Wednesday, May 26, 2010

environmental disaster

I'll keep my overall thoughts on this to myself, but no matter where people sit with oil usage/drilling/etc., everyone (should) realize the environmental disaster this has caused. I'm talking about the BP oil spill, which has been going on for a month now.

As everyone knows, this site is about more than just method products (as much as we lust them!) It's also about making this world a better place to live, going green (as green as each of us can), and simply helping out Mother Earth. She's all we've got, you know?

Also (here he goes again!), you do realize (most) plastic bags are made from oil, right? (According to a recent nationwide online survey, 72 percent of the American public does not know that conventional plastic is made from petroleum products. And yes, I realize plastic bags are a teeny tiny drop in the bucket where oil usage is concerned, but just imagine what changes could happen if we all just did something as simple as stopped using plastic bags (which I harp on, over and over and over and over and...) And yes, I realize the irony involved when one photo below shows the BP cleanup, along with tons and tons of plastic bags. Sigh.

No matter what, these images are heartbreaking.

You can view all the photography with captions at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

play clean!

method luster Melane was sweet enough to send in a pic of method's newest baby line product, the play clean multi-surface spray cleaner! I'd previously posted about it in a Clean Sweeps bit, but I didn't have a photo of the item, so thanks bunches and bunches, Melane!

The new baby line (crisp apple and sweet pea foaming hand wash, sweet pea laundry detergent, and play clean spray cleaner) can be found at your local Babies R' Us! Has anyone picked up and tried these new products yet, I haven't heard much from anyone on these new items, and method has yet to even announce them! So if you do give them a try, comment below on what you think; or feel free to send in your very own product review, which I'll post here!

Monday, May 17, 2010

clean sweeps

+ method lust reader Jamison let me know Lowe's has finally put their method aircare on clearance. I stopped in myself to check it out. Most of the line (only available in sweet water and lavender + lemongrass, at least that's all I've seen at Lowe's) are around $1.00 off their original price right now. Items include aroma rings, aroma pills, and sticks. All are starter kits (no refills only items.)

+ If you happen to have a Marshalls near you, run and check out the housewares clearance section. Some readers have found pill refill packs in a variety of scents (most in holiday fragrances - cinnamon bark, hollyberry, gingerbread spice, and peppermint vanilla) for a final markdown/clearance price of $1.00 (for a two-pack!) They definitely won't last long at that price!

+ Just saw my first "guest star" free labeled bottle of mandarin mango method hand wash at my local Target! The scent is now an official part of their hand wash line, no longer just a limited edition item!

+ Target also still has method's new laundry detergent on sale. $6.99 for the small bottle (25 loads), $12.99 for the large (50 loads.)

Friday, May 14, 2010

even better!

Just noticed today that Target has Price Cut (and not temporarily) the method body wash to $4.99 (from $5.99!) I'm lustin' that, let me tell you! (Thought you might want to know! If not, well, then, just go about your day... I won't cry.)

strip 4 suds!

Check it! The truck has arrived in New York! I am so jealous! (It looks awesome!) The truck stickers say "I'm going naked for good!", "Look mom, no socks" and "Trade your duds for suds!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

laundry smarts

And now for your viewing pleasure - method's brand new laundry smarts video! (Notice all the method products hanging out in the laundry room!)

Be sure to head on over for a laundry quiz, tips, sweepstakes, and more!

