Monday, April 16, 2012

eco - free food?

I know, I know, I know! I've been so slack on envrionmental/going green posts here on method lust! What's the deal'e'oh, yo?! Well, here you go! I just found this today and my eyes, they were'a opened! People (with plenty of income) going grocery store dumpster diving for free groceries, all in order to live more simply, and environmentally friendly (including stopping unnecessary waste.) I'm really curious what your thoughts are here! Could you do this? Do you do this? Don't be shy - share!

Friday, April 13, 2012

surprise, surprise, surprise!

Why do I never have a camera when I need one? Oh why oh why? What, do you ask, did I need a camera for? Well, just to take some snappy shots of all the method mentionables that popped up at one of my local Habitat for Humanity's this week! I'll be checking this weekend at another one, just to see if it's Habitat wide, or just the luck of the draw for one store!

No matter, I'd suggest you run over to your local Habitat this weekend (eh, you know you ain't got anything better to do. It's method, after all! The dog can get washed later! The dishes have been in the sink for a week! And date night is overrated!) and see if you find anything! Cause I found a whole slew of old and new stuff! We're talking new lavender + cedar laundry detergent, fresh air fabric softener, lemongrass and clementine kitchen hand wash; along with squeaky green sweet water laundry detergent (remember that?), and lavender lemongrass aroma sticks (wha?!), lavender dish soap (please, method, bring that back! Why did it go away?!), and some foaming hand wash in eucalyptus mint and two other scents that have left me as of this moment! Oh, and the entire line of method cleaning cloths! And even more! More! More!

Prices weren't too bad (though not great for a thrift store. But then again, thrift stores have discovered people love them in this economy, and their prices have gotten ridiculous. Goodwill, I'm lookin' at you! Oh wait, sorry, wrong post for that rant!) The laundry detergent was $7.00, hand washes were $2.00, dish soap was $2.50, aroma sticks $4.50, etc. so around half price for most items. (but hello, you can get dish soap for $2.99 at Target, so some of the pricing was just silly.)

So head on out, and let me know if you find anything! It's been a long while since we found a good supply of old school method products at "second go around" stores, so let the lusting (and hunting) begin!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

yay, nay, what'chu say?

Spring has sprung! That's all. It really had nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew it was spring time now. Ok? Glad we got that out of the way.

And with that said, so, so, what do you think? We've all had plenty of time to try out some of our possibly new favorite method goodies! Antibac toilet cleaner in spearmint scent, anyone? How about some limited edition hand wash in watermelon patch, coconut grove, and daffodil bouqet? Oh, oh, I know, you're more a lime + sea salt kinda guy or gal? Or just maybe you can't get enough of the new magnolia, olive leaf, and or (hey, why not all three!) white tea moisturizing body wash?

Well, whatever it may be, tell us in the comments what new method products you're lusting? What have you been using? Does it get a yay, or a nay? And with that, I have one more thing to say. Summer is in two and a half-ish months. - That is all.

pimpin' the perks

Have you gotten your $1 off all-purpose spray cleaner coupon yet? For shame on you! Go, now. This is not a suggestion. I'm serious. No really, so serious. Man, you're as stubborn as my boyfriend! Oh, he's gonna get me for that one. For reals, go!
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