Wednesday, June 13, 2012

lustful speculation

Hey fellow lusters, I got a question for you! I realize it's a long shot, and wow has it been a day, so perhaps I'm just delusional, but just on the off chance, I want some advocate speculation. So method just posted on their Facebook page this wonderful shot of their fragrance director, Suzanne, giving a discussion on the process for creating method scents. Awesome! Look at all those reference photos, and the different items sitting on the shelf that she'd used to help her come up with all method's amazing sniff-mmm-ahh's! But wait, what... what is that? There, in the right corner, next to the 7-load bottle of laundry detergent. It kinda looks like some foaming hand wash, but it seems like it's in a really, really big bottle? There's a bottle of waterfall foaming just down the line, on the left, and yeah, I know there is some perspective going on here, but still... it also seems to be "dressed" in their new shrink wrap packaging... hmm.

Am I crazy? What do you think? I'm guessing a) it's just perspective and you need to go get a drink and go to bed early, Nathan; or b) a new kitchen hand wash (those come in big bottles) but in a foaming version (and a new scent); or c) brand new packaging for their dish soap, which lots of people complain you can't just sit on your sink and hit the pump or it'll shoot out all over you (and this bottle type would solve that problem, no? Or just picking it up off the shelf and squirting some on your sponge, you lazy mcDaisy! Ha!) Time will tell, time will tell...

What do you think?


Jamison Combs said...

So ready for something new from Method. Getting a little bored.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great read.

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