Tuesday, April 16, 2013

c'est la vie (but keep it green)

Photograph ©2010 Jill Greenberg

Where have you been, Nathan? What's the deal'e'oh?! You went all out and celebrated your happy fifth anniversary, and then joined the witness protection program! I realize you had a lot of cake during your anniversary celebration! Did you fall into a sugar coma? Was that punch spiked just a touch too much? And you sure did throw down some moves, dancing your legs off to some pumpin' dubstep while confetti streamed down from the sky! Did you break a leg? I mean, it's been five years of method (and going green) lustfulness! Time flies! - And gives us squeaky green floors, and countertops, and sweet smelling sheets! And I'm so glad you've all been along for the eco ride! Because, as I've said in the past, without you lusters, well, I'd be blogging on Mars. Knocking down trees in the forest with no one around to hear them drop. You know, writing to the wind! So I'm really glad that hasn't been the case!

Oh, oh, oh... But alright. Where have I been? I've got some news. It's sniffly wet nose news. method lust is going on sabbatical. I'm sure you've noticed the trend of lighter posts for a bit now, and I just felt on the momentous occasion of our fifth anniversary (though I'm a little behind on this actual post, I realize) now is better than never. (Well, I'm sure we'd all like it to be never, but no, it's now, unfortunately.)

The reasons are vast and varied, so let me focus on the main one. Way back in 2008 there was no method social interaction. - Wha?! For reals. method didn't have a blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, nada. Actually I'm not even sure half of that existed back then. But hey, they didn't have a Friendster or Myspace page either. So I felt it was time they did, and so I could also gush and squeal about how amazing they are! And hence, method lust was born! Today, method has taken the reins and they've got a whole slew of social media means! We’re talking Twitter, Facebook, their own website blog, YouTube and television videos/advertisements and I’m pretty sure they even have weekly San Fran smoke signal messages! (Ok, they don’t really have weekly San Fran smoke signal messages. I stretched the truth there just a bit. I’ll admit it, ok?) So therefore, I've decided to take a sabbatical (how long, who knows? But keep reading) and let method shout it personally from their mountaintops! Alright, well more so from their offices! They're definite pros at it now! But never fear, they and you will always know how much I lust method! - Blog posts or not. (And this being the internet and all, just in case there's any "people-jumping-to-conclusions-ness" going on, this was solely my decision to make. I'm sure method would love for me to slather them in lustfulness forever!)

But here's my suggestion to you: don't go deleting ole' method lust from your bookmarks, or your RSS readers, or your feeds, or how the heck ever you read this! Because I'm not going away completely (remember, sabbatical.) When new products pop up on the shelves, or some huge news slaps me in the face, or I stumble upon the greatest eco-green idea on the planet and I want to share it with everyone else, well, you know where it's gonna end up! Here on method lust! So there won't be weekly fixes any longer, but the site will still be up for me to pop into every once in a while, and for everyone else to peruse. Because there is a lot of useful, fun, and wacky information here on this blog and I refuse to let it slowly fade away! I've put a ton of blood, sweat, sugary beverages, and tears into method lust - and I'm ever so grateful you (and method!) have been here with me! In fact, I'd love for you all to leave a comment, and let method lust (and all it's readers) know how long you've been reading this blog! Give yourself a shout out, because you deserve it!

Thank you method (for always supporting method lust, and me, personally. You all rock!) And thank you lusters for reading and sharing your thoughts, opinions and method-y desires! So don't be a stranger, and I'll do the same! And don't forget all these great official method choices for your lusting needs:

+ method Facebook
+ method Twitter
+ method YouTube

And last but not least, let's take a quick trip back in time to a bit of my very first post:

"...welcome to method lust! I'm so excited to have begun this blog. It's been on my mind for some time, and I've finally decided to get to it. My reason for starting this blog is simple, I'm a method addict! I love the stuff, and I can't get enough. From the amazing scents, to the gorgeous packaging, and the great for the environment products and mentality, I just LOVE it!"


She's crafty, and she's just my type. said...

Hi! I've been reading for about 3.5 years ish ? I found you by searching WTF happened to the aroma line? And then I won a fabulous box full of aroma stuff for some reason (I can't even remember anymore..) but I'm still using it so I will be forever grateful. All the best to you!

Sprockets said...

The special edition of spray cleanser in beach sage is surely worthy of a little mid-sabbatical post of joy :D

Nathan Aaron said...

It is pretty great, Sprockets! I'll have to post the last new items of the year here shortly (including holiday!)

method said...

nathan! we are very sad to see method lust take a sabbatical, but we totally understand. you'll always be our #1 advocate. thanks for all your amazing support over the years.

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