Wednesday, December 15, 2010

naughty or nice?

Make sure you take a moment from your sugar cookies and eggnog to check out method's sweet little "Are Your Hands Naughty or Nice?" game! It's clean fun (and there are cute method bottle designed snowflakes, too!)


Sorry I've been incognito as of late! I've been workin' like a mad man, and honestly have barely had time to breathe, let alone update the delightful method lust! I promise to try harder, but you know, perhaps after the holiday season (not much method news happening at the moment, anyway!) Hey, stop reading this, and go play the game!

copycat? - hand wash

So, an homage or an (unlicensed) copy cat? What are your thoughts? (I saw these bottles at my local Big Lots this week. They're made by Swissco.) They even make them in pink grapefruit and french lavender scents. Hmm...

Monday, November 22, 2010

method holiday 2010!

method's holiday hand washes are finally starting to hit Target stores nationwide! Now the ho, ho, holidays can officially begin!

I noticed an end cap of method hand washes at my local Target today! Interestingly enough it was an entire end cap filled with your every day method hand wash scents (including the foaming hand washes that I could have sworn were discontinued from Target?! Maybe they brought them back for a bit to fill shelf space?) but on the second from top shelf sat hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla! So when you're out and about running over old ladies and beating down children this Black Friday, make sure to pick up some bottles of holiday method hand wash!


Now, just as interesting was, on the very top shelf of this method end cap sat a new brand of hand wash I'd never heard of, in three holiday scents! The brand was motif, and the scents were cyprus and pear, pomegranate and rose, and peppermint bark. The peppermint bark smells exactly like method's peppermint vanilla, the pomegranate and rose smelled like fruity roses (how this is a Christmas scent is beyond me?!) but the cyprus and pear scent! Oh my! It's like the light scent of christmas trees meets a fresh slice of pear! I'll definitely be picking this up! (How I wish Target was also carrying another year round scent of theirs, citrus zest and ginger. It's fresh ginger blended with zesty orange and lime with the warmth of clove and nutmeg. How holiday does that sound?! Wow!)

I did some research (well, what I could) into the brand, and found out it's made by Daub & Dauble, an upscale cleaning line (which is actually made by a company called Goodwell & Company.) The bottles definitely look like Daub & Dauble (with their cute wallpaperish bottle patterns.) Does anyone know if this company is a green/environmentally-friendly brand? All I've found on the motif site are a couple of comments including "naturally formulated with aloe, biodegradable and recyclable" (that sounds pretty green to me, right?) and "outside's as good as their insides" which sorta sound green, but actually could just be talking about the cute bottle designs and fragrances. So if anyone has any info., please comment!

Monday, November 15, 2010

lavender cedar lust!

(As the Kool-Aid man would say) Oh yeah! Look what just popped up at Target! Our favorite lavender cedar laundry detergent, now in a 50-load bottle! (Sarah Stich should be so excited!)

So next time you stop in to Target, be sure to look for this big boy in the detergent section! And as you're walking down the aisle, be sure to proudly shout out loud for everyone to hear "Mmm, awesomeness ahead!" No one will make fun of you, I promise! (Or I'll come smack'em! You have my word. Really! Well, unless I'm off that day. I only work half days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I'm usually off on Sundays. But otherwise, I'll smack'em! Alright, well, maybe just whisper it to yourself as you walk down the aisle "(mmm, awesomeness ahead.)" That'll do.)

guest post - ho ho holidays

So the holidays are here... sort of. Have you already decked the halls? Are you counting down the shopping days left? Already having the ever dreaded holiday office party? Craving method holiday scented hand soap?

What do you think of method not debuting their holiday line at Target until after Thanksgiving? Respect them for waiting to put the "Ho Ho" in holiday or is the waiting killing you like a kid on Christmas Eve? Share your thoughts.

- Jamison, method advocate


Got a guest post you'd love to see on method lust? If so, all you have to do is send it to me via email! (It can't get any easier than that! No, no, it really can't. Stop being so lazy! It's just not possible.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bag it!

Check out this amazing documentary from Suzan Beraza. The film examines the impact of plastics on the environment, marine animals and human health. (And we all know what method lust (Nathan Aaron) thinks of plastic bags! Evil!)

Lots more information can be found on the official website!

creamy came back!

Well, well, well... look what's back for a return engagement! method's moisturizing creamy hand wash in coconut cream + honey, and cucumber + aloe! The hand wash has been repackaged using method's hand sanitizer style bottles. And they're hitting Target shelves as you read this! (Literally, like some guy is probably placing these bottles onto shelves at your local Target store at this very moment! Sorta crazy, isn't it?!) - Thanks to method luster Jason for sending me this pic!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

over and out

Poor omop... and another method product bites the dust. Read the announcement here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

return trip

Looks like method's tub + tile cleaner has made it's return to Target store shelves! The product had been clearanced from Target a couple months ago to make room for the new bathroom antibac cleaner; but quite a few advocates were missing their tub + tile eucalyptus mint fix! So it appears method (and/or Target) listened!

My only concern at the moment is the price ($4.49) as I can't remember if that's a new higher price point, or the same as the product previously carried. Right now it's more expensive than the rest of the bathroom line (lil' bowl blu and le scrub.) But I'd look for Target to give it a price cut before too long. Most of the time that's how things seem to work with Target. But for the moment, let's just celebrate tub + tiles return!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

inside the studio: method products

Check out this great article giving us all a peek into the method offices, and how they work!

Inside The Studio: method Products - the dieline

Our first glimpse inside the walls of Method Products proved to be somewhat of a surprise. Method’s close proximity to the city’s financial center gave us the impression we were about to walk into a rigid and sterile office space. Those feelings were soon expelled, as we entered a space that was casual and full of quirky touches. We met with Josh Handy and Sally Clarke, VP of Industrial Design and Design Director of Packaging, respectively. Both native New Zealanders, their accents came through as we touched on everything from their careers at Method, creative processes, and of course – working together as a married couple.

How did you get involved at Method?

Josh Handy: “I met Adam and Eric, the two founders, when I was working in New York at Karim Rashid Studio. This was back in 2000-2001 and they sat down across the table for Karim and me and said, ‘we want to change the world of cleaning. We want you to design a dish soap for us, and we want it to be the most revolutionary dish soap every created.’

We thought, this sounds all right. ‘How much money do you have?’

‘Uh, none.’

‘So what sort of distribution do you have?’


Karim and I were kind of like, ‘uh-huh uh-huh, yeah see you later’

He and I had a chat afterwards and we thought; we’ll spend three days on it. We will try to get some shares off them -because at the time it was the boom, everyone was going for equity and talking start ups. We thought, what the hell, we’ll take a punt on it. We worked on it and we came up with the idea for the upside down dish soap. They took that design and took it to Target and Target said ‘We love it, let’s do it but you have to be on the shelves in 16 weeks.’”

