Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sunshine + cleaning = method!

Oh what a really great deal! method's just let the cat out of the bag on their people against dirty blog that if you purchase the Sunshine Cleaning DVD at Target starting Tuesday, August 25th, you can find a nifty booklet inside with $10 in method coupons! (PS - Don't put cats in bags! It's cruel and mean! Hmm, I wonder how that phrase ever got started? I probably don't want to know...)

"we’ve teamed up again with our friends behind the adorably dark movie sunshine cleaning, starring amy adams, emily blunt and the uber-talented alan arkin. if you missed it in theaters, hightail it over to target starting tuesday, august 25, where you can purchase the movie on dvd or blu-ray.

the film is great, and the best part, in my humble opinion, is what’s inside the box: a method coupon booklet with $10 in discounts on Method products from target. don’t you love target? it’s my happy place. grab sunshine cleaning for movie night, crack that dvd box open to get the coupon book, stock up on your favorite method goodies, then swing by the snack aisle for popcorn. mmm, popcorn."

Make sure to head on over to their blog, and read not only what the movie is about, but view some cool shots of the red carpet premiere, complete with method goodie bags! (Ooh!)

I'm curious if these coupons are product specific, or just generic "save this much off a method product" type discounts. If anyone picks this up, let method lust know! Thanks!

Friday, August 21, 2009

hsn - 7-piece detox!

+ More HSN goodness! Hey readers, I'm curious, does anyone still watch these HSN videos when I put them up here on method lust (since there are like a zillion now!) or should I wrap these up? Let me know!

one man review - hand wash

Wow! It's been a while since our last one man review, hasn't it? Man, that Nathan is a no good lazy bleepity bleep! I swear... I'm gonna give him a real good talkin' to! Until then, though, why don't we just review ourselves some hand washes!

Today is a double dip one man review! Not one, but two hand wash scents! Whoa whoa, calm down there fellow luster! I know how excited you are, but really, chill out. Take a deep breath, grab some water, and see what I thought of both the new "guest star" mandarin mango, AND the old school vintage holiday mistletoe (I just got it yesterday in the mail! Yay!) hand wash!

+ The new mandarin mango method hand wash is out now in stores. It's labeled as a "guest star" meaning limited edition, so it won't be around for long! I picked up a bottle recently, and while not being a fan of fruit scents, I really like this one! As I've mentioned before, it sorta reminds me of orange Kool-aid. Is that a good or a bad thing, that's up to you! There is definitely a mandarin/orange top note; with the underlying mango coming in near the end - giving it a little extra burst of fruit freshness! I have to say I actually like this mandarin mango a whole lot more than method's ginger yuzu. Of course I like orange scents, so it's just a personal preference. The mandarin mango hand wash is available in gel wash only, exclusively at Target stores. I'm giving it a 4 out of five!

+ Second up is the vintage method holiday mistletoe hand wash! This was recently discovered available on ebay, and while you end up paying a tad bit much for hand wash (due to the shipping fee) if you're a diehard method fan like me, you just HAVE to try out this scent! The back of the bottle actually lists it as having been released in 2005! This was one of the few scents that ACTUALLY made it out before I got into method (sacrilege!) so I simply had to snatch up a bottle! I got it in the mail yesterday, and was all giddy and giggly!

The bottle is this cute light holiday-ish green, and it has these little white ornaments printed on the front of the bottle (like all bottles in the early holiday lines.) I have to say the scent is really light! Now, I honestly can't say if this is because it's an older product, and the scent has waned over the years, or if this was how the product was produced. So for the sake of my review, I'm just going with this being the mistletoe scent. Honestly, it sorta reminds me of frosted fir mixed with cut grass (no joke!) and then have the whole scent taken down by 50%. Subtle, but nice! And seriously, if you're a cut grass aircare fan, you will REALLY like this. The more I smelled it on my hands after I had washed them, the more I thought it reminded me of the cut grass scent. It's green, grassy, with just the tiniest touch of sweet. I say give it a try, while you still can! The mistletoe hand wash is only available via ebay (as far as I know. Though method lust reader Rhonda let me know she found a bunch of holiday packs, some featuring mistletoe, recently at a Salvation Army in Chicago! So who knows where else you might find it. But this scent hasn't been produced to my knowledge, since 2005.) It's available in gel wash only (as they didn't even have foaming and creamy hand wash back then! Wow!)
I'm giving it a 3.5 out of five! I think it's a really nice scent, but method has since improved upon the idea with frosted fir.

ebay candle + hand wash sets!

