Tuesday, August 5, 2008

method profiles - rudi becker

One week late and all the better for it! (Well, not really, but it gets me out of hot water, ok? Then again, I'm runnin' this blog, so who's hot water am I in? My own? Hmm... I hope I put bubble bath in it, I'd hate to be in hot water with no bubble bath.) Heh'anyway, it's time once and for all again fo' method profiles!

Today we got Rudi Becker! Check him out!

1+ Your name, please? And do you have a nickname at method?
Rudi aka The Resinator 

2+ What was your first method lust?
Le Scrub, Have you seen how well that stuff cleans the grout between your tiles.  I also love that smell.

3+ What brought you to method, the company? (How did you become interested in a career with method?)
method's innovative approach to products. I knew I would get to work on new and exciting projects. The same experience would have taken years to acquire else where.

4+ What is your title/dept. at method, and what is it you do there? How long have you been with method?
Packaging. Engineer the packages and bring them from conception to commercialization. 1-1/2 yrs.

5+ What is the biggest thing you are currently doing, besides using method products, to help out the environment?
Having a baby!!!!! 

6+ Who's the last person you've turned onto method?
Run in with a customer at Target during my last "store check" (aka shopping with the wife.) 

7+ Which one best describes you as a person? Pink Grapefruit, French Lavender, Cucumber, or Go Naked?
What kind of a question is that!!!!!.........Pink's not my color, The Brits have never gotten along with the French, I hate Cucumber with a passion......so by default I guess I am a Go Naked kind of a guy. 

Thanks Rudi! (He's a funny one, ain't he!)

Check back Wednesdays (or thereabouts) for the next method profile! And be sure to catch up on previous method profiles by selecting from the sidebar list!

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