Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lemony mint and friends!

I found some surprise goodie joys at my local Target yesterday! I knew method already had a slew of new hand washes that have hit our happy shelves (of course I knew, this is method lust yo!), but the poo-poo problem was two hand washes, lemon mint and hibiscus flower in gel, were only available in Target stores that also carried a large grocery store section (Target, you don't ever make no sense to me, alright?)

Well, luckily for me (and therefore, you too! Cause we're all friends here, really now) I stumbled upon an end cap near the hand wash at my Target, with a title card hanging above the shelves that said "special purchase" and low and, the second half of that phrase is, behold I found the lemon mint and hibiscus flower gel hand washes! But obviously as the sign says, they're a special purchase, so I'd run on out and pick up a few while the pick'en'of'em up is good!


Sprockets said...

I really like the new Juicy Pear gel wash. Lemon Mint fell a bit flat. It just smells slightly of lemon, and that's it.

What is Hibiscus Flower like? Is it really perfumey like Waterfall or the Violet one? Wasn't a fan of either of those.

I'm also not allowed to buy any more method. hand wash as I have about 30 stored up right now...

Still in love with Fresh Currant =)

Nathan Aaron said...

LOL Sprockets, yeah, you might want to slow down. Most of my stored method hand wash is holiday scents.

I like the pear a lot, too! You're right on target with the lemon mint. In fact, I love the lemongrass SO much more than the lemon mint, I'm thinking of "supporting" my lemongrass scent and not buying the lemon mint! Ha! All my scents that I usually love get discontinued, so I have to give them all the help I can!

The Hibiscus is very flowery (and yes, I'd say perfumey.)

thelahobo said...

I completely agree as well about lemon mint. It's just not well balanced, but I do have to say that they hit the color right on! It's one of their best, vibrant colors.

And yes... juicy pear is AMAZING!

kirby said...

I don't particularly care for the hibiscus scent and it seems really drying for some reason BUT that shade of pink matches the bathroom in my adorable new condo so nicely...

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