Monday, January 28, 2013

sneak peek - spring goodies

blue poppy foaming and fig + rhubarb gel hand washes

+ Update! method has just announced the additional Orla Kiely scents will be white nectarine, honeysuckle and cloudburst!
Orla Kiely tomato vine in gel hand wash, dish soap and spray cleaner
+ Extra Update! Yay! It looks like (no, it doesn't look like, it is!) the new Orla Kiely tomato vine scent is also available in dish soap and spray cleaner, in the same manner as the pear ginger. I found these at a local Target this weekend (and promptly snatched them up!)
Long time no method dish n' dirt, right? Please forgive me, for I know not what I do. (Oh, if you only knew how true that statement was...) method's been kinda quiet since the holiday 2012 line hit shelves, but look who's waking up just in time for some early spring fun! First up we have blue poppy foaming hand wash (obviously another addition to their floral scented hand washes), as well as what I'm sure will be a new favorite of mine, fig + rhubarb. Whoa, boy! Fig is back, baby! And I can't wait!

pure naked surfside body wash

Not wanting to be left out, a new member of the body wash family is also coming along for the ride! And you can call it "surfside". Mostly, because that's what method has called it. So that's kinda it's name, and it's always nice to call things by their actual names, right? Well, unless you wanted to give it a cute nickname, like soapy sally, or the sudsinator, or something like that? But why don't we just stick with surfside, ok? Anywho... (and I've got no actual proof of this, but I'd place a bet this new scent will be replacing magnolia. So just in case, you might want to stock up on some magnolia! And if I'm wrong, well, really, does that ever happen? Shhh, don't ask my boyfriend, he doesn't know nothin'!...)

orla kiely tomato vine gel hand wash

Finally, look what I spied along with the now-on-clearance Orla Kiely fall line? A brand new spring line about to hit shelves! I'm not sure what other scents will obviously follow along, but there were three bottles of a new gel hand wash scent, tomato vine, sitting in front of me! And let me tell you the scent is ah-mazing! It was so fresh, and green and wow! I can't wait to see what other scents are included in the line up!

So there you have it! More items may be tagging along (and if I find out I'll let you know!), but you can purchase most of these online now (and I'm sure they'll be hitting Target stores soon!) Let method lust know if you eye anything new while you're out on a method hunt!
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