Friday, July 27, 2012

sneak peek - dryer activated fabric softener

Looks like more method goodies from the brand spankin' fresh factory are hittin' shelves! method luster James (thanks, James!) sent me in this photo of their new dryer activated fabric softener! This is their new product that will replace the dryer sheets!

All you have to do is spray four shots of this baby into your dryer, and you're good to go! It states that it's just as effective at static control, and softness on your clothing as those old fashioned dryer sheets. And it comes in both fresh air and lavender lilac, which compliments the fabric softener you put in your washer! It's about time they started matching up their laundry product scents - for the longest time it was a set for the detergent, another set for the softener, and even another for the dryers sheets. That never made any sense to me. So, tada, they're solving that problem! And 100 loads!? Wow, that's a lot! Look for the price to be approximately $6.99.

Thoughts? Are you excited? Do you think this will be as big as their revolutionary laundry detergent? Let me know what you think, and if you spot these at your local Target, etc.!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

sneak peek - orla kiely + method

 I got a secret for you! Fall is only two-ish and so months away! And living in North Carolina, I can't wait til it gets here! Seriously, Mother Nature can keep summer. It sucks. Major style. Like, it sucks words I can't even type on this blog or I'd get in trouble and have to go wash my mouth out with soap. But it would be method soap, so that wouldn't be so bad.

Anywho, along with fall comes method's new limited edition hand wash line! This time they collaborated with designer Orla Kiely to create their shrinkwrap bottle designs! You might remember she also recently had a line of exclusive items at your local Target stores!
photo via Angela Matusik at Shelteriffic, 2012

Lusters will also be getting four new scents! These include bay leafvanilla chai, primrose, and pear ginger. (I'm really excited for the bay leaf and pear ginger!) All will be available in gel and foaming hand wash, and the pear ginger will also be available in dish soap and all-purpose cleaner!  

The new hand washes are already hitting store shelves at some Targets, but the actual date for release is mid-August. Special thanks to method luster Rhonda for giving me this tip!

Are you excited? What do you think of the new fragrances?

image via method home, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sounds like we've got some new goodies comin' around the corner soon! method's been making some hints on their official Facebook page over the last couple weeks! So far we've got:

+ a brand new version of smarty dish, featuring a re-size
+ a new dryer sheet product that will replace their current sheet line
+ and a relaunch for their hand sanitizer

They've been whispering about the new dryer sheet product for a while now. - Notice the word product. I wouldn't expect dryer sheets with this one, but rather something that would do the same job. Perhaps in the same style as Downy's dryer bar (but I'm not saying it'll be a bar. Unfortunately, I have no clue at the moment!)

People seem to have problems with the size of the smarty dish tabs fitting in their dish washer, so that's primarily why we're getting that. Otherwise I think they work great (and I don't have this size problem. Do you?)

And lastly, if they don't debut the hand sanitizer in a carry bottle my mind will be blown. Seriously, when do people use hand sanitizer the most. - On the go. (Mind you, I think hand sanitizer is n.a.s.t.y.)


What do you think? Excited for any of it? method has been awfully quiet for a long while (and so have you, oh great method lust one! I know, I know, my deepest apologies to all!) The last we've seen from them have been the spring/summer and limited edition hand wash scents, so it'll be good to see something new pop up! (Too bad it's not a method pop up store, in front of my house, where I can choose anything I want from method at my whim! Oh wait, I was dreaming again! Argh!)
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