Monday, November 30, 2009

give me a g-l-e-e-!

Did you catch the method product appearance in last weeks wonderous (but then again, they're ALL wonderous!) episode of Glee, on Fox? If you did, you'd have seen this cute little quilted creamy hand wash bottle on their bedroom side table! Wait? What's that, in the bedroom?

Yep! It seems they decided to use it more as a lotion bottle in appearance, then a soap bottle. And you know what, I think that's a great idea! method needs to bring back their hand lotion (green mint, please!) and present it to us in those adorably quilted petite bottles they've been using for years for their creamy hand wash! It'd be perfect, and it's a really nice bottle to, of course, like all their products, keep out for others to see!

method... gives Glee!

danny's green christmas

method's Healthy Home 'co-conspirator', Danny Seo, has some neat tips and ideas for going green this Christmas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pop go the bubbles

UPDATED UPDATE The really downer here is, the whole purpose of this ad, to promote the Household Product Labeling Acts of 2009 bill, has completely been lost due to all the backlash on this playful (if taken a bit too far) online ad. Not only has the video been taken down most everywhere, but the blog post on their official people against dirty blog has been closed, comments and all (because as soon as method would remove the current comments, people would get into a frenzied rage all over again.) And the people against dirty page, which allowed you to add your zipcode in order to get you involved in pushing this bill forward, has also been taken down.

I get that people are mad! (Wow, do I get that!) But besides wanting an apology (and boy, do they want that, as well!) I think many advocates are taking it a tad too far with the "I'll never buy method products again!" arguments. I mean, people, and companies, make mistakes. One possibly tasteless ad does not mean their products now suck. method had no real intention of causing this type of uproar. It'll be curious to see how this all ends up (an apology? A redesign of the people against dirty/bill page? Who knows!) But one thing is for sure, from what I've seen online so far, this ad is already infamous! I doubt we'll be seeing any additional video advertising from method for a very long time (unforunately.)

PS - "shiny suds" is the sixth most popular keyword search on method lust right now!


UPDATE Sadly, from method's official people against dirty blog:

"We received a lot of feedback about our “Shiny Suds” video.

"We understand the concerns associated with our video and have removed it from YouTube and all other controlled sources. This includes pulling the video and its corresponding comments from our blog. We are all for healthy debate, even when it’s not in favor of method, but when individual contributors begin personally attacking each other, we feel our blog’s purpose becomes unproductive.

Here at method, we are a group of women and men who care about our planet, but first and foremost about people. The purpose of this campaign was to raise awareness for transparency in cleaning product ingredients, to which we remain committed. It was not at all our intent to offend or promote any form of harassment.

We continue to learn, and we appreciate the fact that you took the time to reach out to us."



So method recently debuted their brand new "ad", promoting their support for the Household Product Labeling Acts of 2009 bill to lots of cheering and excitement! And then... the bubble burst, and the backlash hit. Comments have popped up on their official people against dirty blog; as well as on their Facebook page, with statements including:

"When did Method become pro-humiliating women sexually? Do you not understand that your target market is women, not frat boys? Why do you find the sexual harassment and humiliation of women so hilarious and such a selling point?"

"Disgusting. I am so, so deeply repulsed by this advertisement. Did you not consider the implications of an image of a woman frantically scrubbing in a shower to erase the feeling of having her space invaded? Did this strike you as funny? How do you think this makes women feel? You just lost a lifelong Method customer, one with a mouth so big that you're about to lose a hundred more. Think."

"You have lost another longtime customer. I will no longer support a brand which has so little regard for women in general and obviously has no idea who their target audience is."

"Huh. I wonder if Method would be okay with commercials that happily depict other forms of illegal activity, such as carjacking, mugging, shoplifting, or slashing someone's tires. Probably not, which makes it interesting that they find illegal activity okay when it comes to sexual harassment, spying and threats."

