Thursday, October 7, 2010

holiday preview

While it's not going to be available at your local Target until early November, take a peek at what you can already find (and buy) at! method's holiday 2010 line of hand washes in hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla! Unfortunately that looks like all we'll be getting, as method pretty much slashed their holiday line last year (remember all those wonderful dish soaps, spray cleaners, candles and aroma sprays, as well as new scents each year... mmm!)

...which brings us to something interesting. Seems Mrs. Meyers has taken notice of the fact that a substantial holiday line is missing from the green cleaning products category once more, and started bulking up their own! This year brings us spray cleaner, dish soap, hand wash and a candle in orange clove! And you can also pick up last years Iowa pine, as well as new cranberry and snicker doodle scents - all in candles!

So while it's unfortunate method has decided to roll up their holiday line (and give us the same scents as last year) we can at least look forward to some great new environmentally friendly holiday products and scents from Mrs. Meyers this year! They'll probably hit stores at about the same time as method's holiday hand wash line. (But you can already purchase Mrs. Meyers online, as well!)


Anonymous said...

Caldrea, which also owns Mrs Meyers, is making its own Target line:

The pumpkin chai is awesome.

Jason said...

LOVE Mrs. Meyers! I will be buying tons of the holiday line!

As far as Method Holiday, I will grab some Hollyberry Soap.

Nathan Aaron said...

Let's hope this time around Caldrea gets smart and puts it in ALL the Targets. Their last line had candles, and other aircare items that were limited to only 200 stores, which I thought was absolutely stupid. Everyone else just got one basic candle and the cleaning supplies. I have five Targets around me, and none of them were in the "200". (Sorry, a little bitter about that one. Ha ha!)

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