Thursday, January 28, 2010

what'cha think?

So! method's new laundry detergent! Moisturizing hand wash! Have you found these snappy new products? Gave them a try?

Which scents have you bought? Fresh air? Peony Blossom? Cucumber + aloe? Coconut cream + honey?

What do you think? Throw us your reviews (now, or when you DO find the products!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

into thin air?

Fudge! I maybe, sorta, mighta been right (about something?! It's about time, but why oh why this!) It's pretty much official... the aircare line is history. At least at your local Target!

This weekend I noticed at one of my nearby Targets that the pill refills were not only sold out, but the stickers on the shelves had been removed and other aircare items had been placed there to take up the extra space. "Hmm..." I thought to myself, "not good! Not good at all!" I attempted another try at prying anymore information about the aircare line out of method's mouth (which aircare wise, has become the equivalent of Fort Knox. Seriously.) Their response was pretty much a "no comment." Ha ha! So, with that in mind, I just decided to wait and see. (But I'm so impatient! I must know now! I have no life, so throw me a bone here, ok? Or, I could just get a life. Eh, that's probably way too hard. Just throw me a bone. That'll do.)

Well, tonight I ran into Target (again?! Don't even go there) and upon entering the aircare line, my heart sunk. The ENTIRE line - clearanced. Well, almost the entire line. Oddly enough, the aroma rings were not clearanced. What the heck is that all about? I can't imagine they sell more aroma rings than every other aircare item to result in Target still carrying them?! Curiouser and curiouser...

So, it looks like I was right. The line is clearanced. Which at least in Target terms for this current version, is the same as discontinued. Lavender + lemongrass. Sweet water. Vanilla apple. - Run, buy, while they're still here! Meanwhile, here are my thoughts.


There are three options here, as far as I can tell.

+ Option A. The line is done for. History. Over and out. Neither here, nor there. MIA4EVER. method has just decided to drop the aircare line and be done with it. But, here are the weird things. 1) Target didn't discontinue the aroma rings? Hmm, part of a new line? But why keep these particular scents in the aroma rings, when they didn't in the pills? 2) I'm gonna confess something, given what's happend here I think it's safe for me to do so now. Whenever I'd ask about the line at method, I'd get a "I'd stock up on my favorite aircare products if I were you!" Translation: discontinued! But wait, there's more...

+ Option B. A brand spankin' new aircare line is about to debut! Why not keep the pills then? Well, they want to sell the new scents (and here's hoping they still HAVE the pills, or I will cry scream yell and murder! Well, maybe not murder... but it'll be close!) so they're clearancing off the old ones. But wait... 1) Target isn't clearancing the aroma rings, in the same scents. Even if they came out in new scents, wouldn't they also clearance these current versions if they're doing it to the pills? Gah. And but 2) Many advocates who have called method and asked straight up about the aircare line were told "the aircare line is here to stay. No worries!" But wait, what? You told me to stock up? Is someone just lying? method doesn't lie! Lying is so ungreen! (Right?) Unless... stock up (on the old stuff) but don't worry about the line (cause there will be new stuff!) Whew! Or...

+ Option C. Target is only going to carry the aroma rings. And that's it. No new line. method will still maintain the aircare line, and you'll be able to buy small amounts of it in places like Lowe's (who currently carries them, though not to the extent that Target does.) You'll also be able to buy them on method's online store (though we all know that would cost us a small fortune, so poo poo on that one.)


Now, what do YOU think? Will you miss the current aircare line? Do you think another one is on the way? My only other reasoning for thinking we MIGHT be seeing a new one is simply method's tight lips on this. I have never in all my years conversing with method felt so locked out of what was going on with a product line of theirs. I mean, what is the point? If you tell people it's being discontinued, it shouldn't hurt sales; in fact it might help them cause people will go and stock up before it's gone. And if you tell them there is a new line, people will still stock up on the old stuff AND be excited for the new stuff. But I'm thinking maybe, MAYBE we'll be seeing a new line and method's just being really hush hush about this one 'til the big debut!

Either way, we should know in mere weeks. Once Target finally pulls the remaining aircare product from the shelves, and puts them on the endcaps (like they always do).. and we find out just what they put in it's place? Hmm...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

while the gettin's good

Looks like my question below ("what's gonna happen to the current moisturizing hand wash line?") has been answered! Target has just put all the white tea, olive leaf, and almond flower moisturizing hand wash on clearance. AND I do believe these products will be discontinued and replaced with the new line. So if you love'em, buy'em up while you still can!