"I'm really bummed. I love your products and I pretty much use them exclusively for home cleaning. Now I need to find another product to fill the void that will be left, as I can no longer purchase your products. While I agree with your premise that chemicals should be disclosed on the label and the website, I find your execution offensive and downright disgusting. For the record, I have a great sense of humor. Your ad victimizing the woman in the shower just isn't funny. At all. Did you stop to consider for a second that many in your target audience have been raped? Or that women undergo the kinds of comments and humiliation depicted in your ad on a daily basis? That your ad could be deeply, deeply hurtful and offensive? I didn't think so.

When I wrote to you earlier this week, I said that the only thing that would get my business back was a full apology and acknowledgment that your ad was offensive and wrong. Instead I got the canned response I clearly asked you not to send me in my note, telling me I just don't get the humor. I will not be buying Method products in the future, and I will be returning several unopened containers to the store. Judging by the other comments on this post, I'm not alone."

...And it goes on, and on, and on, and...


So, what do you think? You can catch the ad here, if you haven't already seen it. Here's my take on this ad (keeping in mind that a) I'm not a woman; but b) as a gay man, I definitely understand being politcally correct, etc.) I think they could have ended the video at 45 seconds, and hit all their points well. After that it starts hitting some over the top territory, but I think it's still cute. I'm NOT offended by this ad. I think a lot of people are missing THE point. Those bubbles are dirty, nasty chemicals. Acting like dirty, nasty chemicals. But somehow, instead of people reacting and going "Ugh, those chemicals are nasty. I will no longer be buying bad cleaning products!" It's turned into "Ugh, those chemical bubbles are sexual predators, and I will no longer be buying method!"

What's your take? Honestly, I think everyone is so "PC" these days, we just sit around waiting for something to make us angry, so we can complain about it. And I mean everyone. You really can't do anything without someone wanting to make a fuss. But do you think method crossed the line here, or is everyone just getting way too upset for no reason? Comment away!

clean sweeps

+ I'm a little concerned about the availability of method lately. Many of us have complained about how Target seems to just continue shrinking down their method product line from store shelves (such a stupid move, mind you!); and Target has been their biggest provider for quite a long time. Luckily, Lowe's Hardware got into the game, and while I'm not sure, I'm betting Lowe's and Target are probably the two retail stores where you can find the largest range of method products. In fact, we got a Lowe's a while back in my hometown (tiny town, let me tell you!) and mom was really excited about the huge end cap of method products! This was her chance to start purchasing them herself, as we don't have a Target (shock!)

So just yesterday, my family has come to Greensboro for Thanksgiving, and we were roaming Target (of course) and mom asked me about method, and mentioned the selection at her Lowe's store was pretty much non-existent at this point. And I've noticed this as well, earlier this year my local Lowe's had two big end caps full of method goodies! They've reduced this all down to one lonely end cap now! What's the deal? And I'm starting to receive emails from many advocates complaining about how these retail stores are removing their favorite method products, and asking what exactly is going on?

Are you noticing this at your local Target, or Lowe's stores?

+ Continuing my (apparently) downer method posts today (which I really don't mean to do!) well, my omop handle broke. Again. I straight up know even the method advocacy team is fed up with those omops. LOL Sadly! I LUST my omop, but really, truly, they need to take that thing in for a design upgrade. What was really weird is, usually the 'o' handle will just snap right off. But this time it cracked off, but had some weird thick flexible plastic around the whole handle, so it "stayed on" but you really can't mop with it, as it just sorta flops back and forth. Ha ha!

Luckily for me, I snagged up an extra one during my big method weekend with Danny Seo and Rachel Goldberg; so I'm not without an omop! But I wish I'd snagged a few more, as I know it's only a matter of time (I swear this is like omop #5 or 6 for me.)method, make the freakin' handle out of metal, like the pole is, and be done with it. It doesn't even need to be in an 'o' shape (though I get that would cause name confusion, but alas.) Whatever the case, I seriously love the omop (so don't get rid of it!), but it's TIME for a redesign.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

holiday gone?

