Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Update +  Meagan (method's official chatty cathy (aka brand experience community associate) wanted to let method lust know:

"...just wanted to clarify: the smarty dish packaging is getting a facelift, but it will still be the same great formula inside. Stay tuned for a possible re-formulation later this year…"


re-introducing the new and improved smarty dish, now using method's (mineral based) Powergreen technology! Complete with cute new stylish packaging, too boot! Already on the shelves of your local Target (well, mine at least. I've only seen the pink grapefruit at the moment, but I'm sure free + clear will be popping up soon to give my dishes a squeaky clean shine!)

Monday, December 12, 2011

clean sweeps - hide & seek!

Fans of method (and hey, aren't we all!) will want to stop by their closest TJ Maxx today, right now, this very moment, and see what kind of goodies they'll find, method style!

On a recent trip to the Maxx, I stumbled upon violet bloom and refresh mint gel and foaming hand wash ($1.99! - they were in the body care section of the store), olive leaf and almond flower soap bars (ridiculously priced at $7.99!? I could swear that's more than they originally cost at Target stores), and finally, some method Pro Chef cleaning products (exclusively sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond.) - I found the Pro Chef stainless steel cleaner.

So head on out, and let me know what method surprises you find at TJ Maxx (and quite possibly at Marshall's, as they're both owned by the same company.) - Good luck!

Monday, November 28, 2011

happy method holidays!

one man review - holiday 2011

Image via methodhome.com

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Wait, what? That isn't a holiday song, but rather a pirates tune? And it starts out Yo, ho, ho? Really? Wow. I never knew that! Well, let me just say, some families would enjoy my version much better during the holiday season! (Hey, you know it's true.)

So anyway, enough about liquor and the holidays! How about some reviews! Believe it or not, it's been quite a while since I've done a one man review here on method lust! So in honor of the Christmas holiday season officially starting (hey, Thanksgiving is over buddy, get with the program! ) from here on out, this season is all about Santa Claus and ho-ho-ho, and mistletoe and presents to pret-ty girls! First up, method's 'tis the season' line of hand washes (only available online, and at Target stores with a grocery/fresh produce section:)

baked apple, toasted vanilla bean and winter oak hand washes

baked apple (gel and foaming hand wash) +  So I really didn't want to start off on a Scroogey note, but well, bah humbug! I had such high hopes for the baked apple. Another reader mentioned they thought it smelled a little like apple cider. That got me to thinking, could this be method's apple version of their spiced pear? All apples and cinnamon and clove and rich spices! That sounds like a baked apple to me! So the scent, well, I'll let my conversation with my boyfriend speak for itself:

me: "Here, smell this. Do you think it smells like baked apples? What does it smell like to you?"

the boyfriend: sniff - "Hmm, I don't know what it smells like, but it doesn't smell good, that's for sure."

me: "Yeah, unfortunately, I agree."

I couldn't even get an apple scent out of it. It was sorta some weird mish mash of vanilla and some kinda spice buried deep down and it was just... uninspiring. I couldn't even bring myself to buy and try a bottle, it was so disappointing. Sad face. The concept was great, the result was less than successful.

But, just to prove I'm not a total Scrooge, apparently there are baked apple lusters out there, via method's Facebook page:

"...I love love love the holiday edition baked apple hand wash! I just opened it and am totally in love with this scent."

1.5 out of 5 hard candy Christmases


toasted vanilla bean (gel and foaming hand wash) +  Our second review, well, it's kinda like the first one. I know, I know. method is never gonna bring me no figgy pudding at this point! (wink!) So how about another boyfriend conversation moment:

me: "What do you think of this? It's called toasted vanilla bean."

the boyfriend: sniff - "Wow. Uh, why does their holiday hand wash smell like suntan lotion?"

Agreed, hon, agreed! Perhaps that's the "toasted" portion of the scent, but it sincerely smells like coconut suntan lotion. In fact, I love that scent (it's crazy, I know!) So I was tempted to pick it up simply for that reason (having nothing to do with the fact that it's supposed to be a fall/winter scent) but started thinking about the new coconut grove hand wash that will be out in the spring, and decided to wait. Plus, I'm uh, trying to find holiday scents here, ya know?

2.5 out of 5 hard candy Christmases


winter oak (gel and foaming hand wash) +  Man, it looks like method's 'tis the season' line is a total bust! I mean, so far, nada. I should just pack my sleigh and move on, nothing to see here. Oh and whoa Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen (Rudolph was sick at home with a stuffy nose!) What do we have here? Why it's winter oak! Now, this is how method does it right! It's a very unique scent, kinda woodsy, kinda cologne/perfumey, kinda sweet, smoky, just nice! Perfect! Listen up method, these are the kind of scents we lusters expect from you! Something original, special, and oh so method! Perfect for the fall/winter months! Mmm. I snapped up a bottle quicker than you could say "dash away, dash away, dash away all!" (I know, I'm sorry. But trust me the holiday bits are far from over!)

PS - the boyfriend lusted winter oak, too, and even picked himself up a bottle!

4 out of 5 glasses of eggnog


And now on to method's holiday line:

frosted fir and candy cane hand washes

frosted fir (gel hand wash) + There is nothing I can ever say bad about frosted fir. It's Christmas tree Heaven! Returning for only it's second time around (for shame!) it's just an amazing scent, I lust, lust, super über-lust it! It is the scent of the holidays to me! method fans praise the hollyberry scent, but I personally think frosted fir is the best of the two! And this year it's also in dish soap?! method, I could give you a kiss! Just go stand under the mistletoe, ok? Now close your eyes! And pucker up...