Oh my gosh…

“They had to be there on the shelves in 16 weeks, so it was crazy trying to get the formula done. The bottle needed to be sourced, manufactured, tested, and all of that stuff. It was a nightmare and it turned out to be a bit of a disaster, because the bottles started to leak. And they were all on the top shelf. There are great Method legends of people going around and wiping down Target stores, getting all the soap off the leaky bottles! [Laughs] That kind of set the brand off.”

[After a brief move to Australia Josh had a chance encounter with one of Method’s founders]

“I bumped into Eric at a trade show in Chicago while I was there for my Australian job and we got to talking. He was like ‘You should come work for me.’ This is the short story, there’s a much longer story which is kind of fun. [Laughs] So we kind of made that happen.

So about 4 and a half, almost 5 years ago, we turned up here in San Francisco to work for Method. There were like 35 people. Its been a bit of a ride ever since..."


Check out the full article over on the dieline!

Friday, October 15, 2010

clean sweeps


+ Be sure to check out your newspaper this Sunday, as method has a nice and nifty $1. off coupon for their new anti-bacterial cleaning line inside!

+ method lust reader Jason let us know he's recently found all-surface cleaning spray in lavender and pink grapefruit, at his local Big Lots! For a mere $1.50! Other readers have also found squeaky green laundry detergent (64 load bottle!) in sweet water and free + clear for $5.00; and almond flower creamy body wash for $3.00! So head on out this weekend and see if your Big Lots has some new method goodies! And let method lust know what you find!

HOLIDAY UPDATEI took a stroll into Target today, and discovered some of the "competition" aircare lines are hitting shelves now. method's holiday hand wash line hasn't shown up yet (it should hit early-November) but the Glade line is out in around five scents, including candles and aroma spray. I gotta say though, I think Glade is pretty much bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality (and it's definitely not green) so I'd have to take a pass on their holiday line. But they do have a peppermint crush candle that smells a lot like method's peppermint vanilla scent.

Febreze also has a holiday line of candles and spray out, including cranberries and frost, which reminds me of method's frosted cranberry scent. And finally, Target has gotten in two of Mrs. Meyer's candles from their holiday line (orange clove and Iowa pine.) Now they have four in the line, as well as dish soap, spray cleaner and hand wash. So I'm not sure if Target will be getting the remainder in later, or if this is all we get. - Which would be a huge disappointment. Except, the candles are already a disappointment (as far as I'm concerned.) They're tiny, I'm talking 4.9 oz. tiny! method's candle line was 6.5 oz at $7.99, and people complained about that price. Mrs. Meyer's holiday candles are 4.9 for $6.99! Once you see them, you might understand. I simply can't justify the price, so I won't be buying these. And the orange clove scent, totally not what I was hoping for. A couple years ago Old Navy put out an amazing orange clove candle that smelled 200% better than the Mrs. Meyer's candle. So I'll be passing on these as well.

I'm curious what everyone else thinks once they've had a chance to check out these lines, so drop method lust a comment or email! Here's to wishing yet again, method would give us our great holiday line back! Cause the other brands don't seem to be cutting it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

holiday preview

While it's not going to be available at your local Target until early November, take a peek at what you can already find (and buy) at! method's holiday 2010 line of hand washes in hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla! Unfortunately that looks like all we'll be getting, as method pretty much slashed their holiday line last year (remember all those wonderful dish soaps, spray cleaners, candles and aroma sprays, as well as new scents each year... mmm!)

...which brings us to something interesting. Seems Mrs. Meyers has taken notice of the fact that a substantial holiday line is missing from the green cleaning products category once more, and started bulking up their own! This year brings us spray cleaner, dish soap, hand wash and a candle in orange clove! And you can also pick up last years Iowa pine, as well as new cranberry and snicker doodle scents - all in candles!

So while it's unfortunate method has decided to roll up their holiday line (and give us the same scents as last year) we can at least look forward to some great new environmentally friendly holiday products and scents from Mrs. Meyers this year! They'll probably hit stores at about the same time as method's holiday hand wash line. (But you can already purchase Mrs. Meyers online, as well!)

clean sweeps

+ A wonderful method luster let me know they've just found method's creamy moisturizing hand wash line (olive leaf, white tea, and almond flower) as well as some gel hand washes in sweet water and green tea + aloe, at their local Big Lots! The creamy hand wash is $2.00, while the gel hand wash is $1.50. Snatch some up!

+ Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful readers that donated to method lust's registration renewal request! You all rawk! And we've already hit our goal! So yay! A big ole' wet kiss from me, to you!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

one man review - kitchen hand wash

Well, golly! Look what's back! It's method lust one man reviews! method has recently put out a whole bunch o'new products, so I've decided to hop down off my lazy bum and review them for you! It's awfully nice of me to do this, now isn't it? Yes, yes, it is! Well thank you, accolades are always so appreciated, even if they are fictitious and imaginary (which pretty much mean the same thing, but whatever, ok? I'm trying to get a point across! Or something like that. Actually, I'm not even sure what I'm attempting to do at this juncture, except to use biggish type words like juncture and fictitious. But I sound pretty smart, right? So I guess that's what I'm trying to do here, sound smart! Which has nothing to do with method product reviews, does it? Well, unless I was reviewing method smarty dish cubes. But I'm not, so alas, so far this has all been for nil. See, see, I did it again. Another smartish word! Go, me!)

With that out of the way, let's get going! Today's review: method's new kitchen hand wash line! method decided that onions and fish and garlic and hmm, vinegar, and I'm not sure what else but you know there are a lot of things out there in your kitchen, were stinky. Bah. And some of those things, well, they don't come off your hands very well if you just use your usual hand wash! Oh sure, they have those little stainless steel bars of "soap" you can use that are supposed to remove nasty scents from your hands, but do they really work? I mean, if that were true, why couldn't I just save my money and rub a butter knife on my hands? I mean, it's made out of stainless steel too, don't you know! Not that I've ever tried this, mind you, cause that would just be silly, ok? Right, right. But method decided to just do one better, and come up with a kitchen hand wash that would remove those icky scents, nice and easy - with no metal involved whatsoever. (Is whatsoever one word, or three? I'll get back to that later...)

And I gotta say, they've done it! The hand wash line comes in lemongrass and basil scents, and it actually works for me! Now, you still have to do some scrubby scubbing to make sure you get it all washed off, but hey, that's no problem. I've definitely noticed a difference when using the kitchen hand wash compared to their normal hand wash line. It does a great job of taking away those yucky smells! Goodbye, garlic! Hasta la vista, vinegar! Take a hike, tuna! Outta here, onion! (Ya getting the point yet, I can keep doing this, and you know you don't want me to.)

