Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sneak peek - toilet bowl cleaner

Update + method had this to say about lil bowl blu over on their official Facebook page (with apologies to method luster Karin) :

"Carissa, we're about to release an innovative new product for the toilet, so unfortunately it means we have to say good-bye to lil bowl blu. stay tuned."


Sometimes method will make it easy on me! Well, easier, at least! You don't think they just hand me all these sneak peeks and snappy banter, do you? Puh-lease, sister! But here's a rare opportunity! a method photo op that reveals an upcoming new spring product! (Well, actually there are a bunch of brand new spring products in this photo, but we've discussed all of them previously!) Take a sneek peak look at method's new toilet bowl cleaner (previously known as lil' bowl blu!) Check out the new bottle shape! It looks like it curves slightly, sorta giving it a banana shape appearance (except we're seeing the flat side in this photo.)

In a previous online article, core77.com had stated "Lookout for method's new packaging for their toilet bowl cleaner set to come out this Spring!" so I knew this was coming! 'Set' is the intriguing word here! More info as I know! Thoughts?

sneak peek - trial size laundry

Do not adjust your screen resolution! This photo is not stretched out. It's just a little "hi, how are you?" from method's brand new trial size laundry detergent bottle! This cute little package packs 8 loads of laundry detergent washing power! I kinda wish they had multiple scent options (which might happen down the line) as fresh air has always been a yawn for me (it's a very "we're competing with the Big Brand scents" type of scent, IMHO.) But isn't it just adorable? Don't you wanna just squeeze and pinch it's lil' cheeks! Yes, you do, you know you do. But you can't, so don't. (I'm sorry.) Coming soon to a Target near you!

Monday, January 30, 2012

sneak peek - refills + more!

new magnolia, olive leaf and white tea pure naked body washes

We're not done yet, youngsters! Oh no, not by a long shot! So pay attention, ok? Cause you don't want to be left out of all the method "in the know", do you? Of course not! Even more body wash 411 is coming your way! Looks like fans of method's current body wash line (the marine naturals body wash in refresh mint, waterflower, and sea minerals) might want to start thinking about stocking up very soon, cause I'm placing a big fat bet they are all about to go bye-bye, ciao, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu, adieu, adieu, to you and you and you, and... oh wait, where was I? Darn those musical numbers that play randomly in my head! Yes, marine naturals is out, pure naked (in olive leaf, white tea, and magnolia) is in! method had a magnolia candle way back when (I'm talkin' way, way back!) so I'm curious to see if the scent is similar. Look for these to be hitting store shelves very soon! Within the next few weeks, I'd say!

new glass + surface, new lavender all-purpose and daily shower 68 oz. refills

Along with the new body wash line, you can also expect a new 68 oz. refills bottle line (that's almost two and a half bottles of method bliss!) Soon to be appearing are both glass + surface and all-purpose spray cleaner refill bottles! (Lavender is shown in the all-purpose above, though I'm sure more scents will be coming along for the ride.) And, the refill bottles get a slight makeover, as well!

+ Along with all these new sneak peeks, I've seen even more clearanced method product on Target's shelves this weekend! As mentioned above, the marine naturals body wash line is outta here, the sweet water and sea minerals hand sanitizer bottles are on clearance, and I also noticed the limited edition pink grapefruit dish soap saying their goodbyes.

In addition to those, oddly enough along with the clearanced lemon mint dish soap, are some lemon mint dish soap bottles still on store shelves at full price without the limited edition tag, so this scent might be switching over to one of method's new regulars.

And lastly, the lil' bowl blu (toilet bowl cleaner) was also on clearance. My prediction for this is, method has admitted they are revamping the bathroom line, so I'd expect to see a new lil' bowl blu product/packaging in the near future, possibly with additional bathroom items, or an also reworked le scrub, etc. Time will tell!


Friday, January 27, 2012

clean sweeps

Update + More items discovered! the method anti-bac wipes are also clearance priced! Not sure if this means they're going away, or it's simply a package redesign...

+ Be sure to head on over to your local Target to check out their latest method clearance markdowns! While I was there yesterday I noticed the lemon mint dish soap is on clearance (and they had a lot of it, must have just gotten in a shipment), as well as the smarty dish cubes (...which is odd. But I think they might simply be clearancing out the old packaging to make room for the new packaging!)

