Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new goodies roundup!

Next time you're in Target, you might wanna make sure to grab a basket, cause method's new goodies are starting to pop up like baby bunnies in the spring time! So I thought now would be a grand ole' time to make sure all you lusters know what's hitting the shelves!

method is debuting the following rad items: hand wash in lemon mint (gel + foaming - limited edition), hibiscus flower (gel + foaming - limited edition), waterfall (foaming), clementine (gel - limited edition), and juicy pear (gel - limited edition.)

additional (non-hand wash items, cause that's a lot of hand wash to keep track of!) include: lemon mint dish soap (limited edition), clementine and cucumber dish soap pouch refills, water lily & aloe laundry detergent (Wholefoods exclusive), fresh air and free + clear laundry detergent refill pouches, orange zest antibac kitchen cleaning spray, orange zest antibac kitchen wipes, clementine all-purpose cleaning spray, and completely reformulated all-purpose spray cleaners in all fragrances (with new bottle packaging), including mint glass cleaner than can now also be used as an all-purpose cleaner (so if you lust mint you can use the glass cleaner to clean your entire house now! - Yes!) Whew! I think that's it!

All of these have now popped up at most of my local Targets. the hand washes are hit or miss at the moment (with the lemon mint and hibiscus flower gel hand washes yet to hit my stores.)

And can I just say without a doubt, the juicy pear hand wash is divine! It totally smells like fresh pear slices! Oh, it's great! method's holiday spiced pear scent is off the charts, but until they bring that back for us lusters (hint, hint method! Holiday 2011?) juicy pear will definitely not disappoint!

What are you most excited for? What goodies will you pick up first?


Karin said...

The only new products at my local target were the lemon mint dish soap and clementine hand soap. I was majorly disappointed in the lemon mint dish soap, not good - I couldn't even smell the mint. The clementine was nice, but nothing special. I'm looking forward to the hibiscus flower in the foaming hand soap...and I'd also like to smell the juicy pear. My recent favorite is the basil hand soap, love it! I just wish they would bring back beach sage or fig...I miss them the most!

Nathan Aaron said...

Karin, could you IMAGINE fig hand wash?! OH. MY. WORD. Even for the holidays! (I don't know, fig could be holiday-ish? Right? LOL) That would be the most amazing thing in the world! :)

Rhonda said...

I just noticed today they have a temporary price reduction to 2.49 till May 7th. On the Target website there is a coupon to print out for 50 cents off Method products as well. (I think you can only print 2) I love the pear! I feel crazy because I do have quite a stash of handsoap.

josh said...


I've been creeping my targets, and they all have one of those temporary price reduction tags for something called "All Purpose Spray - Blue Sky" (or some 'scent' I don't know of).

What is this all about?!

Nathan Aaron said...

Blue Sky is the old name for the glass cleaner. Now method just calls it all-purpose glass and surface cleaner. (But Target apparently missed the memo. ;)

Blue Sky was to glass cleaner what Wood for Good is for wood cleaner, Daily Granite is for granite cleaner, etc. :)

josh said...

Oh yes, never mind I knew that. I was getting overexcited about nothing! D:

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Suegnet van der Spuy said...

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