retail by assisting our sales team in getting items into new accounts and developing programs with our retail partners to increase product sales and distribution. The customer marketing function also participates cross functionally with most groups within the organization as a key communication point to sales and our customers (retailers). I’ve been with method about 15 months.

5+ What is the biggest thing you are currently doing, besides using method products, to help out the environment?
The biggest thing I am currently doing is really a bunch of small things:
+ Using canvas bags and my method give greener bag when shopping
+ Using public transit and walking wherever possible
+ Eliminating bottle water from the fridge and frequency that used to be
+ Planting trees by donating to organizations that help reforest areas devastated by fire, and in general

6+ Who's the last person you've turned onto method?
The last person I turned on to method was a friend of 25 years that I attended college with.

7+ Which one best describes you as a person? Pink Grapefruit, French Lavender, Cucumber, or Go Naked?
Definitely fruity, Pink Grapefruit rocks!!!

Thanks Joe! I'm using mango mint body wash in my shower right now! (Thanks to you know who you are!) But it's not the same bottle of mango mint body wash that Joe is using, cause well, that would be weird. And I'm not actually using it RIGHT now, cause I'm typing this on my computer, and well, computers and showers don't mix well. Something about electrical shock and such. And uh, ok, anyway...

Check back Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next method profile! And be sure to catch up on all the previous method profile fun by selecting from the sidebar list! (Psst! Over there, to your right.)

fill 'er up

No, we're not talking gas here (please, don't get me started!) But moreso, something I'd discussed way back when (cause you know, this blog is already like three and a half months old, and in blog terms that's like forever! Three and a half months is also like forever in gay relationship terms! OH! I'll be here all week, I hear the veal is really good! Hey, I can say that, cause duh, I'm gay; and it's not really true, anyway (just some stereotypical statement, imagine that? Whoa, horsey! I'm really getting off topic here... MOVING back...)

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, I'm talking about all those great Karim Rashid designed candle jars you have sitting around, once the candle gets used up. What do you do with those? Fellow method lust reader Kelli asks:

"On a totally different matter - what do you do with your empty candle jars? I hate to just toss them so right now I have them sitting waiting for another use. I can't bear to toss them in the trash. I'd love to know what others do with them."

Way back when (see, and you didn't think I'd get back to that statement, did you? I'm good, I tell ya, good!) I did a short post here on a friend that literally uses them for mugs for his tea (after washing them out really well, of course!) They're just ceramic, and method is people friendly, so I feel it's safe to use them for dishware.

I personally am currently using one of the cinnamon bark candle jars (which are designed different from their main line, I think to differentiate holiday from everyday) for coins. I just throw my extra change in there at the end of each day. It's like a method piggy bank!

I think they'd make great tealight or votive candle holders, as well!

I also use my old aroma reed diffuser bottles for showcasing lavender sprigs in my bathroom. I also did a short post on that here.

So tell us, how do you use your empty method ceramic bottles and jars? How creative do you get? What do you think you COULD use them for?

waging war on dirty

More method ads! These are the final ones taken from the "camaflouge campaign". The previous two were posted yesterday. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

losin' it?

Ok, so have I lost it? I went roaming through Target last night, noticing a bunch of the new method packaging is hitting the shelves (and honestly feeling rather 'eh' over it. It just looks so dark and dull next to all the bright, photo inclusive method bottles that remain. I'm thinking maybe they should have gone the direction they took with the aircare line - all white, clean with beautiful/simplistic imagery. SO sorry to whomever did the design work over at method, nothing personal, k? Please don't hate the luster! But I digress as usual...) But I noticed the Tub + Tile cleaner is $4.29, while the spray cleaners are $3.29 (they've gone up recently about thirty cents.) Ok, so has the Tub + Tile cleaner always cost one dollar more than the other spray cleaners, cause though I've only bought it a couple times, I swore they all cost the same price. The T+T spray cleaner is now the same price as the lil' bowl blu and le scrub bathroom items.

Have I lost it? I probably have. I can't remember these things...

camaflouge method

More method advertising! This time the images were large enough that I was able to also showcase the copy. Looks like method's ready to fight the war on dirty! Tomorrow I'll post the other two ads in this "camaflouge campaign".

method insomnia

Take a look at these great videos featuring method on HSN! Come on, we all know watching some HSN at 3:00 a.m. can be a fun thing; full of wit and crazy ad lib; and these videos are no exception (and being really tired but unable to sleep makes things even more funny, right?) And we get to see a little more of Adam + Eric in action! - So enjoy! Also, these items are available on the HSN website, so I've added a link to those as well, in case these video bits make you wanna go shopping!

HSN video featuring the omop!
Order the HSN omop package here

HSN video featuring the squeaky green book!
Order the squeaky green book package here

HSN video featuring the method detox bathroom kit!
The HSN method bathroom kit is sold out! Wow!

HSN video featuring the method detox granite/stainless steel kit!
Order the method granite/stainless steel kit here

gettin' new york clean!

More wonderful Detox New York pics! Enjoy!

Look at all those cute gumballs! Who thinks method should start making gumballs! Mmm... ok, maybe not. (Thanks to PSFK for the photos!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the dynamic duo

Over on the method people against dirty blog, there's been an Adam + Eric sighting!

"We think Spring in San Francisco is so cool and we're not talking about the weather. Spring, an eco-boutique located on Polk near Broadway, hosted a shindig for method’s very own Adam + Eric in honor of their new book, Squeaky Green. In case you missed it, don't you worry, Eric is heading over to Borders in Alameda on May 30 at 6pm to talk about Squeaky Green.

Squeaky Green , if you don’t know it yet, is the first book co-written by Adam + Eric, co-founders of method. Caution: facts contained within may result in readers rethinking their cleaning habits. If you’re late on checking it out, you can get your own copy by clicking here to"
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