Thursday, September 23, 2010

get yer basil, hazel

Looking for the basil (and ginger yuzu) dish soap in the new pump bottles? They have yet to hit store shelves (I was thinking they might end up being exclusive to a store, as ginger yuzu currently is at Whole Foods) but method let me know you can snatch them up on their shop now! It's priced at $3.99 (plus shipping.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

finds! - bloq

UPDATE I forgot to mention (and then method luster Sabrina reminded me!) I also found method glass, granite, and stainless steel microfiber cleaning cloths at Big Lots! I (believe, but I can't exactly remember) they were $2.50. Add'em to your Big Lots shopping list!


So yeah, you might all need to sit down for this one. No no, but seriously. I'll wait. Take your time. No rush. Ok. Seated? Good. Cause I got some big news for ya!

Big Lots has method bloq! Yes, yes, here are the smelling salts in case you start feeling lightheaded! Cause I'm talking bloq, from like what, two years ago?! In glorious green mint, beach sage, waterflower and citron leaf scents! In creamy body wash, shaving cream, lotion, and soap bars! At Big Lots! For one dollar each! One dollar?! Can you even comprehend that!? No, I didn't think so, cause neither can I! But it's true, I've had multiple method lusters let me know (thanks Jamison, and thanks for the pics, Jon!) And well yeah, I've discovered this for myself! In fact, I think they had to pick me up off the Big Lots floor after I turned the corner and saw those blocky square bottles just sitting there on the shelves!

"Where have you been?! Why did you leave me! It's been so long, so very very long! It's like, one day you just up and leave, and barely say goodbye (ok, well, you did throw that goodbye party, but still, I'm bitter, ok?!) and then you just what, you just go and take a two year trip to travel the Nile?! Or climb Mount Everest?! Or sit in some dark, dingy, warehouse? I mean, what is that all about! Then you reappear and pretend like nothing happened! "Hey, here I am! And I'm super cheap, too! Just cause, you know!" And I'm supposed to take you back in my arms, and love you like I once did, with no hurt feelings?!"

Ok, you got it! Now get in my cart! All of you. (Go. Big Lots! Now! bloq!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

sparkling new!

method has a new website! Have you checked it out? Possibly the two biggest changes come in the form of advocates being able to create a profile (mainly for the people against dirty and shopping sections of the site) and update/change that profile (something that wasn't possible with their previous site.) Even more awesome is they've teamed up with as their new shipping/store partner - which should result in much more reasonable shipping costs (a constant complaint of advocates far and wide!) A complete list of details/changes are available on method's official people against dirty blog.

So, have you checked out the new site yet? If so, what do you think? Pros, cons! Speak your mind!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

last chance lowe's

Whoa! I headed into my local Lowe's Hardware today during lunch, and oh how I wished I'd checked up on their latest lot of method clearance items weeks earlier! Cause I missed out on some good buys! But you may just get lucky (really lucky!) if you head into your Lowe's and find the following (these were the prices at my North Carolina Lowe's - I'm sure prices vary depending on your state, country, or planet:)

+ omop $12.77 (Ugh! How did I miss this deal?! Oh woe is me...)
+ omop microfiber cloths (wood and all-floor) $1.99
+ free + clear and sweet water squeaky green laundry detergent $4.88
+ water lily + aloe fabric softener $2.50
+ lavender cleaning wipes $1.99

Get them while the gettin' is good! (Or uh, all gone, in my case. But my Maneki Neko says "Better luck for you!") Yeah, you heard that right.

Monday, September 6, 2010


After spotting a quick note over on method's Facebook page, I did a snappy run over to Burlington Coat Factory, and tada, what did I find, but a few method candles! This method advocate posted that she'd found some sweet water candles, while I found pomegranate tea candles at my store! So it looks like it'll just be a surprise, method scent wise! Let method lust know if you find candles (or other method products!) at your local Burlington Coat Factory, or any other discount stores (Ross, Big Lots, Marshalls, etc!)

sneak peek - dish soap

A quick sneak peek shot at the two remaining dish soap scents (ginger yuzu and basil) yet to hit store shelves! Expectations are for them to appear in grandiose style mid-September! But until then, just look and drool! Look, and drool. (Ok, well, your computer might not like the drool, so maybe just look.)


method luster Jason sent in a couple of shots showcasing the newest method products hitting Target shelves (kitchen hand wash in basil and lemongrass, and hand sanitizer in sweet water and sea minerals!) Thanks, Jason!

Friday, September 3, 2010

sneak peek - this n' that

UPDATE Looks like the kitchen hand washes (and hand sanitizers!) are hitting shelves as we speak! method luster Jason let us know he'd picked up the basil hand wash at Target a couple days ago, so I (of course, cause yeah, still, no life) ran to Target this morning, and there they sat all pretty and shiny on the shelves! You'll find the kitchen hand wash in the same aisle with the other method hand washes (not on the method specific aisle.) They have nice little neon green tags to catch advocates (and future advocates!) attention and let them know "No More Stinky Kitchen Hands - eliminates stubborn food odors like garlic + onion". So let method lust know if you find'em, and what you think! I'll have a one man review up shortly!


Just a quick shot of some new method products about to hit store shelves very soon (mid-September.) We've got ourselves newly designed hand sanitizers in sea minerals and sweet water, as well as method's new kitchen hand wash line (which helps remove nasty odors, including garlic, onions, fish, oh you get the picture!) in lemongrass (you will lust this, I promise you) and basil (basil will also be appearing in their new dish soap line, as well! - And yes, the kitchen hand wash line bottles are bigger, 18 oz. compared to the usual 12!)
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