Tuesday, April 15, 2008

method profiles - drummond lawson

I'm so excited to bring you our first method profiles; where we get the chance to learn a little bit about "who makes the method world go 'round!" Look for this special feature on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our first participant is Drummond Lawson! Apparently he has some sort of reputation at method for being "a hottie." (And actually I'm rather jealous of him, and wish him ill will and bunches of "it's not fair" mumblings under my breath at the fact that not only was Drummond born with such natural good looks, and owns a cool name; but he gets to work at method, too! AND I bet he's a really great, nice guy as well. I mean, yeah, I don't like him much at all. NO NO, I do! Really! Ok, well for someone I don't actually know, but still... hey, I have a great idea! Let's learn more about Drummond Lawson!

1+ Your name, please? And do you have a nickname at method?
Drummond Lawson. Nicknames seem to be having a hard time sticking to me around here, fortunately.

2+ What was your first method lust?
I think the hand wash was the first one to make the me see the light. (That) great design could shine on mundane goods.

3+ What brought you to method, the company? (How did you become interested in a career with method?)
I worked in Hamburg Germany, for an environmental research institute (EPEA), and spent about six months doing environmental assessments for all of method’s ingredients. This introduction to method’s product development showed me the beauty of a company embedding green in its business model. Took me another 6 months to make the jump, and have been running with it since then!

4+ What is your title/dept. at method, and what is it you do there? How long have you been with method?
I am a green giant, and work in the greenskeeping department. We provide the technical expertise to ensure that our product development and operations properly include all environmental factors. I have been at this a little over one hectic year.

5+ What is the biggest thing you are currently doing, besides using method products, to help out the environment?
Living a gentle and fun lifestyle – I ride a bike everywhere, eat lots of yummy veggie food, and buy goods that are designed with environmental responsibility.

6+ Who's the last person you've turned onto method?
Lots and lots of friends and family. I have also been speaking to many classes at local universities so hopefully a number of students too. The excitement about method is very contagious once people get a good view of the product and company philosophy.

7+ Which one best describes you as a person? Pink Grapefruit, French Lavender, Cucumber, or Go Naked?
haha I guess it would be Go Naked. You’d have to ask others around here why that is!

Thank you SO much Drummond for answering my questions, being macho enough to accept my man crush, and helping make really great method products that rock our world! I wish you only the best! (And a special thanks to Sarah, for helping pull all of this together!)

Check back on Thursday for the next method profile!


Sam said...

Insert wolf whistle here!

Paul Garrett said...

"Embedding green" in your business model sounds about right. More than just qualifying for coshh assessments, the actual benefits for employees "in the green" are abundant.

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