Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Update +  Meagan (method's official chatty cathy (aka brand experience community associate) wanted to let method lust know:

"...just wanted to clarify: the smarty dish packaging is getting a facelift, but it will still be the same great formula inside. Stay tuned for a possible re-formulation later this year…"


re-introducing the new and improved smarty dish, now using method's (mineral based) Powergreen technology! Complete with cute new stylish packaging, too boot! Already on the shelves of your local Target (well, mine at least. I've only seen the pink grapefruit at the moment, but I'm sure free + clear will be popping up soon to give my dishes a squeaky clean shine!)


Kristen Leverton Helbert said...

I hope this basically leaves them unchanged b/c they work fantastically for me just as they currently are.

Jase T said...

I always had trouble with the previous Smarty Dish tabs leaving a film on some dishes. I switched to 7th Gen and Ecover and haven't had the problem. I might give Smarty Dish a try again, depending on the ingredients. I never have understood why a dishwasher detergent needed a scent though.

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