Ooh, more ebay goodies and deals! I thought this was a great deal, you get both a candle AND hand wash, for almost less money than just the candle cost in retail stores (and now with the aircare candles seemingly discontinued, it's an even BETTER deal!) - AND free shipping! Don't miss out!

+ method hollyberry candle and gel hand wash - $8.99 (Buy It Now Price) + FREE! shipping - Six sets available! (The candle comes in the holiday round ceramic candle jar. I love these jars, you can use them for so many different things once the candle is gone!)

+ method sweet water candle and gel hand wash - $8.99 (Buy It Now Price) + FREE! shipping - Three sets available! The candle comes in the regular ceramic candle jar.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

vroom vroom!

Ya know, I have some news. I just got a new car! Like, just just! Last Tuesday, to be exact. 2010 Kia Forte! And yes, I still lust telling everyone "I have a car that isn't even out yet!" Cause you know, it's a 2010, and it's only 2009, and so see... ah alright, never mind.

This happens to be the first car I've ever purchased all by myself. So while I've gained eight ulcers, I'm excited! (And now perpetually in fear of losing my job! I think that happens anytime you get a new car, house, something big. All the sudden you're not able to sleep nights cause you're trying to figure out how you'll live in your car if you lose your job; and the fact that the bank will now TAKE your car cause it's new and you're paying on it; and you will in fact NOT be able to even live in your car! Whew, just breathe, just breathe.)

Where are you going Nathan? Here! So I whipped out my old school (secret method brand) vroom car care products this past weekend. Now my trusty, but also dirty old truck didn't get cleaned that often; but now I'm wanting to make sure Mr. New stays spotless. And what a better way to do this than taking the vroom all purpose car spray cleaner, and giving it a spot cleaning! I lust it! (I'm sure many car cleaners come in spray nozzle form for just this reason. But honestly, I have no idea, as I've never really shopped for these products.) So while I still really wish method would rethink their car care brand (it rocked! Add some tried and true method scents to the cleaning line (as the actual cleaners were scent free for some reason) and I just know you'll have a hit!

Until that time though, you can pick up your very own old school vroom car cleaning kit on ebay! So snatch it up (before that other method advocate does! You know you want to beat them to the punch! Then you can drive your nice shiny car past their house one day and gloat. Oh, uh, not that I'd ever do a thing like that, no sir'ree! Nah. No way.)

+ vroom (method) car wash kit - $19.99 (Buy It Now Price) + $12.49 shipping - This kit comes with one 25 FL. OZ. car wash concentrate, one 16 FL. OZ. spray bottle of protectant, 25 Count All Purpose Wipes and one Microfiber Wash Mitt.

Monday, August 17, 2009

sea what's new for you

UPDATE Just found out officially from method that sea minerals multi-surface cleaner will be available at Target, and it started hitting the stores yesterday! So be on the lookout! (I checked today cause well, I'm nuts! But didn't see any!) Let us know if you find some! (And what you think!)


Are you ready? Cause method's got a new multi-surface cleaning spray scent on the way! Well... not really "new" but still. Sea minerals is coming to multi-surface! method says:

"This is (a rendering) of our newest all purpose spray scent ... sea minerals! It has been so popular as a hand wash scent we decided that our "people against dirty" might want to clean their homes with it as well."

What do you think? Excited? I gotta say, I'm not really a big sea minerals fan, but apparently there are lots of them! So I should just keep my mouth shut. Do you like sea minerals? Would you rather method whip up new scents, or reuse your favorites in different products? I'll be really curious to see if this scent replaces one of the four mainstays; or is in addition to; OR is a store exclusive (as is their ginger yuzu multi-surface cleaner, sold at Whole Foods.) I'll let you know as I get more information. Not sure when we should expect this to hit the stores, either. To be continued!