Now the scents! Honestly, they're both great! The basil really does smell like a true basil. Now, I think it smells more like a Thai basil, which has more of an anise/licorice scent to it than regular sweet basil. Some advocates seem to like the licorice scent, some don't. (I think it's sorta great for fall/Halloween, myself! - So it's perfect for right now!)

The lemongrass, well, it's, in my humble opinion, Heaven! Now, as I've mentioned in the past, method had a lemongrass scented hand wash way back when. I'm not even sure if it lasted a year, and many method officials don't even remember it's existence! But I've still got a bottle to prove it! It was, and still is one of my favorite all-time method scents! And of course it didn't last (cause that's what always happens to me!) So when I heard about this new lemongrass hand wash, I prayed to every God I knew of that they would just resurrect their old scent and make me happy (cause really, shouldn't that be method's #1 priority, to make me happy? Hmm... well, we'll get back to that as well.) And when I got the hand wash, well, it wasn't the original scent. And at first, honestly, I was disappointed. The original scent was more grass than lemon. This new one appears to be more lemon than grass. But over time, I can now say I am addicted to their new lemongrass scent! I love, love, love it. In fact, I would method marry it, if I could! It is just amazing! And you get 18 oz. instead of the usual 12 oz. with their other hand washes, for a mere extra dollar! What's not to love?

So I'm giving the new kitchen hand wash a big ole' 4.5 out of 5 (whoa, dude, whoa!), cause it's that great! I hope it sticks around! And you can even matchy-matchy up the basil with method's new basil dish soap (currently available on their store!) Here's hoping method catches a clue, and also puts out a lemongrass dish soap soon! Cause honestly, who in the world chose basil over lemongrass here?! Lemongrass rocks, and should be in dish soap, spray cleaner, and every thing else, yo! Who's with me, aight? Aight!


Have you given the new lemongrass and basil kitchen hand washes a try? What were your thoughts? Add your reviews to the comments! And check back soon for more one man reviews!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

get yer basil, hazel

Looking for the basil (and ginger yuzu) dish soap in the new pump bottles? They have yet to hit store shelves (I was thinking they might end up being exclusive to a store, as ginger yuzu currently is at Whole Foods) but method let me know you can snatch them up on their shop now! It's priced at $3.99 (plus shipping.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

finds! - bloq

UPDATE I forgot to mention (and then method luster Sabrina reminded me!) I also found method glass, granite, and stainless steel microfiber cleaning cloths at Big Lots! I (believe, but I can't exactly remember) they were $2.50. Add'em to your Big Lots shopping list!


So yeah, you might all need to sit down for this one. No no, but seriously. I'll wait. Take your time. No rush. Ok. Seated? Good. Cause I got some big news for ya!

Big Lots has method bloq! Yes, yes, here are the smelling salts in case you start feeling lightheaded! Cause I'm talking bloq, from like what, two years ago?! In glorious green mint, beach sage, waterflower and citron leaf scents! In creamy body wash, shaving cream, lotion, and soap bars! At Big Lots! For one dollar each! One dollar?! Can you even comprehend that!? No, I didn't think so, cause neither can I! But it's true, I've had multiple method lusters let me know (thanks Jamison, and thanks for the pics, Jon!) And well yeah, I've discovered this for myself! In fact, I think they had to pick me up off the Big Lots floor after I turned the corner and saw those blocky square bottles just sitting there on the shelves!

"Where have you been?! Why did you leave me! It's been so long, so very very long! It's like, one day you just up and leave, and barely say goodbye (ok, well, you did throw that goodbye party, but still, I'm bitter, ok?!) and then you just what, you just go and take a two year trip to travel the Nile?! Or climb Mount Everest?! Or sit in some dark, dingy, warehouse? I mean, what is that all about! Then you reappear and pretend like nothing happened! "Hey, here I am! And I'm super cheap, too! Just cause, you know!" And I'm supposed to take you back in my arms, and love you like I once did, with no hurt feelings?!"

Ok, you got it! Now get in my cart! All of you. (Go. Big Lots! Now! bloq!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

sparkling new!

method has a new website! Have you checked it out? Possibly the two biggest changes come in the form of advocates being able to create a profile (mainly for the people against dirty and shopping sections of the site) and update/change that profile (something that wasn't possible with their previous site.) Even more awesome is they've teamed up with as their new shipping/store partner - which should result in much more reasonable shipping costs (a constant complaint of advocates far and wide!) A complete list of details/changes are available on method's official people against dirty blog.

So, have you checked out the new site yet? If so, what do you think? Pros, cons! Speak your mind!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

last chance lowe's

Whoa! I headed into my local Lowe's Hardware today during lunch, and oh how I wished I'd checked up on their latest lot of method clearance items weeks earlier! Cause I missed out on some good buys! But you may just get lucky (really lucky!) if you head into your Lowe's and find the following (these were the prices at my North Carolina Lowe's - I'm sure prices vary depending on your state, country, or planet:)

+ omop $12.77 (Ugh! How did I miss this deal?! Oh woe is me...)
+ omop microfiber cloths (wood and all-floor) $1.99
+ free + clear and sweet water squeaky green laundry detergent $4.88
+ water lily + aloe fabric softener $2.50
+ lavender cleaning wipes $1.99

Get them while the gettin' is good! (Or uh, all gone, in my case. But my Maneki Neko says "Better luck for you!") Yeah, you heard that right.

Monday, September 6, 2010


After spotting a quick note over on method's Facebook page, I did a snappy run over to Burlington Coat Factory, and tada, what did I find, but a few method candles! This method advocate posted that she'd found some sweet water candles, while I found pomegranate tea candles at my store! So it looks like it'll just be a surprise, method scent wise! Let method lust know if you find candles (or other method products!) at your local Burlington Coat Factory, or any other discount stores (Ross, Big Lots, Marshalls, etc!)

sneak peek - dish soap

A quick sneak peek shot at the two remaining dish soap scents (ginger yuzu and basil) yet to hit store shelves! Expectations are for them to appear in grandiose style mid-September! But until then, just look and drool! Look, and drool. (Ok, well, your computer might not like the drool, so maybe just look.)


method luster Jason sent in a couple of shots showcasing the newest method products hitting Target shelves (kitchen hand wash in basil and lemongrass, and hand sanitizer in sweet water and sea minerals!) Thanks, Jason!

