But this week Method is introducing a dish and hand soap packaged in an opaque plastic bottle the color of dirty ocean water. The bottles are made from plastic debris that washed up on Hawaiian beaches and recovered by Method employees and volunteers.
The company, started in San Francisco in 2001 by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, already makes its packaging from recycled plastics sourced from curbside recycling programs. But Mr. Lowry said the new bottle is meant to draw attention to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the ocean and its harmful effects on marine wildlife.
Method sent crews to Hawaii because detritus from the so-called Great Pacific garbage patch, a giant swirling pile of floating trash, is constantly washed onto some of its beaches..."
You can read the entire article here!
I'm not sure calling it "an opaque plastic bottle the color of dirty ocean water" is really a sales swing, but perhaps they're trying to make a point that "Hey, this is what the ocean looks like! Stop it!" (And also, just between you and me, I can't decide if the bottle is cool, or just ready to head down to the local leather bar tonight? Know what I mean?) What do you think of the bottle?
One thing I do totally love is the idea of dish and hand in one bottle! Perhaps this will be the direction they head with their regular (and limited edition) dish soaps! At the very least, why not simply make the lemongrass and clementine (sniff, how we miss you, basil) kitchen hand washes into dish + hand, too!
What do you think? Will you be picking the new ocean plastic dish + hand bottles up? They will be available online (possibly), and at Whole Foods stores.