Monday, January 3, 2011

ebay holiday finds!

+ method hollyberry and snowy days candle and gel hand wash/lotion duo set - $10.00 (starting bid) + $10.79 shipping - Whoa! Did Santa not get you what you were wishing for this Christmas? Well, if so, perhaps this might make you ho ho happy! We're talking an old school (and that bold should be bolded!) package of hollyberry and snowy days candles snuggled warmly together with hollyberry hand wash and snowy days lotion (snowy days was one of method's very first holiday scents! It's really crisp, clean, and fresh smelling!) I haven't seen these in forever!

+ method hollyberry candle and gel hand wash set - $7.95 (Buy It Now price) + $7.15 shipping - Or if you just have an eternal lusting for hollyberry, and miss method's rad candles, you can pick up this (still old school!) holiday gift set!

Either way, don't miss out! (And don't you wonder sometimes where in the world the stuff from ebay comes from? I mean, seriously? Do people just keep this ancient stuff in their basement for a rainy ebay day? All the better for us, I say!)

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