Friday, August 14, 2009

holiday surprise

Wow! Folks, listen up! Make sure to head on over to ebay right now (cause you know what they say; the early bird gets the worm! Now usually that's why I never get a worm, because as Prince would say early + Nathan does not compute. Well, minus the early + Nathan, addition in a something in the water. Ok? All is understood now. Right, I didn't think so.)

There appears to be a limited number of drum roll... mistletoe and snowy days hand washes available! No freakin' way! Now, I have some snowy days lotion, and a candle still at home (and at the prices they're asking, I really just can't afford to splurge on both! Though I really, really want to! Oh uh, hey, see that Paypal donation button to your right? Yeah, that one... wanna buy Nathan some snowy days hand wash? Ha ha!) Anyway, I've already snatched up a mistletoe, cause I've NEVER smelled this scent! I'm so excited! This happens to be some really old school method, lusters!

+ method snowy days hand wash - $3.50 (Buy It Now Price) + $4.95 shipping - Six bottles remaining! This is a very clean, crisp holiday scent. Sorta in a sweet water style, but uh, different!

+ method mistletoe hand wash - $3.50 (Buy It Now Price) + $4.95 shipping - Eight bottles remaining! I don't know what this smell like, cause I've never even seen it before! Oh, feeling giddy! I'm betting it sorta like frosted fir, or hollyberry.


Let me know if you buy some, and what you think when you get it!

the good life

Via method tweet, be sure to check out "Danny Seo’s Tips to an Eco-Friendly Backyard Barbecue: Green Hearts Briquettes and Method Home" (whew, that's a mouth full!) over on, AND they're also offering a great discount code deal with method home thru September 30th! - 20% off! Go, read, check it out! And save! (I sounded just like a television commercial there, now didn't I? Hmm, new career option? LOL)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the whole kit and kaboodle

Who needs to take pics when method will do it for you (and so much better)? Ha ha! Here's a quick photo of method's advocacy kit they're sending out, following their rather cryptic email to random advocates!

Each cute tiny box comes with two spray bottles, one of the almond wood floor cleaner, and lavender spray cleaner; and two smaller bottles, one with sweet water hand wash, and the other with pink grapefruit dish soap; as well as a booklet (which still mentions the aircare line! Hmm!) and a $1.00 off coupon! More (personal) pics of the box, and a chance to win one soon!

lil' more speculation!

Looks like Target has moved the method aircare aroma rings and candles off their designated shelves, and onto the clearance end caps (the ends of the aisles where they always put the clearance/discontinued stuff. I know them so well.) LOL At least they've done this at my Target, so I'm sure yours will happen soon, if not yet.

I'll be curious to see what happens next. The rest of the aircare line is still on the shelves; I guess we'll have to see if it gets consolidated, or if the clearance items are replaced with something new; or if they're discontinuing the line in sections. OH the world of speculation!


In other sorta but not really related news, I got a new car two days ago! Yay! (Uh, first time I've ever bought a new car. I think I've gained like, eight ulcers. Gah!) But I believe I must be about one of the only people in the world that really dislikes "new car scent." I mean, people buy things to MAKE their car smell like this?! Wha? And as we know, it's mostly just off gassing and other horrid things occurring in your car that are really bad for you. So I needed a scent enhancer! Cue the aroma ring (and for the record, I'm pretty anti-aroma ring. The rooms in my duplex are just too big for them to work properly for me.) Ages ago fellow advocates had a great idea to place aroma ring refills in your car, to get that wonderful scent! I did this with lavender lemongrass, and WHEW! It was way too strong. That had to go!

But this time around I'm trying out some eucalyptus mint, and you know what, it's working. It actually sorta mingles "well" with the new car smell, while giving it this burst of minty freshness! I like it a lot! So now my new goal is to run around to Big Lots and purchase all those eucalyptus mint aroma ring refills I've seen in there forever, but had no desire to buy at the time! And... go! Do you use an aroma ring refill in your car? What scent?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

long form clean sweeps (+ the contest winner!)