And while you're at it, Target has also put the moisturizing line body bar soaps, and (oddly) pink grapefruit all-surface wipes on clearance.


Along with that, method lust reader Jamison let me know Target is currently having a sale on many of method's products (lots for $2.49!) so now's your chance to stock up!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sneak attack

Quick! Look over there! Isn't that method's brand spanking new laundry detergent? It is! - And amidst all that excitement, another snazzy new product sneaked into your favorite Target!

You're looking at method's nifty (how many adjectives can I use!) just released moisturizing hand wash! It's available in two scents: coconut cream + honey (oh my word I can't wait to grab this one up!) and cucumber + aloe! Dreamy! It comes in a 7.5 oz size (which happens to be 2.5 ozs smaller than their current moisturizing line. Probably a result of the economy, like many of our favorite groceries/products; as I bet it'll at least be the same price as the current line.)

Speaking of the current moisturizing hand wash line of olive leaf, almond flower and white tea - what does this shiny new line mean for these favorites (will they stick around or go to method Heaven?) Only time will tell!

Meanwhile, these newbies are already hitting Target shelves! So go and buy, then try! Cause trying, then buying, well, Target might not like that, and it could make for a messy aisle; what with needing water and soap and yeah, it's best to just buy then try, ok? Then let method lust know what you think of the narly new scents!

Yeah, I knew using narly was one adjective too many, too. Sorry about that.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

you've just hit the jackpot, tiger!

method lust reader Josh hits the jackpot in finding the new laundry detergent at his local Lowe's! Thanks for the pic, Josh!

If you find the laundry detergent near you, snap a shot and send it to me! I'll put it up on method lust - promise!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

are you a good bag, or a bad bag?

Intriguing! Walmart is currently doing reusable bag testing in a select number of their stores, where you are REQUIRED to purchase a reusable bag (or bring your own!) View the video here (embedding has been unfortunately disabled!) Then come on back. Don't worry, I'll wait. I have a cup of hot tea and some mint M&Ms to keep me busy til you get back...


So, what do you think? Personally, I think it's a great idea (to a point!) If people won't do it on their own (and we all know the majority of Americans. They don't do anything unless they're made to! Wait, did I just say that?) than just make them buy the bags. My only problem with this "solution" is something people don't always keep in mind. Reusable bags can become just as much of a problem as plastic bags, if the situation isn't kept in check. If someone went to Walmart and bought a new set of reusable bags every time, well, that's just wasteful. And landfill-ful, after a while, too. I have seven reusable tote bags. Six regular size, one oversized for big purchases. And that's it. That's all I need. I resist (most) urges to take more, when they're given to me (unless they're method totes! Then I just grab! Ha ha!)

But I remember when I first starting doing the reusable totes thing, it was hard at times for me to remember my bags, also. Now I ended up carrying the items out in my arms, bagless. Sort of a "punishment" to remind me to bring my bags with me next time. But I can see how after a while people might either get frustrated from having to buy them multiple times, and that will help them remember; or they'll just finally get into the habit.

What I'm NOT a fan of is Walmart's low-end cheap reusable bag "that will tear after a while." They're completely missing the entire point! But then Walmart equaling cheap? Who would have guessed! Ahem... But hopefully they're on the right track, and people will catch on with time.


green push

The Wallstreet Journal has a really interesting article out focusing on method (and Seventh Generation's) latest big green cleaning products push using new advertisting campaigns! Check it out:

"Green Products To Get A Push |
by Ellen Byron and Suzanne Vranica

Encouraged by resilient sales, some leading makers of environmentally friendly household products are boosting their marketing firepower, mounting a broader challenge to manufacturers of mainstream consumer goods.

Seventh Generation and Method Products, which both tout their cleaning and personal-care lines as safer for people and the environment, plan to launch their first major marketing campaigns this week. Both companies are hoping to capitalize on the momentum behind "green" products, which have posted surprisingly strong sales despite the weak economy.