Friday, September 3, 2010

sneak peek - this n' that

UPDATE Looks like the kitchen hand washes (and hand sanitizers!) are hitting shelves as we speak! method luster Jason let us know he'd picked up the basil hand wash at Target a couple days ago, so I (of course, cause yeah, still, no life) ran to Target this morning, and there they sat all pretty and shiny on the shelves! You'll find the kitchen hand wash in the same aisle with the other method hand washes (not on the method specific aisle.) They have nice little neon green tags to catch advocates (and future advocates!) attention and let them know "No More Stinky Kitchen Hands - eliminates stubborn food odors like garlic + onion". So let method lust know if you find'em, and what you think! I'll have a one man review up shortly!


Just a quick shot of some new method products about to hit store shelves very soon (mid-September.) We've got ourselves newly designed hand sanitizers in sea minerals and sweet water, as well as method's new kitchen hand wash line (which helps remove nasty odors, including garlic, onions, fish, oh you get the picture!) in lemongrass (you will lust this, I promise you) and basil (basil will also be appearing in their new dish soap line, as well! - And yes, the kitchen hand wash line bottles are bigger, 18 oz. compared to the usual 12!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

method un-food fight

Ya gotta go to method's official people against dirty blog for all the details (including a contest! Ends August 27th!) It's cool, but I'm slightly nauseous, cause it's sorta gross, too!


I decided to take a little strolly-stroll down my nearby Lowe's Hardware today, after lunch - just to see what was what in the method section, and if they still carried the lavender dish soap and eucalyptus mint tub + tile cleaner (the answers are double yes!) But while doing all that (and balancing a ball upon my head, just because you know I like to multi-task like nobody's business!) I came upon a possibly sad sight.

It looks like Lowe's is clearancing out the method Omop! Including the wood and all-floor microfiber cleaning cloths. The sweeper dusters are not on clearance however, but those could be used for multiple purposes (such as dusting cloths throughout the house, etc.) Now, this is just speculation for the time being, but I'm not feeling too good about the ole' Omop at this point. I know, I know, it hasn't been without it's kinks (or snaps, and breaks, mind you.) But what with Target having also clearanced that baby out, like a year or more ago, it leaves people's Omop options very limited - possibly only to the online store! (Does anyone else know if it's available in other retail stores? I haven't seen it anywhere, myself... And yes, I should know this. This is method lust, after all. But hey, I'm not the method God. Ok? I don't know all, as much as I pretend to let on that I do! Ha ha!)

In fact, over on their method Facebook page, an advocate recently asked:

"Do you still have the mop? I can't find refills at my Target anymore! Help!" to which they responded "Lowe's Hardware, or the method online store." So, I guess I might just be a method God after all!


In fact, I'm noticing an interesting trend in method lately? Perhaps, just perhaps, they're slowly discontinuing all non-explicit cleaning products (is that the proper usage of explicit, if not, eh, you know what I'm trying to get at!) The microfiber cleaning cloths have slowly been disappearing from store shelves (you know, the ones that were for glass, granite, wood, etc.) In fact, you can't even order them on the site any longer. The aircare went bye-bye (and it had many non-cleaning components, such as the plug-in, and the ring, ceramic oil diffuser, glass bowls, etc.) Now (might) the Omop also be poised for method Heaven?

Have we reached a point where method is trying to simplify its product line to where if it isn't a liquid-based cleaning product, it's out? While this does sound more green-friendly, it also sends people to their competition (as people will have to buy swiffers, and other cleaning cloths, aircare products, etc.)

Do you think this would be a good, or a bad thing? Keep in mind the Omop thing is just speculation at this point (but again, as far as I'm concerned, it ain't lookin' too good.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

clean sweeps

+ method lust has a spiffy new look! I decided it'd been all same-same for a while, so it was time for some blog cleaning! Now it smells all almond, eucalyptus mint, clementine, lavender, minty fresh! Whew! It's still sorta slightly in progress - I've got a few small issues to work the kinks out on, but thought I'd debut it for everyone anyway! Let me know what you think! (And here's a quiz! How many method products can you find in the new above title image? There are lots! - The answer is in the comments section.)

+ Are you a past or present method hand sanitizer fan (as they still sell it online, and at some Office Max/Office Depot, etc. stores)? Well, according to this latest blog piece over on Cool Mom Picks, they've let the cat out of the bag:

"I'm also happy about the new hand sanitizer pump in Method's trademark beautiful tear-shaped bottle, which I don't mind displaying one bit. I just can't wait until they're available on line in a few weeks!"


I can proudly say I've seen these new pump bottles in person (old bottle shown above), and imagine method taking their hand wash tear drop bottles, and flattening them to half their size front to back (while still retaining their cute curvy sides!) Or, or, imagine the hand wash, on a Grapefruit diet! All successful and ready for it's swimsuit! They're cute, and will come in sea minerals and sweet water scents! This should be hitting store shelves in September (if not earlier.)

new product lust!

Now that the new products are (well, ok, in some places) starting to hit (Target) store shelves, as you have a chance to pick them up and give'em a try, what do you think? (Wow, that was one big run on sentence, wasn't it?)

I'm talking about anti-bac spearmint and lemon verbena spray cleaner, anti-bac lemon verbena wipes, fresh currant limited edition hand wash, fresh air fabric softener, sweet pea baby detergent, and sea minerals, clementine, and cucumber dish soap.

Throw us a review (you can email me one! And I'll post it here on methodlust!) Compare the new products with their old counterparts (ha ha, get it, counterparts. Oh yeah, I'm good!) Love the new scents/products? Hate the (ok, ok, mom always did say you should never hate something. How about greatly dislike?) the new scents/products? Lust everything! Let method lust know!

Friday, August 20, 2010

must reads

Just a quick announcement (cue loud tooting trumpets held why gentlemen in feather adorned pointy hats!) to let method lusters know that I've now added a section to the right sidebar called "method lust must reads"! It's teeny at the moment, but with time, patience, care, and three cans of flaky salmon dinner each day, it should grow into a nice big list!

Need to know why this wacky blog exists? Who and what exactly is method? How did it get its start? What happened to aircare (as everyone keeps asking this)? Want to learn about some old school method products? Well, head on down (Psst, it's right below the cute pic of method's co-founders) and you'll find this list!

So next time you're curious, check out the must reads! And yeah, uhm, if it's not there, do a search, ok? I can't do everything for you. Geesh. (But yeah, thanks for reading!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lots of method advocates are still really sad over the apparent (because secretly we're still holding out hope that one day it will return) death of method aircare. In fact, it surprises me how many people will ask about it over on their Facebook page, given that the line has been gone for months and months now. But then again I suppose those advocates aren't quite as obsessed with all things method as I am, and roam down the cleaning aisles each and every time they hit their nearest Target, just to check in on their lil' cleaning buddies. (Yeah, let's not go there.)