So I'm noticing something troublesome this weekend while strolling through two Target stores. It appears the method holiday line we've received in the stores MIGHT (and that's a big might, as I don't have any official word yet) be it. No additional shipments?

Upon sniffing around the first Target store, I noticed all the cinnamon bark candles were gone, AND the price tag had been flipped over, so it was just a white tag. method hand wash had been put in place of the candles. And at the second store, I noticed not only was the cinnamon bark candles gone, but the tag was gone as well. All that remained were the hollyberry and peppermint vanilla tags. and even the hollyberry candles were gone! So it looks like this might be a case of stock up while you can, because usually Target will just keep restocking when they sell out (especially since uhm, it's not even December yet?) but they're doing some weird things here this year.

Grab it while you can, advocates! I'll let you know if I can get more information on this!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

holiday contest-o-rama!

method's got a nifty holiday contest happening this very moment over on their people against dirty blog! So clickity-click-click and see if you can guess 2 (out of 3) of the very first holiday method scents from 2003! (And no, the picture above is not the answer! Well, not completely, perhaps? Hmm...)

"You will be entered to win a holiday assorted bundle, valued at $26! One entry per person. Must be 18 to enter and be a US, Canadian or UK resident. Contest ends at 12pm on 11/29/09." - Good luck!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mr. shiny suds

UPDATE NOW, with Take Action-ability!


Leave it to method to always take something just ONE step further than you feel comfortable with. And I mean that in a good way! This video is hysterical! Not only are the shiny suds sexist frat boys, but I love when the woman says "what the f*!?" upon discovering them in the morning. ONLY in a method video! Ha ha! It looks like method made this video themselves, which is sorta a peek into what their television commercials could look like, if they were to ever go in that direction! Enjoy!

new marketing in action

Those folks over at Zeus Jones have a really cool blog post on new marketing ideas in action, focusing on method! Here goes:

"As you know, we’re big believers in the idea that brands are increasingly defined by a company’s internal culture. The two examples that we use in our presentation to clients to make this point are Zappos and Method. So it was a rare treat for us to be able to get a tour of Method and spend time with Eric, on our recent trip to Planningness.

Apart from some very cool and top secret stuff they are doing on a product front, the stuff that impressed me the most was the amount of energy and creativity that they devote to their culture. It’s no accident that culture is what defines them. One of the things that really stuck with me was something that Eric said offhandedly, “we always try to find ways to help our people feel like they’re working at a place that matters.”

This becomes increasingly more clear and evident as you walk around their space. From their wall of values which every employee has posted a quote onto, to their staircase of employee pictures with their ideas on “how to keep method weird,” to their grass-lined quiet room, every part of their space is a reflection and an embodiment of who they are. It is literally impossible to work there and not understand what they’re about.

Lest you miss it, one of the touches that I really loved was seeing the kit they lay out for people who are just starting to work there.

Of course it contains all the stuff you’d expect but on page two of their orientation binder is this:

A lottery ticket! It’s a really nice little touch and is emblematic of the attention to detail they’ve taken in all things cultural.

We try to make culture a focus here at ZJ, but I walked away realising we don’t spend half the time on it that we should. I also realised that if, as I believe, brand strength is directly correlated to the strength of your culture, there are very few brands out there who can compete with Method at the moment."


And you're a winner either way! Cause even if you have a losing lottery ticket, you've still won cause you're now working for method! Win, win!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

seasonal savings!

UPDATE Just heard back from the wonderful Sarah at method, and she's got an update on the holiday backorder issue a lot of people are experiencing. It appears there may be two answers.

"1) We are restocking items later this week- orders will be shipped out Monday; and 2) We are pulling items off of the site as we sell out - unfortunately it takes about a day before it appears off of the site. Currently we are ALL out of 3 items, and will be reaching out to those who ordered them and got a backordered notice: spiced pear surface spray, peppermint vanilla surface spray, and hollyberry dish soap."

As I guessed, the hot items (spiced pear and hollyberry dish soap; well, maybe only hot because those were the ones I had my sights on, and I knew they'd sell out quickly; as this was only back stock they were trying to sell) are history.