5 out of 5 glasses of eggnog


candy cane (gel hand wash) + Wow! Just wow! I can't believe it, after years and years and years and well, you get the point of peppermint vanilla (which I think is just eh. Way too much vanilla, not enough peppermint!) method finally gives us a pure mint scent! I mean, it's called candy cane! How can it not be the peppermintiest! I can't wait! Yippee! To the sink I go, scrub scrub scrub my hands with new candy cane, mmm, mmm, mmm, it's so... wait. This smells exactly like peppermint vanilla. E to the x to the actly. What in the world is going on here? Why would method give us the exact same scent under the guise of a new name? This is so... cue Christmas crying face (you know, the face children give you when they don't get what they thought they were gonna get for Christmas!) So much potential. Down the drain.

Peppermint vanilla fans will lust it like crazy. The rest of us, not so much. Enough with the vanilla, method. Make 2012 vanilla free!

PS - Candy cane scent is also available in dish soap for the holiday season.

3 out of 5 hard candy Christmases + (1 out of 5 hard candy Christmases for giving us an old scent with a new name)


And finally, foaming holiday hand wash:

cinnamon drop and spiced pear hand washes

cinnamon drop (foaming hand wash) + This is a very true cinnamon candy scent! If you lust cinnamon drops, you'll lust this foaming hand wash! It's not very creative, or unique, but it's nice! I wish it were available in gel, as well.

3.5 out of 5 glasses of eggnog


spiced pear (foaming hand wash) + Oh man, why isn't this available in gel this year? Sniff. Spiced pear is a method classic. And unfortunately, I'm not sure method realizes this. It's a perfect fall/winter/holiday scent. But it comes around so rarely, and that's a shame. Pear mingled with all sorts of wintery spices. Seriously amazing. This should show up in stockings and on store shelves at least every other year, if I had my way (in gel, please! I just can't get my brain wrapped around foaming hand wash. I know, there are method fans for both sides! Fighting it out Snow Miser and Heat Miser style!) I just lust spiced pear scent to ribbon candy pieces! (Even the tiny candy shards that jab the roof of your mouth! Ouch! Whatever, I still lust you!)

5 out of 5 glasses of eggnog


And there you have it! method lust's 2011 holiday hand wash one man review (with a little help from my wonderful boyfriend!)  I realize scents (and our lust + hate dislike (mama said you should never hate nothing) for them) are a very personal thing - so, have you sledrided (is that even a word? No, no, it's not. But we'll use it anyway, cause I love annoying my 8th grade English teacher) down to your local Target (or gone online) and purchased any of these method holiday goodies? If so, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my reviews? What are your holiday lusts?

And with that... I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good method night!"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

vote n' save!

UPDATE + method was the big winner in the soap.com Battle of the Brands! Use promo code SOAP30 to save 30%! And method luster Jamison let me know that if you're a new customer, they'll also give you an additional 20% off! Plus free shipping! Win, win, win!

Do your part, and vote! Vote for your favorite household brand (and by favorite household brand, I mean method, of course!) And the winner will be 30% off at soap.com starting on Black Friday (should Black Friday be capitalized? Or is it lower case? Is Black Friday like, an official holiday now? Nah. Should I be putting this much brain power into this? Nah...) through Cyber Monday (which is the monday following Black Friday black friday. Wait, should Cyber Monday be... oh wait, never mind.)

ho ho ho bits 'n pieces!

method lust reader Jon (thanks, Jon!) was kind enough to snap a photo of the new holiday hand wash that has started to pop up in select stores (this one was in a Gelson's grocery store.) I'm so excited to pick these up this year - can't wait. I am just in shock that frosted fir is back, baby, back! I lust that scent so much!

Along with this, method has just posted about their new 'tis the season' line of hand washes over on their official blog!

The posts states that the three scents (baked apple, toasted vanilla bean, and winter oak) will be available in gel and foaming hand wash! (I know a lot of fans will be excited about that!) And they are available "at your local Target grocery (and online soon!) until the end of january."

Has anyone found any of these products (holiday or 'tis the season'?) What do you think of the scents? Let method lust know!

copycat? - hand wash

I wonder if method should get their copyright/trademark packaging police over to Trader Joe's, STAT? method luster Jon sent in this pic of some new Trader Joe's hand wash. Kinda looks familiar, now doesn't it? Just goes to show you how great method's package design is (everyone wants it!)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sneak peek - spring 2012!

The sneak peeks for next year keep on comin'! And after method gave editors and bloggers a special presentation of these new spring 2012 product assortments, online site Core77 revealed the following products and information. And excerpt from the article:

"The company has also continued to increase their use of the shrink-wrapped labels that first appeared on the detergent bottle. Shrink-wrapping enables graphic flexibility while keeping the plastic eminently recyclable. Method "Product Czar" Don Frey told us that coloring the plastic bottle itself would mean downcycling when it reached a recycling facility: it would become a lower grade plastic bench instead of being reconverted into a higher use plastic bottle. But if the graphic treatment is shrink-wrapped rather than integrated into the form, the bottle's plastic can be recycled at a higher grade and the materials used longer.

Using the shrink-wrap tactic also means that method can visually differentiate clear liquid soaps without resorting to the use of artificial dyes.

But in spite of all this awesomeness, method isn't getting lazy or relying on greenwashing, either. On their website, co-founder Adam Lowry writes:
At method, we want to be a sustainable business, but we recognize that no business is sustainable yet. That's why we've geared our company to be the best at getting better. Our sustainability philosophy starts with our mission to Inspire a Happy, Healthy Home Revolution, and centers around using innovation to create positive change. But mere sustainability is not our goal. We want to go much farther than that. We want to become restorative and enriching in everything we do so that the bigger we get, the more good we create. We are striving for sustainable abundance.
Amen. Lookout for method's new packaging for their toilet bowl cleaner set to come out this Spring!"

You can read the entire article here!

Awesome! I have to say, while I haven't seen any of the new hand washes in person (so far nothing has hit store shelves), I will say at first I wasn't too keen on the idea of shrinkwrap packaging. It can simply look sloppy. But if they can get away with making them look as amazing as the (hopefully soon to hit stores) Designed for Good line, and this new spring hand wash line look, I'm all for it. The designs on these bottles are absolutely gorgeous!

