Tuesday, May 13, 2008

method profiles - gina maffei

Hey all, it's method profiles!

Today we have Gina Maffei! I'm not really feeling too peachy today, so you're off the hook Gina! No gentle ribbing or method lust witisisms from me. So without further ado, on to you!

1+ Your name, please? And do you have a nickname at method?

2+ What was your first method lust?
Hands down the French Lavender hand soap – It was love at first site between the tear drop shaped bottle and me.

3+ What brought you to method, the company? (How did you become interested in a career with method?)
I use to do some outside work for method, and through that was introduced to the accounting/finance team! I just knew from then on that I had to work here.

4+ What is your title/dept. at method, and what is it you do there? How long have you been with method?
“Big Spender” aka Senior Accountant – I work in the G&A department (accounting/finance/legal) I started with Method in September 2007 ~ so about 7 months.

5+ What is the biggest thing you are currently doing, besides using method products, to help out the environment?
Driving minimally (and giving up my car in May), giving up using plastic bags, trying to shop locally and organically – for me I am trying to do the little things.

6+ Who's the last person you've turned onto method?
A random stranger on the streets of New York! I caught her going into the Whole Foods in Union Square.

7+ Which one best describes you as a person? Pink Grapefruit, French Lavender, Cucumber, or Go Naked?

Thanks so much! Check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next method profile!

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Anonymous said...

hey big spender. a real big spender. miss maffei, you're one of the best method ladies out there...cleaning up parties has never been so squeaky clean and fun! qd./

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