Well, with that said, how about owning a piece of method aircare history! Right now over on ebay, you can purchase yourself an aroma capsule in freesia blossom scent (one of the first scents, and products in the aircare line!) - Think of it as an aroma ring, with batteries.

+ method aroma capsule - $10.99 + $4.99 shipping - Two available!

+ And also don't forget to check in on Rachel over at her ebay store, Better Bath and Beauty! She's always got a ton of method aircare (as well as other method goodies!) for sale, to slowly lull us through the seven stages of aircare grief. Sniff...

Monday, August 16, 2010

headin' out

Target has placed a couple more method items on the sad clearance list. I've noticed recently the pink grapefruit gel hand wash refill pouches have been clearanced, and method lust reader Jamison has let me know he saw the dilutable cleaner on clearance as well.

method is moving a bunch of new products onto Target's store shelves this month. But in true Target fashion, it seems that instead of adding to the method line in their stores, anytime method debuts a new product Target has to clearance one out to free up the shelf space. Which always irritates me to no end. But alas, what can you do?

So a quick run down on Target's method clearance list:

+ tub + tile bathroom cleaner (replaced with the new anti-bac bathroom spearmint cleaner? Not sure.)
+ dilutable cleaner
+ pink grapefruit gel hand wash refill
+ go naked gel hand wash
+ refresh mint foaming and gel hand wash (discontinued)
+ waterflower foaming and gel hand wash (discontinued)
+ creamy hand wash in coconut + honey and cucumber + aloe
+ all wipes in pouch packaging (go naked, lavender, and pink grapefruit - discontinued and replaced with the new anti-bac lemon verbena wipes)
+ dish soap in lavender and pink grapefruit scents (discontinued and replaced with the new dish soap line)
+ the peony 25-load laundry detergent (definitely not discontinued)
+ and I've also noticed Target doesn't seem to be carrying the rice milk + mallow baby line any longer. The baby products, and room for them are completely missing from the store shelves. Perhaps these are only being carried at Babies R' Us now?)

Whew! And I think that's it. If I didn't write discontinued next to the item, I'm not sure if it's just been clearanced by Target, or discontinued by method (I'm gonna ask method! Or hey, method, if you're reading this, feel free to leave a comment!) Many of these items have been replaced with new products (the dish soaps, new limited edition hand washes, waterfall scent now being placed in the permanent hand wash line, etc.) so for a lot of this stuff it's sorta an "upgrade/swap-out". Just a little 411 for ya!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

fabric softener sneak peek!

method luster Stephen sent me in this photo of his Target discovery! Looks like the new laundry bottle/lighthouse fabric softener has started to hit the shelves! Here's a pic of their new fresh air 50-load fabric softener (which appears to be just as concentrated as the new laundry detergent! 4 pumps = 1 load/50 loads!! Let me know when you start seeing them at a Target near you! Thanks, Stephen!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new, new, new!

So I got a little confession to make. I adore Christmas. Oh that festive holiday season (hopefully) full of snow, brightly wrapped presents, and gleeful music! In fact, I have an obsession with Christmas music. Christmas records, to be exact. (Psst, I'll let you in on a little secret. I own one hundred and twenty seven Christmas records. Yes, I realize at this point I need an intervention. Feel free to stop by my house anytime, and start one. No, but really.) They're mainly from the 50's thru late 60's/early 70's. I love, love, lust, and lick them! (Ok, I don't really lick them, cause that would be real dirty like. So dirty in fact, I'm not even sure method could clean my tongue properly after that. So no, no licking. More imaginary licking. Ok?) And this week we've had our yearly Hospice Flea Market in town, and I've been stocking up on ho ho ho, Christmas records! And of course, when I get them, I have to play them to see what they sound like. So... it's sorta been Christmas in August for me. Actually, you could take that back to the last few weeks in July as well, cause I bought some at Goodwill, and those had to be played too. Just ask my dad, he was loving it (and no, not in the loving lusting licking way I was, trust me. More in the sarcastic not loving lusting or licking at all way.)

So walking into (here's the point! Whew!) Target today, it was like Christmas came early, what with all the music I've been listening to, and on top of that, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but all new method products! They've arrived! Yay!

No, really, Nathan. You did that entire Christmas intro just to bring in the idea of finding method products like Christmas presents? You did all that, for this? My word, you need help... but you digress, third person voice, you digress...

Here's what you'll be finding (hopefully this week!) at your nearest Target! All the knowns - the new antibac line in spearmint, lemon verbana, and lemon verbana wipes (see photo above!) As well as the new dish soap in those laundry shaped bottles, in clementine, sea minerals and cucumber! And what's this, some surprises! A brand spankin' (Christmas colored! So there, ha, third person voice! I got you back!) new limited edition gel hand wash in fresh currant! (It's sorta a really light berry/cherry-ish scent, or at least that's what I got from sniffing the bottle.) And method luster Bradley was right, they've put out a 25 load laundry detergent in lavender cedar! And it smells really nice! Earthy, but with a little floral, I can't explain it, but I'm liking it! Not sure if this is a Target exclusive, or limited edition, or what, as it had no labeling as such.

I'm gonna hold off on any reviews of course, until I've had a chance to try out the products properly for myself. So the only thing I can give you right now is my first impressions/bottle sniff tests. The antibac line smells really... how do I say this properly? - Medicinal. It's just, it's made with thyme oil (which I think is a big part of what makes it antibacterial) and I think that's what is giving it this scent. I could barely smell lemon verbena or spearmint over that heavy medicinal smell. But, I haven't tried it, so perhaps it will come off differently when you actually spray and use the product! I will be picking up a bottle of the spearmint to give a try, even though I have my concerns over the use of antibacterial products, and see what I think.

The clementine scent is nice. I wish it were a bit stronger, and more fresh. It sorta reminds me of a generic orange scent at the moment. But again, I didn't like the scent of mandarin mango when it first came out, and I gave it a sniff test in the store. Then I purchased a bottle, and tried it out, and really liked the smell! So who knows, that's why I want to wait and give these all tries before I really get into any nitty-gritty.

So that's that! I'm so excited! And we can also expect to see the new fabric softeners showing up this month, very soon (in similar scents to the current laundry line.) And, if that wasn't enough, the new kitchen hand wash line comes out in September, along with the naturals dish soap line. And since Bradley got the lavender cedar perfect, I'm going to bet he's right on these two lines as well, scent wise. He says the hand wash line will carry basil and lemongrass (yum! yum! yum! Lemongrass!) and the naturals dish soap line will carry basil and ginger yuzu.

Let method lust know when you've seen these new items on your store shelves, and what you think of them! Initially, and after you give them a big ole' method try!