Starting at the top we have, in new spring scents: (first photo) watermelon patch, daffodil bouqet, and (second photo) coconut grove.) Below you see the updated wood for good polish bottle (left), and new wood for good oil soap! And of course, as the article states, they're also working on new packaging for their toilet bowl cleaner set. Notice the word set, there. Hmm... (I have to say, I like the toilet bowl bottle, so I'll be sad to see it go.) 

Monday, November 7, 2011

coming soon!

UPDATE +  In addition to the spray cleaner refills (see below), other items we'll be seeing early next year have been mentioned over on method's Facebook page:

travel bottle of method laundry detergent (sneak peek)

"Has method started making/selling travel packets of laundry detergent?" method's response: "Why yes it is! The eight load sample size will be available early spring."


Also look for method to replace their daily granite bottle with a new larger size (same as their spray cleaners.) They've recently done something similar with their wood for good daily cleaner (which I've just now realized they should have called daily wood! Oh those that get that joke, shouldn't. Ha!) Though at the moment the daily wood cleaner and the smaller wood for good surface cleaner still both exist. But as of now method has provided daily granite refills in full size bottle packaging (minus the spray nozzle) so it looks like method is simply reducing all the packaging and making it one (larger) bottle. Whew, did you get all of that?


And there is also a mention of improving their antibac spray cleaner scents (which many people complain about, primarily because the thyme oil, necessary for providing the natural antibacterial properties, also gives the products a very strong scent.)

"Love all of your stuff but just bought two of the lemon verbena products and the scent is awful!" method's response: "We're working on new scents for our antibac line that are much more nose-friendly. - stay tuned."


Great news for refill fans! According to a couple of posts over on method's Facebook page, it looks like all-purpose spray refills will be in our future!

"Does method make a refill for the all purpose cleaner?" method's response: "We will have an all-purpose refill available at the beginning of February. - stay tuned!"

and if that wasn't enough, they also mentioned it a bit earlier:

"Hi, awesome method team!  I was just wondering if you were planning to release method all purpose cleaner in refills?" method's response: "We're actually working on it! We should have a refill for our all-purpose cleaner on shelves in February." 

Thoughts? (Share'em!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sneak peek - 'for the season' hand washes

UPDATE +  Some people (including myself) seem to be having problems finding the new 'for the season' line of method hand washes. Well, method said yesterday on their Facebook page "...they will be available in most Target stores with expanded food selections (not necessarily 'Super' Targets). we'll have them online soon in case you can't find them in stores." Hmm... I don't know enough about how Target stores are set up, but I've always only noticed the regular stores (and we have three around me) and then the Super stores (with the really large grocery section.) Is there an "in-between" that might have an expanded food section? No clue. At any rate, I'm kinda disappointed with this, as these might be more difficult to find than I had thought. Good luck!


You know, I've said it before (and probably before that, but hey, I enjoy repeating myself. Do people enjoy listening to me repeat myself? Well, that's a whole other story...) But the thing is, no matter how much snooping and scooping and hunting and pecking and bribing and begging I do, there's always something method is gonna sneak past me! And so, here's a perfect example. Apparently people have just started finding new 'for the season' hand washes popping up on store shelves, with not a mention of such things on method lust?! For shame, Nathan, for shame. But honestly, I had no clue! - For reals!

The new hand washes are interesting. They aren't holiday/Christmas. But they don't really say they're a limited edition line, either. They definitely look holiday to me - bottles in bright reds, iridescent purples, a little berry twig on the packaging. But they're not. So let's just call them fall/winter limited edition and be done with it! They come in baked apple (which I hear has a kind of cidery apple scent to it, that could be amazing!), winter oak (some people say it's wow! Others say it smells like men's cologne, but I'm really excited to check this one out!) and toasted vanilla bean (which probably smells like it sounds. Possibly the least exciting of the three, but hey, everyone has a black sheep in the family, right? Joking, toasted vanilla bean, joking of course. You're special, too!) They are gel hand washes, though from the photo below it also looks like the toasted vanilla bean comes in foaming!

method luster Gary was ever so nice enough to send along some pics of the new bottles sitting on his Target store shelves! (I haven't found them yet at any of the three Targets near me, therefore I hope they realize I'll be stalking Target for a couple weeks until they appear! :) He also sent along a shot of some of method's new in-store displays (see above.) Have you seen these near you? Picked any of them up? Thoughts? And be sure to look for method's holiday line of hand wash and dish soap hitting shelves near the end of November!

Friday, October 28, 2011

poppin' up!

Finally! (I know, I'm very impatient!) New method products are starting to pop up at Target stores! The updated lemongrass bottles (now yellow, instead of the original stainless steel) along with new clementine kitchen hand wash (which has replaced the basil, at least at Target) are appearing. And a brand new laundry detergent in spring daisy scent is also now on Target shelves (an odd time to debut spring daisy, since it's fall - and unfortunately, they've clearanced my favoritest laundry scent ever, lavender cedar, to make room for the spring daisy! Sad face.)

I'm still waiting for the new Designed for Good hand washes to hit shelves (which are now available on method's website.) Let method lust know if you find anything new at your local store!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

poll: real or fake?

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's not even Halloween yet. And after that, we've got Thanksgiving. And then, Christmas! But here's the thing, last night me and the boyfriend were having an argument, disagreement, discussion about Christmas trees. More so, about which was the more eco-friendly choice. A real tree, or a fake tree? The boyfriend, he's for fake trees. Cutting down real trees is "mean", and if people keep their fake trees for many years, it balances out the initial negatives. Me, I'm for real trees. They're grown specifically for the holiday purpose, a new tree is planted in it's place, and at the end of the holidays many cities turn them into mulch now.

I found one article from Yahoo! Green that I thought was pretty interesting! (And by pretty interesting, I mean agreed with my opinion! Ha!)