Here's hoping next year method catches a holiday clue, and brings back everyone's favorite holiday products! I know everyone was excited to see some of them appear on the website, but for many of us it seems it might have been "too good to be true" as they were snatched up quickly, and had a low count to begin with on the remaining products available.

I'll have a post shortly on the whole holiday products line (or lack of), so look for that soon! I hope this at least answers some people's questions concerning their orders.


Wow! Drop what you're doing (well, unless it has anything to do with scalding hot water, small babies, or Ginsu knives!) and run on over to your computer (unless it's right next to you, or up a flight of stairs, or at the repair shop!) and check out method's grand holiday product sale!

They're clearing out the leftovers, and we get the deals! I'm talking hollyberry dish soap for $1.60; cinnamon bark spray cleaner for $1.60; and big bundles of holiday products in your favorite scents for a mere $16.00, and up (depending on HOW many products you want!) All scents are cinnamon bark, peppermint vanilla and hollyberry (except for some yummy leftover spiced pear spray cleaner, also for $1.60!)

So what are you waitin' for? Snow? Better days? Thanksgiving to be over? Bah! Forget all that, and stock up! Head on over for some great finds (unless you have band practice, a car pool, or you're still at work. If so, you might want to wait until after, ok?) Ah heck, shop at work! No one will know, I've checked, and your boss just went to lunch. You've got a one hour window. Don't waste it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

my precious...

Step away from the bottle. Remove your finger from the spray nozzle trigger, and just step away from the bottle. Do not release any of that wonderous elixir! Move, move, move!

Whew, that was a close call! You almost used an old skool treasure from my belusted method vault! One of those products that should, yes very much so, be currently displayed in MOMA! Because more than likely it will never be made again! Discontinued! All gone! Arrivederci! Sniff-sniff! And you lust it oh oh oh so much! So what's a boy to do, except hoard, hide, sneak, and every once in a long while, slip some of these items out, unscrew a cap oh so carefully, and take in a nice, smooth whiff of this scent heaven! Oh method, why have you forsaken me so!?

Come on, you all know what I'm talking about! (Uh, no, Nathan, we don't. Because you've obviously lost it.) I'm talking about those great method products that you've bought up in bulk, because at the time they were being discontinued, and they were your most favorite ever! And you'd bought eight, nay, sixteen bottles/jars/bowls/refills and just KNEW that would be enough to keep you in business for ages! You were set! Ha ha, take that method! But now, you're on your last bottle/jar/bowl/refill (how did THAT happen?!?) and so you decide, against your better judgement (and realizing that something used and loved is better than something hoarded away, but still) to sneak it away into the very back of your method product vault/hideaway. For this has now become a rare bit of method history. Your most amazing method scent/product ever... is no more.


method has changed a lot over the years, and I for one (again, needing mental help) just LOVE looking over items/scents, etc. from their past. Especially stuff that even I have never had the chance to try! (Vanilla melon all purpose spray cleaner, people! Did you even know this existed? Where was I when this was happening?! Tsk-tsk.) And two of the biggest ones (to me at least) have always been the bamboo and coral spray cleaners. Now these are some old skool method products. The method Holy Grail of products, I like to call them! In fact, check out these oh so freakin' awesome tags that were used as part of their product rollout, so very very long ago (I mean, these were two of method's VERY first products, to my knowledge! I will continue to swear to you that I at one time saw the bamboo spray cleaner in my local grocery store, AGES ago. And. Didn't. Buy. It. To this day, I cry and weep in the corner of my bedroom for hours upon this mere thought. Stupid, stupid Nathan! But alas, we must all let go and move on... in just a little bit, let me think about these products just a tad longer, I'm almost through, I promise; hold on a minute...) Are these tags amazing, or what? (Muy muchas gracias, Anna!)