While we're at it, method has released a press release on their new antibac line, to give everyone some more information into what makes it, well, do it's antibac thing! Via

"Method, the leading innovator in premium, eco-friendly household and personal care products, introduces its first line of botanical household disinfectant sprays and wipes. The Method Antibac assortment of antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial products is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and consists of two cleaning sprays, one formulated especially for the bathroom and the other for the kitchen, and all purpose cleaning and disinfecting wipes.

Method has partnered with CleanWell Company, makers of the thyme-based disinfecting technology, to create a patented botanical formula that kills 99.99 percent of household bacteria including E.coli, salmonella enterica, influenza A and H1N1 virus on hard, non-porous surfaces.

"In the past, we were unwilling to develop or promote antibacterial cleaners because we had not yet found a technology that met our strict ingredient standards and aligned with our principles," says Adam Lowry, Method co-founder and chief greenskeeper. "We recognize that some people prefer to use antibacterial cleaners for high-contact surfaces like toilets and sinks, and we're excited to offer a line of disinfecting cleaners that utilizes CleanWell's botanical technology."

The bathroom spray is optimized to target soap scum and hard water stains while the kitchen cleaner is designed to cut through grease and grime. Both of these products are effective at killing 99.99 percent of household germs on hard, non-porous surfaces throughout any room in the home.

With vibrantly colored bottles and nature-inspired scents of lemon verbena and spearmint, Method stays true to its unique design + fragrance differentiation with its antibac line, which starts appearing on U.S. store shelves this week at Target and other retailers across the country.

About CleanWell Company
CleanWell Company's mission was born over a decade ago from a family's need to find cleaning and disinfecting products that could be used around the founder’s severely immune compromised son. The CleanWell scientific team was the first to discover how to blend thyme oil to kill 99.99% of germs naturally. CleanWell is passionately committed to developing innovative solutions that offer consumers a way to clean and disinfect without compromise."


PS - (Are you still with me?) I have a feeling this is why the tub + tile cleaner has been discontinued, as the new antibac line is formulated for bathroom (and kitchen). I would have preferred they just left them antibac without specifying an in-home area, but alas. I really liked the eucalyptus mint tub + tile cleaner, so I'm surprised it's gone (or at least gone from Target.)

And again, let me know what you think about all the new products! I can't wait to give them all a try! Ho, ho, ho, merry method (in August!) Yeah, I had to tie up the ending with the beginning. I realize it was a stretch, but come one, give me a little credit here, ok? Ok, well, maybe next time...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

dishing the dirt!

method has recently announced their new dish soap and anti-bac line, and the news is BIG! So big in fact, the products will start hitting Target shelves today/this week! First, the new dish soap scents will be clementine, sea minerals, cucumber, and two "natural exclusive fragrances" (what that may mean exactly, I'm not sure. I think these will match up with their new upcoming kitchen hand wash line) in basil (yum!) and ginger yuzu.

In the anti-bacterial line (which states "Kills 99.9% of household germs botanically",) two all purpose spray cleaners in lemon verbena and spearmint (both, wow! Yum!) and all purpose wipes in lemon verbana. The dish soap will stay at $2.99 at Target locations, and the spray cleaner and wipes will also be $2.99. Look for the naturals (basil and ginger yuzu) dish soap to hit stores in September, when I would also place a big bet on the new kitchen hand wash line showing up.

Now for some mixed news. All the old dish soap has been discontinued. No more lavender or pink grapefruit. (I love the lavender, so I'm really disappointed; and I'm totally shocked they canned the pink grapefruit, since people seem to pee their pants over that scent. No really, someone told me once they peed their pants over that scent. You think I'd just make this stuff up? Never!)

The biggest, and possibly controversial news comes in the wipes area. All of their multi-purpose wipes (in go naked, lavender, and pink grapefruit - uhm, I think that's all the scents they come in) are being discontinued, and the new anti-bac wipes will replace these. So, if you want to use all purpose method wipes, you have to use the anti-bacterial variety now. I really, really want everyone's thoughts on this, since even though it's by method (and naturally derived) many people still have big concerns about anti-bacterial products.

So there you go! Now it's your turn! Thoughts, opinions? Rants, raves?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Looks like Target has started another round o' method clearances. This time around it's hand wash, hand wash, and oh yeah, hand wash. Like refresh mint or waterflower? Better head out and pick some up real quick like, because not only has the gel wash been phased out, but now the foaming is also on clearance (and for a fact, I know the gel will be discontinued by the end of the year from the method line; not sure if the foaming is now in the same boat. The body wash is safe, so no worries there!) The go naked gel hand wash had also been clearanced from Target a few weeks ago.

Along with those products, they're also kicking out the new creamy hand wash line (coconut + honey and cucumber + aloe.) I know method had some issues with their coconut + honey not being vegan, and they did at the time state they were going to reformulate it. So I'm not sure if this is the end for their creamy hand wash line once more, or if Target has just decided to drop it?

I believe this is all setting the stage for their upcoming kitchen hand wash line (announced in the New York Times!) which I think will be hitting shelves in September (if not earlier.)

Whew, and that's all the hand wash news I got at the moment! More information as I get it (or find it on the shelves!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

soap dish!

The New York Times has just ran a (very to the point) article both in print and online touting some of method's awesome new products (appearing soon at a store near you!):

"Method’s Single-Handed Soap Dispenser | By Tim McKeough

The cleaning-products company Method is updating its range, aiming to keep every corner of the home spotless — and equipped with sculptural bottles. The new line of dishwashing soap ($3) is notable. “We had been trying to crack dish soap for years,” said Eric Ryan, one of the company’s founders.

Method’s new pump bottle is designed to appeal to people who apply soap directly to a dish or sponge as well as to those who fill up the sink with suds. It has a beefy base and a pump with a wide top so it can be used with one hand, without being picked up.

Method is also introducing its first antibacterial products, with cleaning sprays and wipes ($3 per container) that the company said kill household germs with a patented botanical formula; another addition is kitchen soap that removes food odors from hands ($3)."


look for the new products to start hitting Target shelves (hopefully) this weekend!

holiday in august?

Are you ready for the holidays? No, not yet? What are you talkin' about? It's only four months away! Whew! I'll let that one sink in for a bit...

Because method seems to have just announced their holiday 2010 line (via their Facebook page!) Sad face, I'm pretty sure all we're going to be seeing are hand washes this year, as last year was hand washes and candles. And uhm, aircare is dead. So, no holiday candles.