The campaigns come as the two companies take other steps designed at least in part to prepare them to compete more directly with their mainstream counterparts. Seventh Generation is introducing a line of disinfecting wipes and sprays, while Method is expanding its lineup to include a new laundry detergent. They are also polishing their management credentials: The founders of both companies recently brought in consumer-product industry veterans to take over chief-executive duties.

While many shoppers switched to cheaper products during the recession, sales of products promoted as environmentally friendly have held up relatively well, despite their premium prices. Over the past five years, U.S. sales of "ethical" household products—what the industry calls items marketed on the basis of meeting an ethical standard—have nearly tripled, reaching an estimated $1.6 billion in 2009, according to market-research firm Packaged Facts.

"People may be trading from steak to poultry, but the people who buy these green products believe the health and safety of one's family is more important," says Burt Flickinger III, managing director of consulting firm Strategic Resource Group.

Indeed, a spokeswoman for Seventh Generation says sales at mass-market retailers rose 20% last year from the year before. The company says its 2009 totaled sales about $150 million, but declined to disclose profits.

Seventh Generation plans to launch its first TV ad on Monday. In the past, the Burlington, Vt., company has relied on small, mostly online, campaigns to promote its products, which include diapers, trash bags and laundry detergent it touts for attributes like biodegradability or natural ingredients.

The new ads, based on the slogan, "Protecting Planet Home," describe a household that uses Seventh Generation products as a place where "no one holds their breath while they're cleaning." Seventh Generation declines to disclose how much it is spending on the ads, which coincide with its introduction of wipes and spray that use a thyme-based disinfectant technology.

Method has depended on offbeat marketing tactics, including a Web site that lets people wash away their sins virtually with its hand soap. Now it is rolling out its largest ad campaign ever to plug a new superconcentrated laundry detergent. The product, scheduled to hit U.S. stores this month, comes in a slim bottle with a pump dispenser.

San Francisco-based Method is spending $10 million on the campaign, which includes a new detergent Web site that launches this week and print and online ads that begin next month. The pitch takes aim at the company's bigger laundry-aisle competitors with the tagline "Jug-Free America," suggesting that consumers don't need to lug around heavy detergent bottles.

One ad compares a Method detergent bottle with a large orange one, a not-so-subtle swipe at market leader Procter & Gamble's Tide..."


Read the rest here! Thoughts? (And what do you think of Seventh Generation debuting an all-natural disinfectant formula? Good? Bad? Does disinfectant = antibacterial? What if method were to do this? Comment!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

big clean, little bottle!

UPDATE Just found out the new laundry detergent WILL be available at Target, beginning mid-February! I did a run to my local Lowe's today to check it out, but no go. But uh, perhaps I need a little patience (or a life? Not sure which. Or maybe both.) It IS the first day, you know? LOL


It's here! method brand spankin' new laundry detergent! In amazingly small bottles that take up a fraction of the room those giant laundry jugs do! Yay!

The scents include fresh air and free + clear; and new peony blossom (Hello little peony blossom! Welcome to the family!) Sounds great! Can't wait to give it the sniff test and see if I like it. The bottles are available in 50 load size (at $15.) and 25 load size (at $8.) which is pretty much on par with their current laundry line pricing. I still think their laundry detergent is a bit expensive, but then when you're sorta poor, laundry detergent in general is expensive! Well, at least green laundry detergent!

I could jibber jabber all day about it, but it'd be WAY easier for you to just run on over to and get the details; cause method's done all the work for me! And don't forget to read the Globe and Mail's big debut article (methodlust gets a shout out!), too!

AND, just to entice everyone, method's giving us an oh so nice $2.00 off coupon to get everyone started! Surprisingly (or not so much so?) don't look for the new laundry detergent at your local Target. They don't appear to be carrying it. You'll be able to pick this up at Lowe's Hardware!

So read, buy, and let method lust know what you think!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

makin' a splash!

The otters are back! (Sorta, temporarily, kinda for a bit) But this time around, they're making a splash at your local Big Lots!

I did a little roaming around a nearby Big Lots tonight (always scouring to see if method has decided to get rid of some oldie but goodies! Every time I hope and finger cross that I'll find me some frosted fir candles, or hand wash, or eh, anything frosted fir. But so far, no luck! Random, yes!) But what DID I find in the beauty section of my Big Lots - Otters! Since method has now given Mr. Otter's job to Mr. Penguin (remember how on daytime soaps they'd say sometimes, when an actor or actress wasn't able to do her role for a couple days "The role of Mr. Otter is now being played by Mr. Penguin." Remember? Oh, does anyone even watch daytime soaps anymore? Eh. I guess not, since they're all being cancelled. Ok, enough rambling. Riiight.)