+ Run on over to your fav-OH!-rite Target, cause the new guest-star (stating it's a limited release scent on the back of the bottle) mandarin mango hand wash is hitting the shelves (Jamison, why do you never have faith in me? Ha ha!) I've got to say, when I gave it a good sniff in the store, I wasn't too impressed. (I'm not a big fruits/foods scent kind of guy. I lean more towards earthy, herby, and minty scents. And it really smelled like mango in the store, which wasn't a good thing for me! Eh, what can you do? I realize it says MANGO, but I was hoping it was more MANDARIN. So I snatched one up for the mandarin mango lust contest winner, but DIDN'T pick up a bottle for myself! Can you believe that?! Ok, so but then it was just calling to me at home, going "you need to give me a good try. Wash your hands!" "But my hands don't even need washed?" "But you want to know what it really smells like!" "But that's such a waste of water!" "Succumb!" and so, I did!

And I have to say, I was much more impressed with the scent in actual use, over just the sniff test in the store. The orange does come out much more during use! It sorta reminds me of orange Kool-aid. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I'll let you decide! But they should be in your local Target store soon, so keep a lookout! Cause they won't be around forever!

+ And speaking of mandarin mango hand wash! How about the big randomly chosen winner to our recent contest? And the winner IS... Kirby! Who had just purchased the lil' bowl blu! Yay, Kirby! Congrats! Drop me your mailing address, and one lustful bottle of mandarin mango hand wash shall be on it's way to you! (And never fear, I'm going to run out and pick up a new contest winner bottle! You won't be receiving my test bottle! Ha ha! I'm keeping it, now that I like it more than I had original thought I would!)

+ You can now find some .75 cent coupons stuck on select bottles of method daily shower spray! Check them out, and pick some up while the savings are good!

+ I've been seeing some random changes in packaging, including the term go-naked being removed from the spray cleaners (now it's just fragrance & dye free; and it's back to multi-surface, from all-surface. Unless these were old bottles? But they looked new to me. Really, I can't keep up anymore. method is constantly tinkering with their packaging? For better or worse, you let me know.) And they're changed the blue color on their lil' bowl blu bottles. Which I really got to say, not a fan! I love the subtle light blue, method! Bring it back. Their new thinking must be bright screaming colors, cause suddenly the blue blu bottle is this deeper bright blue; and some of their hand washes have almost gone neon (I'm talkin' to you, waterflower and refresh mint!)

+ Yo' method, I was standing in your aisle in Target today, and this older woman reached over to buy some lavender spray cleaner. Of course I started a conversation with her about method, and she told me her husband had recently bought some nasty Clorox spray cleaner that attacked her nose every time he used it; and she had started buying the method lavender and loved it (all her words!), and that's what she was sticking with from now on. Of course I was trying to get her to buy a bottle of the daily shower, with the coupon (which she thanked me for pointing out.) BUT she said to me "The thing I can't understand is why they will put out a big refill bottle for their daily shower (which she said she had at home) but nothing for the spray cleaners! They need the same thing in spray cleaners!") I know others would love this, so ding ding idea method, idea!

+ method luster Jamison (mentioned above!) let me in on a small secret that Target will place grey round stickers next to the shelf price stickers, meaning that particular item is being replaced, more than likely with an updated version. WELL, these grey stickers were next to most of his aircare line, which made him think the aircare line was indeed heading for a revamp! So he told me to check out my Targets. Well, Jamison, unfortunately, NONE of the three Targets I went to had grey stickers. But I know Target has this weird way of sort of doing things differently from store to store. So perhaps that's what your store does, and mine in this area does not. Time will, as usual, tell... but next time you're in Target, check the shelf price stickers next to the aircare, and see if you find any grey round stickers! And let us know! Thanks Jamison, and all you advocates!

+ And finally, who else has recieved this rather secretive email from method recently:

"hello fellow person against dirty, congratulations you have won (drum roll please)….a box! we want to give you a heads up that you will be receiving a special treat for being such a loyal method advocate. it will be in a box that is shaped similar to a mini pizza box. the contents inside won't be quite as tasty, although they will smell delish. so when you get it make sure to: 1. feel special, 2. read carefully, 3. spread the method love anyway you know how (hand deliver/ flickr/ youtube/ facebook/ tweet/ blog.) 4. tell us how you did it on method's facebook fan page! sorry to be so cryptic but we think you will be pleased with the surprise!" - Curiouser, and curiouser... (and excited to get it, whatever "it" is!)