The news says that hollyberry, peppermint vanilla and cinnamon bark are making a return!

method advocate Lisa asked:

" I know it's August but I always look forward to the holiday hand soaps. Any sneak peeks on what this year's scents will be? I also miss the matching countertrop cleaner from a couple of years ago. Made my whole kitchen smell like Christmas."

and method responded:

"so here is what i know, hollyberry, cinnamon bark and peppermint vanilla gel hand (wash) are all making a comeback this year!"

Personally, I'm hoping they throw in a few additional scents (like frosted fir! It was delightfully Christmas in a bottle, people! Christmas. In. A. Bottle! But alas...) I'd also love to see spiced pear make a comeback. It's a huge hit for method every time, so I'm sorta surprised we're not seeing it this year. I've always loved how method used to switch out holiday scents each year, so you were never sure what you'd be getting that year; but usually knew your favorites would return a year or two down the line, and you'd get a new scent or two! Now it appears that method seems to have decided these are their best selling three holiday scents, so they're just sticking with tried and true.

What are your thoughts on this? Want to see new scents? Old ones return (and if so, which ones?) Or love this news? (Here's to hoping they have a few more holiday goodies up their sleeves! I sincerely miss all the dish soap, and spray cleaners.)

Commence comments! (Did you see what I just did there? Oh, I'm good.)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sleeping with the fishes

method has this adorable fish tank (from their San Fran office) live video feed going!

"we love clean dishes and happy fishes. our smarty dish dishwasher tablets give you sparkling clean dishes free of phosphates and chlorine bleach. phosphates in our water systems lead to algae blooms that kill our fish population. do your dishes (and the fishes) a favor."

More from their official blog, people against dirty:

"hi there. my name is mr.pickles and i speak for the fishes (or at least the fishes in the method office). say hi to heidi and pat finn too. hi! we live in a tank at method and this is our first time blogging.

method adopted us a few weeks ago to be the spokesfishes against dirty. they set us up in this tricked-out tank and are recording our every bubble (think real world for fish). we’re here to talk about the dirty ingredients in your dishwasher detergent that make their way to our rivers and lakes.

one of the dirtiest ingredients is called phosphates. it travels from dishwasher, through the city pipes, and empties into our water. it’s a fertilizer and it causes an overgrowth of algae blooms. the algae is not only hard to navigate but it also depletes the water of oxygen and without oxygen we can die.

so we’re broadcasting live 24/7 to get the word out about smarty dish. these dishwasher tablets leave your dishes sparkling clean but are free of phosphates and chlorine bleach. yippee!"

So whenever you need a break, just check in with the fish!

Monday, August 2, 2010

clean sweeps

+ UPDATED Seems the method limited edition waterfall scented hand wash might not be so limited anymore. I took a stroll into my local Target today, and found two bottles of the waterfall hand wash on the shelf, except one of these bottles did not have limited edition written across it (which is what happened to their mandarin mango hand wash!) So while method hasn't made a formal announcement, it looks like waterfall might is now a regular hand wash scent that will stick around!

+ There seems to be some confusion about this next item, but a method advocate recently let me know she saw the tub + tile cleaner on clearance at Target a few weeks ago. I asked method, and they said that it was indeed not going away, but to enjoy the sale! So I figured there must have been some confusion, and it was just a sale price. But then I ran into a Target on my return home from vacation, and indeed, they did have the tub + tile on clearance! At the same time, my local Targets have not put it on clearance, but you know how all Targets work independently of one another. So perhaps only select Targets will now carry the tub + tile, method is revamping it in some manner, or hey, who just knows? My guess is the product is sticking around, but Target has discontinued carrying it. That's not official yet, but I'll keep you updated as I know more info!

+ Also on clearance at Target is method's new 25 load peony blossom laundry detergent. Looks like Target will probably only carry the 50 load bottles down the line, but right now they do still carry the 25 load fresh air bottle. So pick yourself up some clearance peony blossom and tub + tile while you can get the deals!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

sneak peek - dish soap

UPDATE Looks like I might be right about my August instead of September guess! A fellow advocate asked method about the apparent lack of fabric softener on store shelves, and their response was: "are you psychic? check the shelves mid august." So expect to see a new "lighthouse" fabric softener bottle (in the new laundry scents) this August; and I'd definitely say this is when many of the other new items (kitchen hand wash line, new dish soap, etc.) will also hit! It's just a matter of a few weeks! We can do it! (Well, actually I'm not so sure, but I'm gonna try! Real hard like!)


Well, that was quick! Thanks to this snappy new article over on, we now get a really nice sneak peek of method's brand new dish soap (version 4.0!)

As I've mentioned before, they're taking their new, highly awarded (in fact they just won another one!) and lauded laundry "lighthouse" shaped bottle, and placing it on your kitchen sink! Along with that, we know now that at least one new scent will be clementine (which I'm dying to give a sniff! Clementine, mmm!) Another interesting bit is this new bottle will hold 18 oz. of dish soap, compared to the previous 25 oz. (which from the image seen on site, seems to have been maintained throughout all three previous bottle versions.) Not sure if this will mean a reduction in the price or not (I'd go with a not, given how everything seems to be going up, up, up! Have you eaten at Subway lately?! Oh wait, I digress...) But the extra good news is it's concentrated! So you use less! So I'd call that a win-win!

More soon! In the meantime, read this! (And... one more exclamation point! There, done.)

target a go-go

Well, everyone has been asking method what's up with the apparent lack of replenishment when it comes to their favorite dish soap being carried by Target! Many Target stores appear to be out, empty shelves, crying for more cute colored bottles! People just can't find their dishy suds! And with method announcing (via their recent Q&A chat session on a new dish soap in their lighthouse/laundry shaped bottle, the answers have finally been revealed!

Target has placed all the current method dish soap (mine still has it on the shelves) on clearance! And I gotta tell you (don't get all freaked out yet, as I don't know the answer) but I'm not sure if the current scents (cucumber, lavender and pink grapefruit) will make the move over to the new line, or not. From the pics we've seen, I'd say we can definitely expect one new scent! Other than that tidbit of knowledge, time will tell. method said we could expect to see the new detergent in September, but with Target already clearancing the current version out, I'd guess it might be more like mid-August!

Now, along with Target clearancing out the dish soap, they're also clearing out the go-naked gel hand wash, and all the multi-surface cleaning wipes! I'm not sure if we're about to see a new line of wipes as well, or if Target is just finished carrying them!

More information to come, don't ya know! In the meantime, I'd stock up just in case, OR there is always Lowe's Hardware for your method dish soap needs, until the new line hits the shelves!

Friday, July 9, 2010

eric (sorta) live - video!