You can find it all. Bubbly bath (picked some up, smelling awfully rice milk + mallowy as I type this!), crisp apple and fuzzy peach body wash and 3-in-1 shampoo! Keep in mind at least at my store, the body wash was with the body wash, and the shampoo was actually located elsewhere, of course in the shampoo section (so even though the bottles look identical, they did place them in content specific areas, unlike at Target.) So if you're hunting for some baby/kid method goodies, now's your chance! Mine were only $3. a piece! Have fun! And of course, let method lust know if you happen to find any other method goodies at Big Lots while you're out and about!

it's time for a reduce-olution!

Ah, the new year! A time for fresh starts! "Spring" cleaning! Or as a woman in line at a local store said this past week "January always brings so much potential with it! So many possibilities! Now by February it's all shot to crap, but at least we have January!" Man, is she right, or what?

So here I am, on my three day weekend, not feeling the best (dang cold/flu/sinus who-ha-whatchamacallit! Whatever you are, go away I tell you, go away!) Anyway, it was time to take down the Christmas decorations! Easy, or easy enough, you say? Well, ah, no, not really. Why? Well... I'm a tad ashamed to admit this; but I sorta own like, cough cough, erhm, nine tubs full of Christmas decor. - Nine. That number that comes before eight, after ten, and declares to the world "Son, you have WAY too many freakin' Christmas decorations!" Knic-knacs, ornaments, little Christmas trees, big Christmas trees, garland, icicles, ho ho holy heck, I'm drowning here! So I was over it.

Decorating for Christmas has seriously become a groaning moment! Just the idea of dragging down ALL nine of those tubs from UP in the attic was, gah. So not only was I going to put my Christmas decor away this weekend, but purge those tubs down to SIX while I was at it. And before you say "Six?!? Why six?!? Why not less." Six at this point, is a miracle. Indeed, angels would be descending to sing Hallelujahs to me, if I actually managed to reduce my decor down to six tubs.

And... I made it to seven. I know, I know. But you know, at first I was angry with myself I hadn't gotten to six. But uh, this little put away that was supposed to last, eh, one day; took all three. ALL. three. THAT. is. insane. A. couple. more. words. with. periods. after. them. cause. it. makes. them. extra. EXTRA. important. No angels, but I stepped back and realized that I should still be impressed with what I'd done. I'd managed to reduce my Christmas clutter by two whole tubs! You gotta start somewhere, right? Right!

And I removed so many items from the boxes they came in, which really helped me make more room in the tubs, etc. Which was great, but still... something in me snapped as I hauled those tubs back up into the attic. The attic FULL of stuff. Just stuff and stuff and way more stuff than one man should ever own. Ever. And I threw out all those empty boxes into the recycling container outside, and I still had a few more Christmas items sorta loitering around in my art room that didn't have a home yet (cause I sorta forgot about some of those. D'oh!) And that's when I'd had enough!

Enough! And I decided I finally had my New Years theme! My goal of goals! And it was: REDUCE! In all ways! I'm sick of cluttered closets full of clothes I haven't even seen in years (and uh, can't currently fit into!) I'm tired of all that crap up in the attic! Of bulging drawers that explode as I open them searching for a flashlight! (Flashlight? Oh, no flashlight in here. But we do have some user guides for products you no longer own, some weird screws that I'd found and knew I would "need" somewhere around the house for something they came from, someday; some linens for the table that made me go "uh, why did you buy these again? They're u.g.l.y. what does that spell? Ugly! Yeah yeah, they're ugly!"; a few rolls of random ribbon, a tape dispenser, refrigerator magnets, a miniature pony named "Here Boy", two turtle doves, a Mini Cooper, the launch codes for the President's Big Red Button, and, oh you get the idea. No flashlight!)

I'm over not being able to fit into so many of my clothes anymore! And REDUCE! works here too! Less body weight, please! I'm really, really tired of being in debt. REDUCE! Those frickin' book clubs, DVD clubs, CD clubs, boiled meat of the month clubs... no wait, I'm not in a CD club! Well, I'm over those too. Cancel, purchase if you still need to, then cancel those suckers! REDUCE!