Friday, August 7, 2009

new morning routine?

Giggle, giggle! Ok, I just have to share this adorable PSA (or is that Pee-SA? Yeah, I can't take credit for that, either, it was mentioned in the article! LOL) that method just twittered about on their method tweet (which you can also read here on method lust! Just scroll down, a bit further, keep going, to your right... there!)

It's all about.... drum roll, peeing in your shower to save water! The article, which comes to us from mother nature network (, says:

"No matter how long we stay in or what kind of showerhead we use, we all have unique shower routines and rituals, some more complex than others. The Brazilian environmental group SOS Mata Altantica, via a cute, kid-oriented TV ad campaign called "Xixi no Banho," suggests that citizens add one more task to their soaping-up, shampooing, conditioning and shaving routines — peeing.

The group believes that by adding a yellow stream to the morning's shower, one toilet flush can be prevented. If one flush is avoided each day in a single household, 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water is saved per year.

As you'll see in the below, um, "PeeSA," Gandhi, Michael Jordan and Alfred Hitchcock are portrayed emptying their bladders while rinsing off. Now if that's not inspiration for young Brazilians to tinkle in the tub, I don't know what is.
- Matt Hickman"


So, uh, what do you think? Of course I know most of your first reactions are going to be "eww! Gross!" But then maybe take a step back, and think it through. As a couple commenters on the said say:

"Urine from healthy people is sterile!" and "You Americans are really funny. I don't see what the big deal is. I always peed in the shower. Eating McDonald's hamburgers is way more disgusting." (And they're probably right, especially after you watch Food, Inc. Gah.) and, get THIS! "Actually... your pee contains urea which is an ingredient that is found in OTC fungal treatments. Yet, pee alone won't cure athletes foot." along with "Urea is also found in many lotions. It keeps your skin nice and hydrated. Portuguese urine used to be highly desirable back in the day before commercial lotions were available. It was also used as a tooth whitening agent!"

Wow, who knew, right? And did we want to know? Ok, so I bet no one will admit they do this even if they do, but imagine if everyone followed through, and each person saved 1,157 gallons of water a year. Yeah, that would add up quick! Thoughts? Will these be part of your new morning routine? (No one is going to comment on this post, I just know it! - Be brave!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

holiday body

So I'm sitting here thinking about the holidays... Wha? The holidays, you ask? Uh, did you know it's a mere 140 days til Christmas?! And did you also know, I saw Halloween decorations at TJ Maxx the other day. Let me repeat that slowly. H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N. decorations. Car-azy, I tell ya!

AND, whew, (ok, so I usually try really, really hard to be all green and eco-shiny, but on rare occasion some bad little thing will perk my curiousity, and I'll snatch it up. And in this case...) I took a quick trip into Old Navy the other day, and what did I find but their body care (they have body care?! Yeah, they did... but...) was being discontinued! Candles, lotions, body wash, etc! And I picked myself up some oh so mighty MMM smelling golden pear body wash (for $2.99!) I mean, MMM! It smells like you just rolled around in ripe pears! Without the peary mess all over you afterwards! Win, win I say! This lead me to method's holiday spiced pear scent (an all-time favorite of mine!)...

Which then got me to thinking! What would happen to the world if method added a small body section to their holiday fares! Holy crapola, the world would extra rock! Body wash, people! I mean, we already have hand wash! They used to do holiday lotion! Is it such a giant leap? Would you lust washing in frosted fir? Or hollyberry? Or (dare I say it, I'm not a fan of this fragrance, but I know so very many people that are!) peppermint vanilla? Or even better, some new fragrance surprise they have yet to tada us with! Like my little mock-up, spiced apple? (Yes, yes, it's a mock up! And a good one at that, isn't it? I'm talented! And yes, how many people are going to kill me now cause spiced apple holiday method body wash doesn't exist? Yet! See, if we beg, it might one day!)