Did you miss Eric Ryan's live Q&A session this week? If so, no fear! You can now view it in full glory over at! (I've also included some better shots above of the new product sneak peeks. Apparently the anti-bacterial products will be called method antibac (what do you think of the name?) and will of course use natural means to kill bacteria. I still can't read the fragrances on those bottles, though. Gosh darn it!)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sneak peek - (was) live!

Eric Ryan is now speaking live (see post below!) And he's already given some sneak peeks for upcoming products debuting this September (or earlier!) Above, new dish soap in the lighthouse (laundry detergent) pump! Tada!

Anti-bacterial spray cleaner (I'm sorta shocked about this one!)

And kitchen hand wash (to help remove heavy scents, such as garlic, onions, etc.)


I can't wait! I so wish I could read those bottles, and figure out the fragrances! Ah, patience, Nathan. Patience!


Apparently there is a new website coming! (Not sure if it's a new website, or a specialty website ala methodlaundry.)


They also liked to have a little fun with Eric, as well. You'll notice the mariachi band in the background. They also had dancing daisies, and some Trojan warriors throughout the hour!

chat with eric!

Wanna chat with a method co-founder? Sure you do! Well, today (Wednesday, July 7th!) is your lucky day! Head on over to at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST) and join in on their live chat with Eric Ryan! As method says:

"go ahead, ask him anything: what inspired him? what's his favorite method product? where does he buys his skinny ties? tune in, and get live answers!"

Have fun!

lauded laundry

(Read to the bottom, you won't be disappointed!) method's new laundry detergent is getting lots of applause! From advocates, bloggers, design pros, and the industry in general! Personally, I love the new bottle! Four pumps, and it's done! I can't get over how easy it is to use. It's funny how we have to retrain ourselves when something this revolutionary comes along. Every time I pump it out, I just look into the washing machine and go "that can't be enough detergent to clean my clothes?! There's nothing in there!" But I go with the flow! Less is more, Nathan. Less is more! And I get perfect results every wash!

Recently, method has even won an International Design Excellence Award! had all the dirt:

"Method Products, the eco-friendly cleaning-products company, believes it has a winning strategy for scouting ideas. "We try and identify dirty little secrets in the categories we work in," says Joshua Handy, Method's senior director of industrial design, whose business card lists "disrupter" as one of his titles.

When Handy's team researched laundry detergents, it found three key problems. First, most laundry detergents are primarily water, requiring big jugs that, as they are hauled from factory to store to home, require the burning of lots of carbon. Second, Americans are chronic overdosers -- we use far too much detergent, which is bad for the environment, not great for clothes, and rotten for washing machines. Finally, laundry rooms tend to be messy, blotched with sticky patches of lint-covered soap spills.

Method's solution: develop a highly concentrated detergent (eight times the norm) and deliver it in a rugged pump-equipped bottle. The first clue that the team was onto something big: "People wouldn't give us back our prototypes," says Handy.

To the IDEA jurors, the innovation isn't just the detergent or just the bottle; it is the whole product. "Even though the pump structure is nothing new in cosmetic packaging, combining it with ultra-concentrated detergent prompted new consumer behavior that reduces both resources and water use," says Starbucks executive Fumi Watanabe, a judge in the packaging category. "Why hasn't anybody done this before?"


And method was also recently invited, and attended the Dwell design conference!

"It’s crazy that a laundry detergent product is on the show floor at a design conference,” says Matthew Loyd, the vice-president of brand experience for method (or as he’s known internally, the “Brand Poo-bah.” But really, it’s not that crazy. Dwell on Design is the pages of Dwell brought to life and there are few things as necessarily for day-to-day living in the modern world than cleaning products.

method, a San Francisco–based company known for their teardrop-shape soaps and environmentally friendly attitude and approach, is one of over 200 companies sharing their wares and the stories of their products on the Los Angeles Convention Center show floor at the fifth annual Dwell on Design. Before taking the stage for panels about how to get published and prefab architecture, Dwell associate editor Miyoko Ohtake sat down with the method creative team to chat about the products and the new method Laundry Detergent, which debuted in January 2010. Here is Miyoko’s conversation with method design director (aka “Artsy Smartsy”) Sally Clarke.

What was your role in creating the new Method Laundry Detergent?
The creative team is involved in the development. Rather than being given a product at the end and told to make a label for it, we’re involved from the beginning.

How did this product come to be?
We started doing laundry and had the 3x version. People were catching on but we still thought there was a better way to do laundry. We tried a tablet monodose method but it wasn’t working so one of our designers made a prototype, showed it to Method co-founder Eric Ryan, and it was “Eureka!” We do a lot of design prototyping and experimenting..."

Read the rest of the article at!


Yet what could possibly be the biggest news out of the Dwell design conference?

"Yippee! (method) told me at Dwell on Design that there is a method softener coming out in September! I've been waiting for it. - HoganMaggie"

Looks like method is also adding fabric softener to their new "lighthouse" laundry bottle packaging (probably also in the updated detergent scents!) I think you can trust me when I say this fall is gonna rock, method products wise! Just you wait!


What have your experiences with the new laundry detergent and bottle been like? Pros, cons? Yays, boos? Applause, slaps across the face? Tell us!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Do you get those little coupon books Target will send out in the mail from time to time? You know, the ones that you can separate the perforations and mix and match people's faces (Oh, she's Asian! Oh, she's Caucasian! Oh she's got facial hair!) This time around you can mix and match people's shopping carts (Oh, she's got cookies and milk! Oh, she's got milk and tennis shoes! Oh, she's got half a box of trash bags, and half a kid! Oh, wait, this isn't right? What's going on here...) Whoever designed this one didn't test it out very well, cause it doesn't work too great. But hey, who cares! It's the coupons we're after! And I've always thought, every time I'd get one of those booklets - "I wish method would have a coupon in here!" and they never have (to my knowledge, maybe one for their o-mop, like a zillion years ago. So let's ignore that one, ok? It didn't happen.)... until now!

I opened my new coupon booklet I got last week, and sure enough, there was a method coupon! I was shocked! $1.00 off dish soap or spray cleaner! Yay!

Now, Target will do method price breaks lots of times (in fact they just had one!) And I used to post them each and every time, but it's just .50 cents off most items, and while .50 cents is .50 cents, it's still sorta just .50 cents. So I haven't mentioned Target's sales as of late. But with this coupon, it's like .50 cents + .50 cents = $1.00! Wow! That's not really that much more of a difference, is it?! Well, so what! It's my blog and I can post about whatever I want! And if $1.00 means more to me than .50 cents, that's how it's gonna be! Ok? Good. Glad we got that one out of the way.

If you don't currently get Target's coupon book, head on over to their website and sign up. Then you'll be on their mailing list, and the next time method has a coupon in their booklet, you'll have it too! But then, that was pretty obvious, now wasn't it...
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