Wednesday, October 3, 2012

sneak peek - holiday 2012

sugared mint dish soap, frosted fir and sugared mint hand wash
Fall is here, so it's a perfect time to talk about holiday 2012! Huh? What about pumpkins and ghosties and hot apple cider? Pish! And posh! Who needs that when you have sugared mint and frosted fir! Ho ho ho-no! (Oh, yes!)
Though I must admit, as I was purchased a mistletoe candle at my Banana Republic last night (they have great seasonal candles!) I did express to the cashier that it might be a touch too early to be buying Christmas candles, but alas, I have a problem that only gingerbread and snowflakes can fix! So with that said, here's your holiday 2012 method sneak peek! method is calling them the "everything nice" and sugar and spice" collections!
gingerbread and mistletoe hand wash, frosted fir dish soap
This year brings the yay! return of frosted fir hand wash (gel)! I lust this stuff! It smells like Christmas trees and happiness! But along with frosted fir comes three new scents! Well, actually one new scent, but I'll get to that in a moment. We're also going to see sugared mint in hand wash (gel) and dish soap. (method, I have a threat for you. If this smells like candy cane, which smelled like peppermint vanilla, and you've just given it another new name for this holiday season, there's gonna be some black and blue elves. You've been warned.)
Next up will be gingerbread and mistletoe scents in foaming hand wash. These are actually two old method scents (though they might have been updated for 2012.) Gingerbread once existed in method's aircare fall edition line (and it was divine), while mistletoe is a hand wash scent from way back in method's heyday! I'm excited to see its return! And there will also be frosted fir dish soap to round out the entire line!
Are you excited? I can't wait! I have to say (and I say this every year, so just sigh along with me and get it over with) but I hate the whole foaming hand wash/gel hand wash "war". Ha! I was so excited for these new gingerbread and mistletoe scents, but they're both in foaming. I don't get foaming. Is it for lazy people who want their soap pre-suds-ed for them? Now, now, I'm not picking on you foaming hand wash luster (well, a little) but I just don't get it. So I'm disappointed these scents aren't in gel. We had frosted fir and candy cane in gel last year, so method should have shook it up a bit and given those to the foaming fans this year, and did the new scents in gel. But hey, I don't work there, so I don't know what their thinking is. And you know the old saying, "If you can't please everyone, at least please Nathan!" Oh no no, that's not it! Is it? (wink!)
I have to say, my favorite bottle shrinkwrap designs are for both the frosted fir items. They're nice, geometric and classy chic! The others are a bit too cutesy to me, which doesn't feel like method's usual direction. (What do you think?) These will be hitting Target shelves in early November, and you can already purchase them at (and soon on!)
Along with the holiday line, method has also released a new breast cancer awareness line of gel hand washes. These are available in their previous "designed for good" scents of mimosa sun and botanical gardens. And if that wasn't enough, they're relaunching their hand sanitizer line in little cute carry bottles (finally!) featuring their sweet water scent. The hand sanitizers have already been spotted in Targets!

So what will you be picking up for Santa Claus this year? Are you loving the new scents for the holidays? Let method lust know in the comments! (And thanks to anonymous for the holiday/ shout out!)


Sprockets said...

I agree the foaming vs gel hand wash thing is silly. The gel hand washes last forever! I think a bottle lasts me at least 4 months. And I wash my hands all the time! This in part explains why I have a display of like 18 method hand washes in my bathroom. Which friends always comment on with some confusion and concern for my sanity.

I always wanted to try the old mistletoe scent. What's it like?

I'm glad the hand sanitizer is back. Wish it was in eucalyptus mint (or beach sage!) and not yucky sweet water. Surprised is doesn't have the CleanWell anti-bac oregano oil in it...

Gary said...

Hey Nathan,

You need to tell this Sprockets guy to send in a photo of his 18 hand washes in the bathroom. We keep eight in our bathroom at all times and guests to our house are both amused and bemused by it. When I say "we", it's really just me, but my wife tolerates my being a fan of method soap.

I'm looking forward to smelling the new scents, but I don't generally buy the foaming stuff, so I'll probably just sniff it in the Target store when it arrives.

Frosted Fir is a favorite holiday/winter scent. And Botanical Garden kind of reminds me of our trip to Tahiti many years ago.

Keep up the good work, Nathan!

josh said...



Sugared Mint sounds so good and the peace/joy pacakging is so cute. The snowman design for mistletoe looks super cheeseball though. Like some basic ~softsoap~ sort of thing.

Jamison Combs said...

The Frosted Fir bottles are sexy as hell! Love them! They're going to be a nice modern nod to Christmas.

Christmas kicks off November 1st at Target, so I am hoping they'll have them on the shelves bright and early that morning. Was taking to a Store Lead and he was saying they're coming in the night of October 31st to transform the store into a magical Christmas wonderland of all things Target! CAN'T WAIT!

josh said...

Wegmans has sugared mint in gel and both gingerbread and mistletoe in foaming!

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