Monday, December 12, 2011

clean sweeps - hide & seek!

Fans of method (and hey, aren't we all!) will want to stop by their closest TJ Maxx today, right now, this very moment, and see what kind of goodies they'll find, method style!

On a recent trip to the Maxx, I stumbled upon violet bloom and refresh mint gel and foaming hand wash ($1.99! - they were in the body care section of the store), olive leaf and almond flower soap bars (ridiculously priced at $7.99!? I could swear that's more than they originally cost at Target stores), and finally, some method Pro Chef cleaning products (exclusively sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond.) - I found the Pro Chef stainless steel cleaner.

So head on out, and let me know what method surprises you find at TJ Maxx (and quite possibly at Marshall's, as they're both owned by the same company.) - Good luck!


tracy said...

Homegoods (also related to T.J. Max) had some of the 25 load laundry detergent bottles in the free&clear and peony blossom which is getting harder and harder to find
I checked another location and didn't spot any so not sure just how many shops would have had it in stock to start with, but for 4 bucks a bottle it was worth looking for
I hoped to find a few sweet pea or lavender cedars but I am pretty pleased with my find

Kristen Leverton Helbert said...

Thanks so much for this tip! I went to T.J. Maxx and found the violet bloom in gel hand wash, the refresh mint and water flower in foaming hand wash, a huge amount of peony blossom in the 25-load detergent, and a few bottles of the free + clear 25-load detergent. There were also two different Pro Chef cleaners. I was hope hope hoping there would be some method baby, but not this trip. Thanks again for letting me know it was time for a trip to T.J. Maxx! Everything was at great prices so I stocked up.

bittersweetsonata said...

They just had the Pro Chef at my Marshalls, so I got a bottle. I'll have to check Homegoods post Christmas. Thanks for the tip Nathan!

BTW, my Bed Bath and Beyond is discontinuing the entire method line to make room for more Simple Human products. I'm pretty sure they are going down to just 50 load bottles of detergent only nationwide. Confirmation?

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