Wednesday, June 27, 2012

birthday shout out!

Look who gave lil' ole' me a birthday shout out? method, that's who! I totally missed this on Monday for some cray-cray (yeah, I should probably stop saying that now) reason! Thanks, method!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

lustful speculation

Hey fellow lusters, I got a question for you! I realize it's a long shot, and wow has it been a day, so perhaps I'm just delusional, but just on the off chance, I want some advocate speculation. So method just posted on their Facebook page this wonderful shot of their fragrance director, Suzanne, giving a discussion on the process for creating method scents. Awesome! Look at all those reference photos, and the different items sitting on the shelf that she'd used to help her come up with all method's amazing sniff-mmm-ahh's! But wait, what... what is that? There, in the right corner, next to the 7-load bottle of laundry detergent. It kinda looks like some foaming hand wash, but it seems like it's in a really, really big bottle? There's a bottle of waterfall foaming just down the line, on the left, and yeah, I know there is some perspective going on here, but still... it also seems to be "dressed" in their new shrink wrap packaging... hmm.

Am I crazy? What do you think? I'm guessing a) it's just perspective and you need to go get a drink and go to bed early, Nathan; or b) a new kitchen hand wash (those come in big bottles) but in a foaming version (and a new scent); or c) brand new packaging for their dish soap, which lots of people complain you can't just sit on your sink and hit the pump or it'll shoot out all over you (and this bottle type would solve that problem, no? Or just picking it up off the shelf and squirting some on your sponge, you lazy mcDaisy! Ha!) Time will tell, time will tell...

What do you think?

brightly colored hello-agains!

Update + method lust was wrong! No, say it isn't so! No, no, no! Ok, well let's just live in Delusionville (cause Nathan ain't never wrong (cough), and you better bet that's right, peaches pants!) Looks like Target has been updating all my nearby stores to larger versions with fresh produce and groceries. And in true "WTH?!" Target mentality, they went ahead and clearanced out the spring limited edition hand wash line... just so they could then build an entirely new hand wash area a few shelves down, and reintroduce the spring limited edition hand wash line in a bigger display! That makes sense, right? Right... so they haven't been discontinued, as you've probably already figured out. Coconut grove, watermelon patch, daffodil bouqet, I knew we were still friends! I just knew it! (Sorry for the confusion. Blame Target! - wink.)


Spring may have just sprung, but method's now in season spring limited edition line seems to have already hopped away like the Easter bunny! I just noticed today at my local Target that the hand washes have gone on clearance (in fact, they only have three bottles left! Ahh!) I'm sure you'll still be able to purchase these favorites (especially the coconut grove, which seemed to garner lots of fans) over on method's website, but I'd stock up while I could (online, or off) before they've all sproinged out of here! Hey, I ran out of spring quips, ok? So long watermelon patch (you were the Jolly Rancher-iest!) See ya later coconut grove (you made us all think of jellyfish and suntans!) Away you go, daffodil bouqet (you made the bees bumble! Cause you're a flower. Get it? ok.)

Is a now in season summer limited edition line on the way?... (I'll let you know more, when I know more!)
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