"If you want a tree for the holiday, the experts at Grist and TreeHugger say it's actually better to buy a cut real Christmas tree than an artificial tree. Why? In a word, plastics. Fake trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Producing this type of plastic creates a lot of pollution, and PVC is difficult to recycle."

But method lust wants to know how you feel! Real, or fake? Which do you feel is more eco-friendly, and why?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ring up the savings!

$1 off a method cleaning or personal care item at Target - get it while the gettin' is good! (Coupon expires 11/19 - not sure how long it'll be on Target's website!)

Also, Target has a bunch of method deals going on this week in their stores. Buy a bottle of method spray cleaner, get $2 off method laundry detergent. Buy method dish soap, get $1 off smarty dish cubes, etc. etc.! So many deals, so little time!

Monday, October 10, 2011

method-a-go-go: sea minerals spray cleaner

If you happen to sea (insert groaning here!) any sea minerals all-purpose spray cleaner at your local stores, and you lust it, snatch some up and stash them away for a rainy day! Cause it's being discontinued (more than likely to make room for method's new white rosemary all-purpose spray scent!) - That is all. You are dismissed.

Friday, September 30, 2011

sneak peek - white rosemary, and more!

Why not take a quick moment to welcome method's newest scent to the family, white rosemary! OMG. Does that not sound amazing! And you'll soon be able to pick up white rosemary in all-purpose cleaning spray and dilutable floor + surface cleaner!

And that's not all! Coming to the kitchen hand wash line will be clementine! A lot of people lust this scent, so it should be a perfect fit right next to the lemongrass scent (still my fuh-av-orite ever!) Now I'm just making an educated guess here, but I'd say basil might be on its way out, as lemongrass has received a new bottle (yellow, instead of it's current stainless steel look) and they've added clementine, while basil has not gotten a new look. So I'd stock up on basil while I could, just in case. I've been noticing the kitchen hand wash has not been restocked for a while at Target stores, so I bet this update is the reason!

Along with all of those, method has been, and is continuing to roll out lots and lots more!

Just recently we got red currant limited edition dish soap, wood for good daily clean spray, lavender and clementine floor + surface cleaner, and coming this month we'll also see:

method's new designed for good hand wash line in botanical garden and mimosa sun, and their updated fabric softeners in fresh air, water lily + aloe, and lavender lilac scents!

What will you be picking up? What excites you? Have you seen these new products out on store shelves yet? Let method lust know! You're all so quiet anymore! But I know you're reading, I check my stats, advocates! So speak up! Remember, method is also listening, so your thoughts and comments are appreciated by not only me, but method, too! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

giveback - method lust

UPDATE +  Thanks to everyone who chipped in and donated to method lust's domain name renewal drive! Drinks all around! (Well, electronic fake interweb drinks, at least!) I so appreciate your help, and taking the time to read (and comment!) on method lust!

Current donations total:
$30.00 (two year renewal!)  

Do you lust reading well, method lust? Enjoy the product reviews, the sneak peeks, all the green news and eco-challenges? Well, if you do, a) thank you! and b) I could use your help, and I promise it won't hurt a bit!

method lust's annual domain name renewal has come back around for another year! And believe it or not, I do this little blog all out of my sheer lust for all things method! It's true! But every once in a while I need my loverly readers help! If you could spare a buck, five dollars, fifty cents, fifteen dollars, a nickel, anything, it would really help me out with this domain name renewal bit! Fun fact: Did you know you have to actually pay for website addresses every year? And I kinda cherish my little methodlust.com!

It's $15. a year. If I get more, I'll purchase additional years (and then you won't have to hear me beg for a couple of years!) If I get less, I'll simply put whatever I get towards the renewal (and cover the remainder myself.) But anything will help, I promise.

I hate begging, so don't feel any obligation - but if you're so inclined, just click that donate button on the right side bar (it's yellow, and says donate! It'll take you to a PayPal page, it's safe and secure and ridiculously easy!), and a hearty thank you from one method luster, to another! Check back to see how the current donations total progresses each day!

Monday, September 26, 2011

sneak peek - holiday 2011

So how about a little method holiday 2011 sneak peek? You know, the holiday season is just about upon us! (Well, at least my version, which consists of all three months - October, November (gobble gobble!), and December!) And of course this year method is giving us our holiday gifts early! Expect to see the new holiday line popping up on store shelves near the end of October! As Joey Lawrence would say, Whoa!

Not only that, but it looks like this year our beloved holiday dish soap is making a comeback! As the Kool-Aid man would also say, Oh yeah! I'm so excited! So look for hand wash and dish soap! The dish soap will be available in frosted fir (so excited, so excited, so excited, I can't believe this has made a return appearance! I lust it so!) and new candy cane scents! How awesome does that sound?! I know everyone adores method's peppermint vanilla, but personally I always wished it had more mint, and less well, vanilla! So it looks like this year I might get my wish!

The hand wash will be available in candy cane and frosted fir gel hand wash, and spiced pear (oh my goodness! So disappointed this isn't available in gel, but still excited for it's return. Spiced pear is the method bomb of awesomeness!) and cinnamon drop (another new scent!) foaming hand wash!

What do you think? Are you excited for these scents, and the return of holiday dish soap? Will you be hoarding bottle after bottle? Cause yeah, you know I will!

sneak peek - designed for good series

Oh my, method's designer series has finally been announced, via their official blog! And just check out those gorgeously designed bottles, along with new botanical garden and mimosa sun scents! I can't wait to see how wonderful they smell (cause they sound divine!) method says:

"we at method have always believed in design as a force for good. it's why all of our products are made using safe and sustainable materials, and manufactured responsibly. our limited edition 'DESIGNED FOR GOOD' hand wash series uses eye-catching, thought provoking design stories to highlight this continuing commitment to caring for people and the planet.

first up in the 'DESIGNED FOR GOOD' series are botanical garden and mimosa sun, emphasizing the importance of recycled plastic. all of method's hand wash bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). so every bottle of method hand wash you buy keeps plastic out of our landfills and lessens the demand for virgin material. these particularly gorgeous 100% PCR bottles were designed by method's own intrepid design star, Sally Louise, who has designed soap for method for the last four years..."