Have you tried the coral spray cleaner? Have you ever even seen it? What about the bamboo? I honestly never thought I'd ever see either of these products. Then one day, just recently, a wonderful method lust reader (hey Jean!) casually posted about having some bamboo spray cleaner, and loving it so much, she retained just a small amount in the original bottle; and every once in a while would take in the divine scent, then seal it back up again! She simply couldn't bare to use the last remaining drops of a product she lusted so much! And yet, get this, she was willing to pour a little into a sample bottle, and send it to ME to try! Oh my word! Did I just fall through a rabbit hole? What was going on here?! And when I received that bottle in the mail, you would have thought it was Christmas day, method style!

Yes, we're both a bit crazy. But come on now, you know you are too. I bet you've done the same thing. Bamboo spray cleaner. Coral spray cleaner. Vanilla melon all-purpose. Magnolia dish soap. Chocolate Martini candles. What's your secret method vault obsession. Something that not only did you buy in bulk once it disappeared from store shelves forever, but NOW can't even bring yourself to use the last container of, because that would mean it would be gone... forever! Here are some of my all-time favorite selections, from my own method vault:

First up is the vroom brand auto product line. Now, honestly, I'll still use these on my car. Just sparingly. Not only did a lot of people not even know about this line, but it was but a blip on the radar, and then, gone! The sea flower (an amazing scent!) interior refresher is sublime, and then you have the wipes, interior protectant, and all purpose cleaner! Drool!

Then we have the iconic method dish soap in the bowling pin bottle, in MINT! I don't even have to say more than that. Mint. Iconic. Ugh, I just can't believe method doesn't still make the mint dish soap. It was so so very awesome!

And what do we have here? Fig aroma spray. Wowzers. Do you know why this is so rare, I can't bring myself to spray a drop of it? Cause not only was it out for a tiny bit of time (- mere months! it was a Fall limited edition) but it just happened to debut at the time when method had some issues with their aroma sprays, and pulled the ENTIRE lot of all aroma sprays from store shelves. Including the fig. Disposing of them all. So chances of finding fig aroma spray at your nearest Big Lots? Well, (though I could of course end up being wrong) I'd say "None! Never!" Oh oh my figgie poo. And then we have beach sage aroma spray! What's that, you say? They never made beach sage aroma spray? Well, but they did. And again while I could be wrong (and please let me know if you ever saw this actual product on your store shelves!) while method sent me a bottle, and said it was released at select Target stores in the US; I NEVER saw it hit a single Target store, nor did I ever hear anyone speak of having found it. So talk about rare? Crazy!

And then some of my favorite rosemary mint floor cleaner. Old skool floor cleaner in a stupendous scent that they really should think of bringing back! (This blows stinky old citrus leaf away! Ha ha! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

Even more! How about some hand lotion, in method's hand wash bottles; in both signature scent (secretly nothing more than sweet water!) and lavender? Or what about aroma sprays in spiced pear and frosted cranberry? When was the last time you saw aircare in the holiday line? (And it's disappointing every year that we don't, too!) Or some delicious candles in magnolia, creamy vanilla and spiced berry scents! (Confession, I actually burnt the spiced berry all the way down, but keep the box for posterity's sake!) Lemongrass hand wash! Only the most Heavenly grassy scent ever! And when I mention lemongrass hand wash to method, they're always like "lemongrass? When did we make lemongrass?!" Ohhhh. Seriously, I know method has to cater to the "lowest common denominator" when it comes to scents and customers who think Glade and Pine-sol smell fabulous, but some of the scents they've discontinued seriously have so much more unique wow! over a few of the subpar ones they've been using forever (I shall mention none by name.)

And oh, what about these really old skool cleaning spray bottles? We've got bathroom spray cleaner (in cucumber, which you can see is totally gone!) and some remaining grapefruit mandarin spray cleaner for the kitchen, which I can't bring myself to finish using, cause I lust it so! Whew!


So there you go! Old skool products, horribly hoarded away! Should they be behind glass protected with laser beam security, or used up and lusted while doing so? And what might your horrible hoard secret be? Do tell!
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