Of course this year's holiday line will probably be body free (since it's been finalized for ages now, I'm sure!) But imagine next year! What do you think? Do you love the idea? And am I the only person that finds the idea of stepping out from the shower smelling of crisp frosted fir dreamy? Cause, seriously, I do! Comment below! Let method know!

squeezably cute

Check these out! They're little adorable method promotional sponges! Danny Seo (who has this great method post over on his site, daily danny!) blogged about these recently, and I just think they're awesome! Must find a way to get some! Sounds like the sponges are given away at method parties and such! Danny used these recently to decorate for a blogher party method threw! Too much fun!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the great pacific garbage patch


You can also check out this documentary on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, on (the first three, of eleven, are currently online.) video one | video two | video three


And here's an interesting observation, from one viewer:

"My first thought after watching was “I am NEVER using plastic again!”. But seriously folks, that is not an easy thing to do. The computer I’m typing on right now is made of plastic. My glasses have plastic in the frames. I’m not sure it would even be possible to replace everything in my life that is made with plastic (my car, for example). While I applaud the efforts of bloggers like Fake Plastic Fish and Life Less Plastic the sad reality is that this problem – the toxic plastic garbage wasteland of the North Pacific gyre – is not going to go away because a few of us choose to use stainless steel tupperware or cloth grocery bags. The problem is not only global (want another freaky thought? there are four other oceanic Gyres on Earth…) , but goes to the very nature of our society and its dependence on a material that is non-biodegradable and unmanageable as waste. It’s bad enough that we Westerners created this stuff and then became totally dependent on it, but now we are exporting our disposable plastic lifestyle to countries that lack curbside recycling and waste management facilities.

But even if we were to recycle every piece of plastic manufactured there would still be the issue of garbage (ever seen what happens to the area around a McDonalds restaurant, despite the presence of multiple waste bins?). There’s also those darned nurdles – the tiny plastic pellets that are melted down and then coloured and moulded into the final product – which escape from train cars and truck beds, blowing in the wind like dust, and collecting all over the earth’s surface including the oceans.

I think what needs to happen is we need to make this issue so well-known that people raise enough of a stink about it to prompt some change. People need to start viewing plastic the same way we view non-dolphin friendly tuna. Our society needs to invent/find materials to replace plastic that can be disposed of responsibly and which do not pose such a threat to life on this planet.

In the meantime, I’m going to do my bit by trying to cut all unnecessary plastic out of my life (starting with my shampoo). I have written in the past about being plastic bag free; Google around and you’ll come up with many more suggestions and tips. And if you feel overwhelmed, as I did when I first watched that documentary, just take a deep breath and say to yourself “One step at a time”… Spread the word, and hopefully one day the ecological horror show that is Garbage Island will become simply one more embarrassing episode of human history that we somehow managed to survive without going extinct.
- Rural Aspirations"


In one great note that made me happy this weekend, I've discovered that there are a few cashiers at Target that now, even if I don't pull out my reusable tote/don't have it with me at that moment the cashier will not place the item in a bag, but simply put it on the counter while I finish checking out. (Sometimes I forget it, rarely; but sometimes. In those cases though, I ALWAYS carry the item out bagless. Always.) They actually recognize me as the "reusable tote guy!" and I don't even have to yell out quickly "I have my own bag!" anymore! Yes, see, you can teach old cashiers new tricks (or even young cashiers, or middle-age cashiers, or...!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

clean sweeps

+ method's got themselves a sparkly new website! Make sure you check it out over at! Some of the navigation is a little "hidden" (but I do sincerely like it! - example: to get to the store, click on the word products in their title "method creates products for people against dirty.") People against dirty takes you to their blog, etc. It takes a little searching, but once you figure it out, it's a snap!

This also makes me feel the aircare line is moreso heading for a revamp, rather than a discontinued status. The product line is second only to their home cleaning line (with 48 products), so let's keep our fingers crossed! Let me know what you think of the new site design!

Oh, And right now, you can get yourself a shiny new $1.00 coupon off of their new site! Whee!

+ Looks like Target is clearancing both the stainless steel "steel for real", and the granite "daily granite" wipes. Pick some up, before they're gone from Target!

+ Next time you pick up a bottle of method's refresh mint or waterflower foaming hand wash, you might notice it's gotten a bit more colorful. I'm not sure if this is a quality control issue, or method just decided to brighten some of their colors; but the green and pink is REALLY green and pink now! I noticed this during a recent trip to Target. Random, I know. But hey, I'm a random kind of guy!
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