Monday, April 16, 2012

eco - free food?

I know, I know, I know! I've been so slack on envrionmental/going green posts here on method lust! What's the deal'e'oh, yo?! Well, here you go! I just found this today and my eyes, they were'a opened! People (with plenty of income) going grocery store dumpster diving for free groceries, all in order to live more simply, and environmentally friendly (including stopping unnecessary waste.) I'm really curious what your thoughts are here! Could you do this? Do you do this? Don't be shy - share!


Jamison Combs said...

I have multiple friends that dumpster dive here in Columbia, SC. Hell, we hit up the local Dunkin Donuts almost weekly during college. We'd serve the donuts to almost the entire college campus the following morning.

Can't say at my current stage in life I would dumpster drive. I often do however ask for items before they're tossed and have developed good relationships with butchers and local store managers so I get "the hookup" pretty often. I'm glad to say most of the stores I shop at (Earth Fare and Publix) donate their items on the regular.

Gary said...

I'm impressed by these young peoples' resourcefulness and altruism. I'm afraid I don't presently have it in me to sneak around grocery stores at night and dive into their dumpsters for dinner. When the guy talked about his shoes getting soggy, it made me a little squeamish. (Not a big fan of the dumpster juice.) Plus, when a young person does something like this, I view it as revolutionary and brave. But if a middle-aged man like myself were caught raiding the dumpster, I might view it as desperate and sad. This is my own shortcoming, but I'm willing to own it. (Good for them, too, for busting the stores for wasting food. SOMEONE should be eating it!)

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