Eat in more. REDUCE how much you eat out! REDUCE the amount of time you spend not going to church on Sundays (ah, see how I'm using the ole' word now! Tricky, tricky!) REDUCE the amount of time you spend after hours at work (for no extra pay.) REDUCE the amount of time you spend not hanging out with friends! REDUCE how many months you go without going on a date (months!? Bah! You mean years! Yes, ok, years. But shh, don't tell anyone. Oh, and REDUCE that!) And but last and not least in fact mostest of all, REDUCE all that crappy crap you bring into your home each and every year. There was a year, not so long ago I bet, that you once had only one Christmas tub. And that one tub filled your tree nicely with glittering ornaments. But like everything else, you turn around, and suddenly everything has REPRODUCED like rabbits. Ahh! (Only you uh, helped them along this time!) It's time to take watch of what you bring into the house, and if you buy something, replace something you already have in the home as often as you can. Swap them out! Recycle, reuse, REDUCE!

In fact, I think it's time for a REDUCE-olution! Hey, are ya' with me? Let's do it!

movin' on up!

No need to start hoarding those delicious method mandarin mango hand washes, fearing for the day your favorite guest star will go bye-bye! The scent has proven so popular with advocates, mandarin mango is now an official part of the hand wash line! That's right, baby! No more guest starring for this tasty fruit concoction! From here on out, it's top billing! Glitter and glamour! It's name in lights (or at least in bright white on bottles!) And shopping aisle paparazzi like you wouldn't believe!

So before we go, mandarin mango would like to make a short statement: "Thank you, thank you everyone! You like me, you really like me!" And... fade to orange.

Monday, January 4, 2010

book deal!

For those (tsk-tsk on you, by the way) remaining individuals that never did get around to purchasing the official method Squeaky Green book way back when; you can now pick it up for a song and a dance over at HSN! We're talking a mere $7.00! (Originally $24.95) AND, you get a tote, to boot! So now, well, now, you have NO excuse young lady or sir! No way, no how. Get! Buy! Read! And smile at how extra greeny you are now!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

clean sweeps

A couple of quick method items I've noticed this past week!

+ Be sure to look out for the slightly redesigned method marine naturals bottles coming your way very soon! Oh the shape is still the same, but they've replaced the white stripe label design with a much simpler big white text printing on the bottle. While I do think it really designs down the look of the bottle (something method sorta keeps doing every time they update their bottle designs, if you ask me. Thoughts?) it IS at least really easy to read now!

+ Love your method vanilla apple aircare pills? Well, you might have to pay a bit more, compared to lavender lemongrass or sweet water lusters! (Which yes, makes no sense.) In the continuation of "WTFreak is going on with method's aircare line?" (It's still around, so my doom and gloom it's going away guess did not come to fruition. - Yet? Though I swear, I think it's about time method did a big ole' aircare shake up. I find the line just boring at this point. And there's NOTHING new going on with the thing. And now with the loss of the candles (which are currently only available on method's website, as far as I know) and no aroma ring refills (though the ring is still available?) and only three scents, eh, come on method, I love aircare. Can't live without it, honestly! But it's time for some cha-cha-changes! Make us proud, ok? Crosses fingers.)

OH, now where in the world was I? Yes, ok. method unfortunately has no control over the pricing Target puts on their products (to my understanding) so it's really weird that Target seems to be testing the waters with their aircare pricing. Right now if you purchase lavender lemongrass or sweet water pill refills, $7.99. Vanilla apple? $8.99 (which, is crazy. I think $7.99 is crazy, so $8.99 is just maddening.) Along with that, if you purchase the vanilla apple or sweet water aroma rings, $5.99. Lavender lemongrass? $6.49. See, see, I told you, it makes NO sense. But just a warning next time you head in to pick these items up. At least until Target figures out what it is they really want to do. (Aroma spray is still $3.99, and aroma sticks are also still $12.99.)

+ The holidays items have hit clearance. I've seen some soap here and there. Though not much, and usually only in peppermint vanilla. Only a mere 15% off right now, so you might want to wait a tad bit longer, unless you think you might miss out. Oh, and don't even think you'll find a candle, cause those things are like, history. They were history in November. Well, at least around my parts, that is.
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