You can read the entire post on method's official people against dirty blog!


Over on their blog they state that these will be available shortly for order on their website. I'm curious if they'll also hit store shelves (and don't know the answer to that, yet!) so if you happen to see them pop up at your local Target stores, let method lust know in the comments section!

video - morning joe

How about a little Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry goodness to start your week off? Here's a quick clip from Morning Joe, as they discuss their new book, the method method!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

one man review - the method method

Guess who just reviewed method's brand spankin' new book, the method method? Oh, yeah, that would be moi! And you can read my review over on method's official people against dirty blog today! Right now! This very instant! What are you waiting for? (You know you wanna!) So go, go, Speed Racer!

the method method!

This baby is out tomorrow! Hitting your bookstore (and e-store!) shelves! Will you be picking up a copy?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

slipping into something new

Looks like method's lemongrass kitchen hand wash is getting a new bottle! What was once pretty in silver, is now luscious in lemon! I kinda liked the stainless steel looking silver bottle, but hey, whatever gets method to sell more lemongrass hand wash is fine by me! Cause this scent is ah-mazing! (Now, if we could only get some lemongrass dish soap. lemongrass dish soap. lemongrass dish soap. I am placing you under a spell, method. You will do what I tell you, method. You will make us lemongrass dish soap, method. And it will sell like lemongrass hot cakes, method. Cause it'll be über awesome lemongrass sauce, method! Thank you, method...)

copyright this!

From over on the Camp Copy website comes this sweet little Q&A with method's very own Alexis Vogelgesang! (Whew, that last name is a tongue twister!) You know you all want to...

Meet Alexis Vogelgesang, the copywriter at Method!

Sometimes the world feels huge and random. Other times it feels tiny. Like Dillon, Texas. For instance, when I first made contact with Lex via Twitter about this interview, she was just the talented stranger who writes all the great one-liners for Method products.

Then we realized that she’s great friends with Lissette, my coworker at Smart Design who happens to sit two feet away from me. Tiny, right? So tiny. That little connection made this interview all the more fun and casual.

So here are three unrelated facts about Lex before we dive into the questions: She lives in San Francisco with her boyfriend, Martin. Her curious last name is German for “birdsong.” You can follow her @lalavogue.

Okay, people, here we go.

Hi Lex! So tell me about the creative team at Method. And how did you join the company?

The creative team consists of six of us who do web, packaging and communication design and writing. We work within the larger brand experience department, consisting of twelve ladies and two very outnumbered and tolerant guys. I got connected with method through a friend of a friend. It seems like that’s always the way. After a few months of freelancing with them, they offered me a full-time position and I couldn’t resist working with these wonderful people every day. Even if it meant I had to start putting on pants before 9am again.

I’m always curious how people get into copywriting gigs. What kind of jobs lead you to this one?

I have a Masters in social-organizational psychology, a degree I rarely, if ever, use. I definitely suggest everyone go into crippling debt to study something frivolous. Well, maybe not. Nonetheless, said degree did lead me out to California and to a job in marketing communications at IDEO. But a year later, I was writing freelance. This led to gigs with frog design, a boutique ad agency and method. Which finally feels like home.

What do you work on as the copywriter? Has your role changed over time?

I’m the only writer at method. So needless to say, I’m busy. I write our packaging copy, product and fragrance descriptions for the web, marketing communications and blog. It sounds like a lot — and it is — but the method voice is such a delight to craft. I feel like I just get to be ridiculous for a living. I literally spent one afternoon last week coming up with wood puns for a new cleaner. I certainly never get bored. Since I started a year ago, my role hasn’t changed a lot. It just seems bigger. There’s always more and more to write. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll get burnt out writing about cleaning products, but the freedom I have to be weird and push boundaries makes everyday feel different — and not very much like writing about cleaning products.

How would you describe the Method voice? Where does it come from?

We always say the method voice is like a conversation with a funny friend — if your friend only talked about cleaning products. So I guess my job is officially to be that friend, but the voice has been consistent since the beginning. If anything, I think we’re getting closer and closer to what it was always intended to be — quirky, irreverent and skating the line ever so slightly.

Speaking of quirky, my favorite line is “cleans like a mother.” It’s risky in a good way. What are some of your favorites?

Risky in a good way is exactly what it is! That’s why it’s such a joy to craft. We have some great legacy one-liners, like “cleans like heck, smells like heaven” and “this beauty is a beast.” But I think my favorite is “we fight dirty.” I mean, the only thing better than a double entendre is a triple entendre, right?

A lot of times there’s only one writer in the in-house creative department. (That’s my situation too.) What are the good and bad parts of being the sole writer?

Being the only writer can be overwhelming, but ultimately it’s incredibly satisfying. I feel a lot of ownership and I’ve really become a bit protective of the voice. I’ve never thought of myself as a control freak, but once you’re given the reins, it’s hard not to want to hold onto them really tightly. Gosh, maybe I do need some kind of writing partner to help me relax a little.

Do you do the product naming too? Please say yes. They’re so fun.

I wish I could take credit for those pearls, like “lil’ bowl blu” and “smarty dish,” but unfortunately they’ve been around longer than I have. The majority of our product names are actually pretty straightforward these days. We tend to reserve witticisms for the back of packaging...


Read the rest over on Camp Copy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

method live (sorta!)

Why not take a little moment and catch up on method's "the method method" book webinar! It all went down on Wednesday, September 7th! Did you attend the live webinar? If so, what did you think? Picking up the book on the 15th? Let method lust know!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sneak peek - fabric softener

Looks like method is about to debut an updated fabric softener line (three cheers! - with sparklers! And don't forget the cheese dip! Cause it's a softener party!) After improving upon the look to the packaging (and helping it to stand out from the laundry detergent bottles), it looks like they are also expanding the scents (which is a great, and much requested, thing!) Fresh air (the current and only fabric softener scent) will soon be getting some new friends in waterlily & aloe and lavender lilac scents! Special thanks to method advocate Livebetter for this scoop! Let method lust know when you start seeing them hit your store shelves!