Monday, May 10, 2010

clean sweeps

+ This is so cool! (I wish I lived in New York! Oh wait, I wish that whether method's there or not! But alas...) Via method's people against dirty blog:

"exciting news! we’re teaming up with Goodwill Industries to offer new yorkers an easy way to spring clean their closets for a good cause with our ‘wash smart, give smart’ clothing donation truck in nyc from may 13 – 15. we don't have any pictures yet, but there will be a mobile laundry room housed in a glass truck that will appear at specific locations, allowing people to drop off new and gently worn clothing. we’ll take care of washing all items before delivering them to several Goodwill locations in new york to be resold.

thursday, may 13
10 AM – 6 PM
soho-- broadway between houston + prince

friday, may 14
10 AM – 6 PM
union square

saturday, may 15
11 AM – 7 PM
herald square -- 35th st. between 6th + broadway

passers-by are encouraged to spontaneously donate an item of clothing off their bodies, and the first 200 people who donate items each day will receive a free 25-load bottle of method laundry detergent. there will also be a photo station, samples, games and prizes, plus a few special guest appearances.

this is part of a bigger ‘laundry smarts’ movement we’re launching to encourage people to re-think and improve the way they do laundry. stay tuned, more to come!"

Ohh, it sounds so awesome! And I'm lovin' the "part of a bigger laundry smart' movement" with even more surprises on the way! And uh, yeah, a glass truck! I repeat, a glass truck!

+ I headed on over to Babys R' Us this weekend (or rather the small section in my local Toys R' Us) and found the new baby products in sweet pea and crisp apple. Here's hoping they make the crisp apple in "adult" scent, cause it was YUMMY! As for the sweet pea, it was as others have described it, a very light rice milk + mallow scent. I personally could smell more baby powder in this variation (but then again I can smell a light baby powder fragrance in the almond wood for good, so either I've got a very nifty nose, or I'm insane. Who knows?)

But I found another product that isn't even listed on the Babys R' Us site! It's a spray cleaner for your baby/kids room, called Play Clean, and is also in the sweet pea scent (though the bottle doesn't mention it as such, it has no fragrance listed, but you can tell it's the same.)

Has anyone tried these new scents? Thoughts?

+ Missing your favorite aircare products? Well, right now (not sure for how long, I'm guessing it depends on the amount of their remaining supply) you can still find the aroma pills (and I think the rings, I can't guarantee that at the moment) at your local Lowe's Hardware! Unfortunately they aren't refills, but rather the starter kits (pill with refill, etc.) but no matter, if you're already going into aircare withdrawal, this might help tide you over! Lowe's hasn't discontinued the line within their stores as of yet, so they're still full price. But as Lowe's supply dwindles, they'll start running out, so snatch some up while you still can!

(And while you're there, don't forget they're one of the only retail stores that still carries eucalyptus mint foaming hand wash!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

contest - arrivederci aircare winners!

I was starting to feel the pitchforks and flaming torches heading my way (if you only knew how crazy life is at the moment. Or maybe how crazy it feels, whether it's actually full of real, or only pretend crazy, I can't tell you?) So I apologize for trampling all over my word, crushing it into small bits and pieces, and leaving it on the sidewalk for someone else to clean up!) Cause here, now, for one day only (or well, forever cause it's a post - or at least until Blogger goes belly up, but then it's owned by Google, so that will never happen, so uhm), for your entertainment are: the arrivederci aircare winners!

(Winners were chosen in first-to-last comment order of who guessed nearest to how many total pills and rings method donated for this contest? (Answer: 33!)

+ she's crafty, and she's just my type (25)
+ alliana dayley (35)
+ gena weishar (40)
+ karin (32)
+ dortujla (25)
+ irene (25)
+ kaoticorchid (25)

The winners who also guessing right on the bonus question: What were the three AIRCARE scents method debuted as Fall Editions? (Answer: gingerbread + spice, fig, and pomegranate tea!)

+ irene and kaoticorchid! You've both won one additional pill/ring! And karin wins one additional pill/ring for guessing one away from the actual donation answer!

Congrats to everyone! And thanks to all the method lusters for taking part in the contest, and being extremely patient with me! (Now just be patient as I slowly mail these out to all the winners! - Winners, please email me your mailing addresses!)

Whew! Hallelujah. No more emails to me threatening to replace all my method products in the middle of the night with dollar store cleaners if I don't supply the winners soon! Ha ha!
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