Thursday, May 1, 2008

method profiles - sarah homeijer

I was shuffling around some papers on my desk this morning, and you'll never guess what I found! method profiles! Yay! Look for this special feature on days that start with the letter 'T'. Ok? (And yes, I'm serious.)

Today we have Sarah Homeijer! Otherwise known as The Great Sarah! (Ya know, sorta like the Great And Powerful Oz, but all nice and cool and rockin'! Without that big fiery head to scare you away. Ya know?) Sarah holds a special place in my heart (not that kind of special!? She's married with a wee one! Plus hello, my train don't run down those tracks! So stop it!) I mean she's been so very great to me, and she's just such a wonderful person, and method is lucky to have her! Oh yes they are! That's why she gets the special "black background" photo image you see above. (Well that, and her photo came with a black background, but it sounds much more special when you tell people she got it in a fancy way, and not just because it was probably dark outside. Right?) In fact I got a phone call from her earlier this week, and was like WHA?!? It was sort of like getting a cold call from Madonna! I think there was some shrieking around like a little girl, but I won't actually confess to any of it. Ok? So anyway. Thanks for everything Sarah! Onward we go!

1+ Your name, please? And do you have a nickname at method?
Sarah Homeijer. Oh, I’ve got lots of them, and most of them stem from the unfortunate last name: Hobag (or simply Ho for short – super endearing, no?), Shorty, Pollock, Ghetto Troll, Speedy, and the list goes on and on.

2+ What was your first method lust?
Ooooh gosh, this is a tough one. I dug a bunch of the earlier products, especially the “flame” Dish Soap in Mint, Bamboo Kitchen Cleaner and then I went totally mental for the Spiced Pear Hand Wash when it came out a couple of years ago. Now, I’ve got an entire arsenal of faves, and my latest obsession is the Baby Milk + Mallow Lotion… I think I might eat it.

3+ What brought you to method, the company? (How did you become interested in a career with method?)
I’m an old timer, so when I started back in 2003, we were literally in something like -3 stores. The brand was still super small – we had a few spray cleaners and dish soap at the time – but there was an energy about the people and vision that was infective. method has since become my passion, and I revel in the idea that there’s an opportunity here for real positive change through simple, uncompromising choices.

4+ What is your title/dept. at method, and what is it you do there? How long have you been with method?
Village Voice. I started the Advocacy program here and now manage the Advocacy Response Team, which handles all of the incoming calls/emails we get from folks, as well as run the VIP Advocacy (all of the fun Advocacy mailings, in-home parties… that’s my bag). I get to rap with lovelies like Nathan all day – how much fun do I have?

5+ What is the biggest thing you are currently doing, besides using method products, to help out the environment?
Confession: I’m a closet hippie. I have a worm farm at home and compost just about anything I can, NEVER accept plastic bags and always, always, always carry my own (oh, and throw rocks at people who walk out of the grocery store with 19 plastic bags all double-bagged… okay, no I don’t, but that would be kind of maniacally funny), only buy organic (and local if possible) produce, am a certified member of the Slow Food Movement, help support a sustainable permaculture farm in Nicaragua - Project Bona Fide – check it out, these guys rock, and I just bought a fish named Maximus. Hmmm, that’s not really environmentally beneficial, but he’s one cool fish.

6+ Who's the last person you've turned onto method?
My mother actually. She was in town from France, and I ended up stuffing a bunch of products in her suitcase before she left. My mama crazy… now, she method crazy… the good kind.

7+ Which one best describes you as a person? Pink Grapefruit, French Lavender, Cucumber, or Go Naked?
French Lavender rocks. Point blank. No explanation needed… just try it; you just might fall in love!

Thanks! She got to use Bamboo Kitchen cleaner?! That's like, crazy! I wanna know what it smelled like Sarah! So post a comment, ok? Oh, and PS - I wish my mother lived in France. That would be so awesome! You listenin', mama?

Check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next method profile!

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steve parker said...

yay for Sarah! she is my new favorite person. now whenever we get an advocate kit, i can whisper a little thank you to the Great Sarah!

sarah said...

nathan, my dear, nathan... you are way too nice to me.

i wonder if i could find an old bottle of bamboo around here... hmmmm, come to think of it, no way. that product has been discoe'd fo eva. it was great, though, sort of spicy and sweet all wrapped into one.

ONE MORE THING - off topic - just got word that the advocacy section of the site will not be live until may 20th. our design folks are working out a bunch of kinks and cannot get it finished by the original may 6th deadline. soon!!

Nathan Aaron said...

OH Sarah, you give'eth, and then you take'eth away! Well, at least I have an idea of what the Bamboo Kitchen cleaner once smelled like! Gracias!

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