Monday, November 22, 2010

method holiday 2010!

method's holiday hand washes are finally starting to hit Target stores nationwide! Now the ho, ho, holidays can officially begin!

I noticed an end cap of method hand washes at my local Target today! Interestingly enough it was an entire end cap filled with your every day method hand wash scents (including the foaming hand washes that I could have sworn were discontinued from Target?! Maybe they brought them back for a bit to fill shelf space?) but on the second from top shelf sat hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla! So when you're out and about running over old ladies and beating down children this Black Friday, make sure to pick up some bottles of holiday method hand wash!


Now, just as interesting was, on the very top shelf of this method end cap sat a new brand of hand wash I'd never heard of, in three holiday scents! The brand was motif, and the scents were cyprus and pear, pomegranate and rose, and peppermint bark. The peppermint bark smells exactly like method's peppermint vanilla, the pomegranate and rose smelled like fruity roses (how this is a Christmas scent is beyond me?!) but the cyprus and pear scent! Oh my! It's like the light scent of christmas trees meets a fresh slice of pear! I'll definitely be picking this up! (How I wish Target was also carrying another year round scent of theirs, citrus zest and ginger. It's fresh ginger blended with zesty orange and lime with the warmth of clove and nutmeg. How holiday does that sound?! Wow!)

I did some research (well, what I could) into the brand, and found out it's made by Daub & Dauble, an upscale cleaning line (which is actually made by a company called Goodwell & Company.) The bottles definitely look like Daub & Dauble (with their cute wallpaperish bottle patterns.) Does anyone know if this company is a green/environmentally-friendly brand? All I've found on the motif site are a couple of comments including "naturally formulated with aloe, biodegradable and recyclable" (that sounds pretty green to me, right?) and "outside's as good as their insides" which sorta sound green, but actually could just be talking about the cute bottle designs and fragrances. So if anyone has any info., please comment!

Monday, November 15, 2010

lavender cedar lust!

(As the Kool-Aid man would say) Oh yeah! Look what just popped up at Target! Our favorite lavender cedar laundry detergent, now in a 50-load bottle! (Sarah Stich should be so excited!)

So next time you stop in to Target, be sure to look for this big boy in the detergent section! And as you're walking down the aisle, be sure to proudly shout out loud for everyone to hear "Mmm, awesomeness ahead!" No one will make fun of you, I promise! (Or I'll come smack'em! You have my word. Really! Well, unless I'm off that day. I only work half days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I'm usually off on Sundays. But otherwise, I'll smack'em! Alright, well, maybe just whisper it to yourself as you walk down the aisle "(mmm, awesomeness ahead.)" That'll do.)

guest post - ho ho holidays

So the holidays are here... sort of. Have you already decked the halls? Are you counting down the shopping days left? Already having the ever dreaded holiday office party? Craving method holiday scented hand soap?

What do you think of method not debuting their holiday line at Target until after Thanksgiving? Respect them for waiting to put the "Ho Ho" in holiday or is the waiting killing you like a kid on Christmas Eve? Share your thoughts.

- Jamison, method advocate


Got a guest post you'd love to see on method lust? If so, all you have to do is send it to me via email! (It can't get any easier than that! No, no, it really can't. Stop being so lazy! It's just not possible.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bag it!

Check out this amazing documentary from Suzan Beraza. The film examines the impact of plastics on the environment, marine animals and human health. (And we all know what method lust (Nathan Aaron) thinks of plastic bags! Evil!)

Lots more information can be found on the official website!

creamy came back!

Well, well, well... look what's back for a return engagement! method's moisturizing creamy hand wash in coconut cream + honey, and cucumber + aloe! The hand wash has been repackaged using method's hand sanitizer style bottles. And they're hitting Target shelves as you read this! (Literally, like some guy is probably placing these bottles onto shelves at your local Target store at this very moment! Sorta crazy, isn't it?!) - Thanks to method luster Jason for sending me this pic!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

over and out

Poor omop... and another method product bites the dust. Read the announcement here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

return trip

Looks like method's tub + tile cleaner has made it's return to Target store shelves! The product had been clearanced from Target a couple months ago to make room for the new bathroom antibac cleaner; but quite a few advocates were missing their tub + tile eucalyptus mint fix! So it appears method (and/or Target) listened!

My only concern at the moment is the price ($4.49) as I can't remember if that's a new higher price point, or the same as the product previously carried. Right now it's more expensive than the rest of the bathroom line (lil' bowl blu and le scrub.) But I'd look for Target to give it a price cut before too long. Most of the time that's how things seem to work with Target. But for the moment, let's just celebrate tub + tiles return!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

inside the studio: method products

Check out this great article giving us all a peek into the method offices, and how they work!

Inside The Studio: method Products - the dieline

Our first glimpse inside the walls of Method Products proved to be somewhat of a surprise. Method’s close proximity to the city’s financial center gave us the impression we were about to walk into a rigid and sterile office space. Those feelings were soon expelled, as we entered a space that was casual and full of quirky touches. We met with Josh Handy and Sally Clarke, VP of Industrial Design and Design Director of Packaging, respectively. Both native New Zealanders, their accents came through as we touched on everything from their careers at Method, creative processes, and of course – working together as a married couple.

How did you get involved at Method?

Josh Handy: “I met Adam and Eric, the two founders, when I was working in New York at Karim Rashid Studio. This was back in 2000-2001 and they sat down across the table for Karim and me and said, ‘we want to change the world of cleaning. We want you to design a dish soap for us, and we want it to be the most revolutionary dish soap every created.’

We thought, this sounds all right. ‘How much money do you have?’

‘Uh, none.’

‘So what sort of distribution do you have?’


Karim and I were kind of like, ‘uh-huh uh-huh, yeah see you later’

He and I had a chat afterwards and we thought; we’ll spend three days on it. We will try to get some shares off them -because at the time it was the boom, everyone was going for equity and talking start ups. We thought, what the hell, we’ll take a punt on it. We worked on it and we came up with the idea for the upside down dish soap. They took that design and took it to Target and Target said ‘We love it, let’s do it but you have to be on the shelves in 16 weeks.’”

Oh my gosh…

“They had to be there on the shelves in 16 weeks, so it was crazy trying to get the formula done. The bottle needed to be sourced, manufactured, tested, and all of that stuff. It was a nightmare and it turned out to be a bit of a disaster, because the bottles started to leak. And they were all on the top shelf. There are great Method legends of people going around and wiping down Target stores, getting all the soap off the leaky bottles! [Laughs] That kind of set the brand off.”

[After a brief move to Australia Josh had a chance encounter with one of Method’s founders]

“I bumped into Eric at a trade show in Chicago while I was there for my Australian job and we got to talking. He was like ‘You should come work for me.’ This is the short story, there’s a much longer story which is kind of fun. [Laughs] So we kind of made that happen.

So about 4 and a half, almost 5 years ago, we turned up here in San Francisco to work for Method. There were like 35 people. Its been a bit of a ride ever since..."


Check out the full article over on the dieline!
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