Friday, September 2, 2011

method-a-go-go: baby line

They grow up so fast, don't they? Or I guess in this case, they go away so fast. Over on method's Facebook page an advocate asked why it was so difficult to find their baby line, and method's response was:

"Are you looking for baby or kids products? Our baby line is being discontinued, but we still have kids shampoo and body wash available at Target stores nationwide."

So it looks like you new moms (or soon to be moms!) might wanna run out to your local Babies R' Us (the best bet for finding the baby line, as Target clearanced it out long ago) and get some deals before it goes bye-bye! I'm kinda surprised, as I'd bought method baby products for some of my friend's baby showers, and they always raved how awesome the diaper cream was!

Monday, August 29, 2011

the method method tease-athon #1

Hey method lusters! So, you might have heard a word or two down on the street corner that method is about to drop their big new book, the method method! Or, if you're a perfectionist, their slightly longer title of the method method: seven obsessions that helped our scrappy start-up turn an industry upside down! Whew! So to celebrate method's new pride and joy hitting store shelves on September 15th, I thought I'd present some Q&A and teaser quotes from the book starting today! Ya know, something to get your juices flowin', method style! So without further ado, here goes:

the method method tease-athon question #1 : What were method's first three products? In order of their debut! (example: Perhaps you'd think 1) hand wash, 2) candles, 3) laundry detergent) I'll reveal the answer during the next tease-athon! So, comment away! And don't forget...

"To celebrate the upcoming publication of the method method: seven obsessions that helped our scrappy start-up turn an industry upside down, co-founders Eric + Adam will be hosting an interactive webinar on Wednesday, September 7th for budding entrepreneurs and fans of the brand.

the guys will tell candid stories about the first ten years of method’s success and share principles at the heart of our business philosophy. but they also want to hear from you! whether you’re interested in talking about being an entrepreneur, finding inspiration or you have a burning question for Adam or Eric, it’s sure to be a lively conversation.

want in? simply pre-order a copy of the book and email your receipt to methodbook@methodhome.com. you’ll then receive log-in details to join the conversation on Wednesday, September 7th at 9:00AM PT/12:00PM ET. enter by Wednesday, August 24 to be included.

learn more about the book and webinar here."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ho ho heck yes!

There's lots of ways to keep up with method (twitter, Facebook, method lust, people against dirty blog, magazine articles, whew!) So even though I'm perfect (shh, keep your thoughts to yourself) there are times even I, yes I, miss something! It's difficult to believe (again, thoughts. yourself.) but it's true! So I wanted to say thank you to the anonymous method luster that let me know via comments, method has officially announced frosted fir is making a comeback this holiday 2011 season! Yes!

They had also previously teased that peppermint (in some form) would be part of the holiday scents! So I'd say be on the lookout for frosted fir and peppermint vanilla this year (unless method gets all sorts of crazy and gives us a new peppermint/mint scent! Guess we'll find out soon enough!) The other great thing is, method's holiday line seemed to hit really late last year. They appear to be correcting that this year, because October is the drop date for the holiday products to hit store shelves! So far I'd still say to expect only hand wash, but who knows, they might also surprise us with an expanded product line (and probably one more scent, as their holiday scents usually come in threes) as well! More news to come as I get the dirt!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

hot showers

Wow! And what's this all about? Eh, does it even matter? Just stare at the eye candy! Oh ok, well, I guess it would help to figure out what the Harlequins rugby players have to do with method? Right? Wait, hold on, ok, I've just got to stop staring. It's not polite...

Well, go to method's "Share a Shower" campaign Facebook page to learn all the details! It's squeaky clean adult fun! (Oh, not that kind of adult! Shame on you! Really, now?!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

quick questions

Hey lusters big, tall, lanky and small! I gotta quick question for you (hence, the post name, quick questions! I know, I know. But it's Monday, I thought you might need a little help!) I want to know how you get your method dirt!

How do you find all your method news, scoops, and gossip?
+ method lust
+ method's Facebook page
+ method's people against dirty blog
+ method's "methodtweet" Twitter page
+ method advocate emails

I appreciate you taking a moment and letting me know via the comments! And if you get your method news through multiple spots, list each one (Example: "I read about method on method lust, and their Facebook page!") Thanks, lusters!

sneak peek - fabric softener

Check it out! Look for method's fabric softener in brand new packaging, hitting store shelves now! I like it! Many advocates were regularly confused by the extremely similar packaging for the laundry detergent and fabric softener, so it looks like method heard our concerns and shook up the package design in order to make them more noticeably different. I like the nice, soft feel to the look of the bottle! Just like what the product is supposed to do!

Muchas gracias to method luster Jeff for taking and sending in this photo!

clean sweeps

+ An advocate over on method's Facebook page recently asked if we (method's drooling fans!) should expect some new fall scents? And method's response was a big yes! So yay! Interestingly enough, the post has since been removed from their page, but this could be because A) method decided they wanted to keep it hush hush (in which case, oops! Ha!) or B) method changed their minds (I doubt this one) or C) Facebook is acting up again (this seems to happen a lot!) So who knows, but I'd say keep a lookout for some new scents coming from method this fall (more than likely they'll hit the hand wash and dish soap products.)

I'd been noticing Glade, Febreze, etc. have been releasing their new fall candles and aroma plug-ins. Makes me long for the days method released their own line of fall oriented scents for their aircare line (fig, gingerbread spice and pomegranate tea!) Ah, but, there I go longing for the good ole' days again!

+ Have you tried out any of method's new products? How about the lavender or clementine floor cleaner? pink grapefruit or red currant dish soap? Wood for good daily wood cleaning spray? If so, what are your thoughts? Lust'em? Let method lust know in the comments!

let's get method!