Also clearanced was the lavender floor + surface cleaner. What was weird was they had some in a cart with clearance tags on it, and then the rest on the shelf was still normal price. Perhaps they simply hadn't gotten to marking it down yet. It kind of irritates me (and by kind of I mean lots and lots!), because as usual Target clearances out the lavender (which I lust, lust, lust!) and keeps the clementine (which bores me silly.) Target loves to get rid of my favorite method scents. Bad Target, bad!

So be sure to head on over and pick up some clearance method goodies while the gettin' is good!

+ I also noticed a few more new method products popping up at my local TJ Maxx stores. The latest is method's hand sanitizers. So far I've only seen it at TJ Maxx in sweet water, but who knows! So keep checking that store out, as well, since they had even more stuff recently!

+ Have you noticed any method lovelies showing up at places they wouldn't normally be showing up at? (Big Lots, Marshalls, Ross, etc.) If so, let method lust know!

first shots - lime + sea salt

method's new limited edition lime + sea salt line!

Wow! method luster Gary (who might be giving me a run for my money! Alright, dueling spray bottles at 12 noon, Gary! Cue the rolling dust bunnies across the wooden floor!) has found the new limited edition lime + sea salt method goodies at his local Target!

...well, found might be a tad incorrect. Rather, he didn't find them at the two Targets he visited, so he asked customer service, called the third Target, they went into the warehouse of the store and brought them out to him! They hadn't even hit store shelves yet! Wow, I might need to try that trick next time I head to Target!

So while you're waiting for the lime + sea salt fun to begin at your local store, check out the pics he took of his finds (thanks, Gary!) and you can read all the cute blurbs method put on the back of each bottle. Enjoy!

all-purpose spray cleaner

gel hand wash

dish soap

sneak peek - lime + sea salt and body washes

How about even more sneak peeks? Well, sure thing, method fanatics! First up, better shots of the new lime + sea salt limited edition all-purpose spray cleaner, dish soap and gel hand wash! You can read more about these beauties in the post below this one! And if that wasn't enough, more surprises will soon be hitting store shelves, including...

...new method moisturizing body washes (called pure naked) in olive leaf and white tea! Yes, it's true, method is bringing back two of their original body wash scents! At first I was ready to poo-poo the news with an ole' "Oh, those are just old products..." until I saw the photos and went "Whoa, they're back!" I'll miss almond flower (the third scent in this original moisturizing line) but I lusted the olive leaf like crazy, so I'm excited!

These should be hitting Target store shelves within the next month or so! Will you be picking these up? Excited some of your old favorite scents are returning to the body care line? (And special thanks to Gary for pointing me to the pics!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hula time, method style!

Ah sneak peeks! I lust them, don't you? All the giddiness that you feel when you find out a new method product has just been discovered! It's kinda like Christmas morning every time one happens! Ok, well, maybe it's not that exciting, but it's really close! Maybe like when you go to your local coffee shop and they accidentally give you a size larger than you ordered, then say "Oops, my bad! You can have it anyway!" Yay! Wow, you know, there is a big difference between Christmas morning and getting extra coffee... hmm. So maybe somewhere inbetween those two things? What do you think? Oh oh, what? You don't frickin' care, you just want to know what the sneak peek is? Well, excuse me!

Over on method's official people against dirty blog, sandwiched inside a nice little post on a day in the life of Jeremy (who is lucky enough to work for method!) came this bit:

"...between emails and meetings, my time this morning is spent on finalizing the launch of our new limited edition lime and sea salt hand soap, dish wash, and all-purpose cleaner. what do you think? they look right at home on our tiki bar."

So, what do you think? Like the fun packaging? Will you be snapping up some lime + sea salt for yourself?

Friday, January 13, 2012

doublin' the deals!

method luster Gary sent in some great pics of Target's new Bodega section (it's their miniature Costco style area of the store that's replaced the Christmas/Holiday department. And it'll only be around for a limited time.) Target has done this in the past, and once again method has some great bundled deals available here! Check out the clementine dish soap (with refill package), bathroom set (eucalyptus mint tub and tile and daily shower spray), and the anti-bac set (spearmint bathroom and lemon verbena kitchen cleaners.)

It looks like someone found these special bundled deals and left behind their original selections (see photo below!) So be sure to run on over to your local Target and pick up these bundled deals before they're gone, yo! (Thanks for the pics, Gary!)

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