Sunday, April 24, 2011

method rainbow!

How cute is this! A method hand wash rainbow, sent in by lusters Valerie and Chris! Valerie says "...My boyfriend has read every blog post of yours - and has even set up our method hand soaps to use by our mood, above the kitchen sink. Sometimes I ask myself if getting him into method was the right thing!" Love it! Thanks, Valerie and Chris!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new goodies roundup!

Next time you're in Target, you might wanna make sure to grab a basket, cause method's new goodies are starting to pop up like baby bunnies in the spring time! So I thought now would be a grand ole' time to make sure all you lusters know what's hitting the shelves!

method is debuting the following rad items: hand wash in lemon mint (gel + foaming - limited edition), hibiscus flower (gel + foaming - limited edition), waterfall (foaming), clementine (gel - limited edition), and juicy pear (gel - limited edition.)

additional (non-hand wash items, cause that's a lot of hand wash to keep track of!) include: lemon mint dish soap (limited edition), clementine and cucumber dish soap pouch refills, water lily & aloe laundry detergent (Wholefoods exclusive), fresh air and free + clear laundry detergent refill pouches, orange zest antibac kitchen cleaning spray, orange zest antibac kitchen wipes, clementine all-purpose cleaning spray, and completely reformulated all-purpose spray cleaners in all fragrances (with new bottle packaging), including mint glass cleaner than can now also be used as an all-purpose cleaner (so if you lust mint you can use the glass cleaner to clean your entire house now! - Yes!) Whew! I think that's it!

All of these have now popped up at most of my local Targets. the hand washes are hit or miss at the moment (with the lemon mint and hibiscus flower gel hand washes yet to hit my stores.)

And can I just say without a doubt, the juicy pear hand wash is divine! It totally smells like fresh pear slices! Oh, it's great! method's holiday spiced pear scent is off the charts, but until they bring that back for us lusters (hint, hint method! Holiday 2011?) juicy pear will definitely not disappoint!

What are you most excited for? What goodies will you pick up first?

Monday, April 4, 2011

rock star!

method's makin' a music video, and you can be a part of it! (You've always wanted to secretly be a rock star, right? Well, now's your chance!) Head on over to watch this video (it'll give you all the details - hurry, contest ends April 15th!) and you'll also get a $2 off coupon for their awesome laundry detergent, just for viewing the video! It can't get any better than that, can it? (And hey, while you're over on method's Facebook page, if you haven't (what?!) already signed method lust's official bring back method aircare petition, you can now! It's a three for one! video + coupon + petition = too much rockin' for one day! Whew. Take it easy. Sit down. Breathe deep.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

sneak peek - new hand washes

UPDATE Stopped by my local Targets tonight (of course I did!) and one of the three has started getting some of the new products in. Yay! They had the limited edition clementine hand wash, clementine all-purpose spray cleaner, dish soap refill pouches in clementine and cucumber, orange zest antibac kitchen spray cleaner, orange zest antibac wipes, and a surprise (method lusts surprising even me at times, when I see a product I had no clue was actually debuting!) - limited edition lemon mint dish soap! I immediately snatched up the dish soap, and will be on the lookout for the remaining limited edition hand washes! Have you found any of the new goodies? What are you looking forward to most?

PS - While the orange zest antibac still has that trademark Thymol scent, I think they might have hit on something great here. You can honestly smell the orange in there, and it really helps brighten up the total scent! I think it smells pretty great!


How about a little hand wash sneak peek? I knew you'd say yes! So check out our newest limited edition method friends about to hit Target shelves (start checking next week!) Above is new foaming hand wash in lemon mint, and gel hand washes in juicy pear, hibiscus flower and clementine! You can also check out the foaming hand wash in hibiscus flower and waterfall here! - These two scents in foaming are permanent!

One bit of curiousity is the fact that lemon mint is coming in foaming hand wash (I had heard it was going to be gel.) While hibiscus is also coming in gel (which I'd heard was only going to be foaming. Whew!) So who knows, maybe each of these scents will be appearing in both versions! (Which would be great, as I'm so excited for lemon mint, but personally not a foaming hand wash fan.) I guess we'll just have to wait til they hit shelves! Let method lust know via comments or email if you start seeing them at your local stores!
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