Sing it with me,now! (To the tune of Physical!) "Let's get method, method, I wanna get method, let's get into method! Let me hear your dishes talk, Your bathroom talk, let me hear your method talk!" Cause it's all about the method method!

And check out this rockin' cool deal for early bird lusters!

"to celebrate the upcoming publication of the method method: Seven Obsessions that Helped Our Scrappy Start-Up Turn an Industry Upside Down, co-founders Eric + Adam will be hosting an interactive webinar on Wednesday, September 7th for budding entrepreneurs and fans of the brand.

the guys will tell candid stories about the first ten years of method’s success and share principles at the heart of our business philosophy. but they also want to hear from you! whether you’re interested in talking about being an entrepreneur, finding inspiration or you have a burning question for Adam or Eric, it’s sure to be a lively conversation.

want in? simply pre-order a copy of the book and email your receipt to methodbook@methodhome.com. you’ll then receive log-in details to join the conversation on Wednesday, September 7th at 9:00AM PT/12:00PM ET. enter by Wednesday, August 24 to be included.

learn more about the book and webinar here."


How awesome is that! A book revealing lots of method obsessions that made them who they are today! And it features a case study on none other than your very favoritest in the whole wide universe method blog, method lust, and a webinar where you can chat with the big wigs (but they're really nice big wigs, I promise!) via your computer! It doesn't get any better than that! (Well, if you had some nice gooey chocolate chips cookies and milk to eat while you were talking to the method founders, yeah, that would be even better! Keep that in mind for the big day!)

Don't delay, you're last chance for this amazing deal is August 24th!

green truckin'

method's convoy keeps truckin' on, in the most grand green manner possible! Over on their official people against dirty blog, method had this to say:

"Have you seen any of these bad boys rolling down the road near you? if so, it was one of our expanded fleet of biodiesel-powered trucks and trailers, now serving our Chicago distribution center and enabling 75 percent of our product orders to be shipped in vehicles powered by planet-friendly fuel.

this is especially great news as Adam, our co-founder and chief greenskeeper, points out, “one biodiesel truck saves an estimated 62,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 686 tons of carbon dioxide annually.”

the fleet operates on biodiesel largely made from waste vegetable oil recovered from restaurants..."

You can read the whole post here!

Friday, July 29, 2011

things that make you go...

Looks like method's lemon mint limited edition scent (currently available in dish soap and hand wash) might not be headed for method Heaven after all! A new post on method's Facebook page revealed:

Advocate: Dear method, please dont get rid of lemon mint dish soap. It is my favorite dish soap. It says on the bottle that it is limited edition. PLEASE DONT GET RID OF IT!

method: don't worry, it's not going anywhere. ;)


Hmm! Personally, I wasn't too impressed with lemon mint. method is doing themselves a huge injustice by not giving us lemongrass dish soap (to match their lemongrass kitchen hand wash. Hello, method, it's a no-brainer! And not just because I lust your lemongrass scent like crazy!)

Lemon mint vs. lemongrass? Your opinion?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new suprises!

Photo: (left to right) Fresh currant limited edition dish soap, wood for good daily clean spray, and floor + surface dilutable cleaner in clementine and french lavender

UPDATE Just found the pink grapefruit limited edition dish soap at my local Target! It was not in the method section, but rather in the Target dish soap aisle section. Just an FYI for all you lusters!


Oh, child! Have I got nifty news for you! While roaming into my nearby Target today, and of course stalking the method aisles (what else would I do at Target?) What did I stumble upon but some shiny new method friends sitting up on the shelves!

We've gotten ourselves some new wood for good daily clean spray cleaner! It comes in the exact same size spray bottle as method's other surface cleaners! It's a bit pricy at $5.99 right now, and I'm not really sure where it fits product wise in the wood for good scheme of things (as they still have their wood for good cleaner polish, and this spray is not a polish, but more so just a daily cleaner. Hey, I bet that's why method named it daily clean! (Sarcasm, people, sarcasm.) I'll let you know more as I get info. on this new family member!

Next up, apparently along with the just announced return of pink grapefruit (limited edition) comes red fresh currant dish soap, also limited edition (and apparently replacing out the limited edition lemon mint dish soap (should I say limited edition just one more time? Ok!I just did!) Lemon mint dish soap seems to have now gone to method Heaven. So if you lust that scent, you might wanna stock up on some of the dish soap before it's gone! The fresh currant dish soap is $2.99.

And lastly, but not leastly, we have two new floor + surface dilutable cleaners! I believe these will replace out the previous citrus leaf dilutable cleaner (but don't take my word for that. I just know Target has clearanced that product out, so that's where my guess is coming from) and they've replaced it with new french lavender (Yes! They used to have lavender floor cleaner oh so long ago, and I'm so very excited it's back!) and clementine dilutable cleaners! How awesome is that! (And the bottles are cute, too!) These dilutable cleaners are $4.99 for a whole lotta ounces! And remember it's dilutable, so that makes it an even greater deal!)

So to wrap it up, new method products just hitting Target store shelves include:

+ wood for good daily clean surface spray
+ fresh currant (and pink grapefruit, which will be hitting in August) limited edition dish soap
+ and new dilutable floor + surface cleaner in french lavender and clementine


Also something to keep in mind, Target appears to be sprinkling method products more than they've done in the past, into specific areas of the store. You of course still have your usual method section, but for example, mine only contains the pink grapefruit dish cubes, but Target still carries the free + clear dish cubes, only now they're in the dish cube section with other brands. Same goes for the dish soap, some in the method section, and now some in the dish soap section of the store (same with hand wash, laundry detergent, etc.) So if you think something you lust is missing from the method area of your local Target, be sure to check that particular area of the cleaning aisles to see if it's been moved there, before you get frustrated!

So, who's gonna be picking up all the new goodies? What will you be buying?

Monday, July 25, 2011

pink is the new back

(...and yes, it's supposed to say back, not black. Get it? You will... just a bit more... oh, and there it is!)

So after three days of teases, method did their big product re-introduction reveal! And it was none other than... limited edition pink grapefruit dish soap! method says:

"get out the good china. pink grapefruit dish soap is BACK! we know that many of you have sorely missed your zesty sink partner. some even said that dishwashing almost wasn’t worth doing anymore. we thought of you with your dishes piled up, unable to gather enthusiasm for anything else, and it sort of broke our hearts.

so we brought it back and made it even better. the biodegradable formula and fragrance you love now comes in a handy pump bottle for easier washing up. all is right in the world of grease-fighting.

it’s here as a limited edition, but if it’s as big a hit as we anticipate, it’s likely to be granted permanent status. look for it online at soap.com now and on shelves at your local Target at the beginning of August. it will be rolling out to other online retailers soon thereafter."


I'm pretty surprised it's limited edition, and I'd bet money it'll become permanent. Though, uh, I bet money the big reveal would be auto care, too, now didn't I? I guess I'm broke!

So, what do you think? Excited? Underwhelmed? Facebook comments ranges wildly from:

"Yay!!!! LOVE this scent." and "Thank you!!!! ♥" to "I thought it was going to be a new product. Not a new scent that we had months ago. There was no reason to drum up so much anticipation."

Honestly, three days of teases for one product return (and it wasn't really a product, but more so a scent) might have been a tad much. But at the same time, many people (method lust included) were screaming for a new line, when method had used the word "product" the entire time. So let's go with 50/50 blame on over excitement, shall we?

So, will you be picking up some pink grapefruit dish soap?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

green tease!

Tease #3 Looks like method might be getting a bit tired of the zillions of posters on their Facebook page begging, pleading, and praying that Monday's big reveal is the return of aircare (which they obviously need to bring back! Because, uh, zillions of posters on their Facebook page have been begging, pleading, and praying for it!) Today's tease is:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #3: it's not aircare."

Yeah, rinse and repeat. It's gonna be car care, lusters! Oh, and my favorite comment from the teasers so far: (directed to method) "I bet now you wish it was aircare!" Zing! (Cause of the zillions of... oh, you know!)


Tease #2 Today method issued the following tease:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #2: both Rihanna and this product have ties to Barbados."

What's a famous Barbados tourist destination? None other than the Sea Flower Cave (also known as the Animal Flower Cave.) And what would one of the original scents in the method Vroom car care line be? Why none other than... sea flower! Wow, it'd be great if they brought this scent back, it was amazing (my favorite in the car care line.)

So far, I've still got my betting money down! What do you think? (Other than I need to get a life, I realize that...)


Tease #1 Things have been mighty quiet around these here parts, now haven't they? Well, that's all about to change! method made a whole bunch oh' advocates giddy with excitement when they slipped us this naughty little tease today:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #1: this product first debuted in 2005."

Of course people are begging for it to be aircare (and I'm included in that bunch! In fact, I'm down on my knees this very moment praying to the Green Gods!) But alas, you're ole' method lust buddy and pal here decided I just had to do a little research into this! I mean, for shame on me if I didn't, right? This blog is called method lust, after all, not method eh it's alright, or method "It's me, not you"! (Actually, at this point, it should be called method stalking! Oh, man, I should have thought that up at the very beginning! Ha!)

Guess what I've found out? Aircare - so 2006. Pish posh. Now, now... candles were around even before 2005 (before they became part of the aircare line.) So, it could be candles, but nah, I'm not betting any money on that horse. My strong guess is (drum roll, please!) car care! The method vroom (Target) brand debuted... in 2005! May, 2005 to be exact. Well, possibly April, but let's not split hairs here, ok? So that's my educated guess! method's left me out in the dark on this one, so I'm again just guessing here, but I'd put a whole bunch of money down on this! Like, Vegas style money, baby!

Whatever it may be, looks like we'll all know come Monday! (Only 116 hours or so to go! Let the countdown begin!) Thoughts?


UPDATE Seems sea minerals surface spray is also on clearance at Target! So grab some of that, too!...

Head on over to your local Target right now to find clearance deals on method's stainless steel for real, and lavender cedar 25 load products! Target is probably just clearancing out the lavender cedar 25 load, while retaining the 50 load bottles. But I'd look forward to a reformulated stainless steel cleaner to hit store shelves soon! I'm making a guess here (I've been doing that a lot lately!) but that's my official thought!

Until then, though, grab the deals before they're gone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sneak peek - the method method

Guess what, squeaky green fans? method co-founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry have a brand new book hitting store (and e-reader!) shelves in September! (You've still got your snazzy copy of their first book squeaky green: the method guide to detoxing your home, I hope!) So I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peek at the new cover (above) to the method method, as well as a bit about the book (which, if I don't end up on the cutting room floor, Ha!, will also include a case study on none other than the ole' method lust blog! Yay!) Details include:

Founded ten years ago by childhood pals Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, Method has been making headlines and profits with a revolutionary blend of culture and commerce, style and substance. Today, Method's ecofriendly soaps, detergents, and cleaners are ubiquitous in stores, capturing valuable shelf space long dominated by the tired old products of giants P&G and Unilever.

Ryan and Lowry obsess over seven principles at the heart of Method's business philosophy, including:

+ Kick Ass at Fast: Use small size to your advantage; by bringing innovations to market faster, you can stay out in front of larger rivals.

+ Inspire Advocates: Rather than getting caught up in costly battles for market share, foster deeper relationships with fewer customers in pursuit of greater wallet share.

+ Win on Product Experience: Beyond satisfying your customers' rational needs, design experiences for them.

The Method Method is an irreverent, candid, firsthand case study. Readers will learn how today's consumers behave, how today's companies compete, and how both groups are acting together to drive profound global change.


Will you be picking up a copy? (You know you want one!) Look for it online and in stores September 15, 2011!
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