Wednesday, April 11, 2012

yay, nay, what'chu say?

Spring has sprung! That's all. It really had nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew it was spring time now. Ok? Glad we got that out of the way.

And with that said, so, so, what do you think? We've all had plenty of time to try out some of our possibly new favorite method goodies! Antibac toilet cleaner in spearmint scent, anyone? How about some limited edition hand wash in watermelon patch, coconut grove, and daffodil bouqet? Oh, oh, I know, you're more a lime + sea salt kinda guy or gal? Or just maybe you can't get enough of the new magnolia, olive leaf, and or (hey, why not all three!) white tea moisturizing body wash?

Well, whatever it may be, tell us in the comments what new method products you're lusting? What have you been using? Does it get a yay, or a nay? And with that, I have one more thing to say. Summer is in two and a half-ish months. - That is all.


Logan said...

I absolutely love Coconut Grove. I wish they made all their products in this sent, year round.

I also love the lime a sea salt scent (especially in APC). It makes the room smell so fresh and cheerful (does that make sense?) I'll be sad to see it go.

I loved Methods old body washes, and was very eager to try the new ones. I have yet to try white tea, so I can't comment on that.

The first body wash I tried was olive leaf and I ended up not liking it very much. It just had this sharp smell that annoyed me after a while.

I then bought magnolia and I am quite pleased. It has a great smell and almost reminds me of coconut (PLEASE MAKE COCONUT GROVE BODY WASH)

However, I notice that these new body washes do not foam up or lather as well as the old ones. Maybe this has to do with the moisturizing aspect of it, but it does make showering slightly harder.

Keep up the great scents Method!

Nathan Aaron said...

Their new body wash line leaves a LOT to be desired, IMHO. :) (More on that later!)

Gary said...

Hey Nathan,

Good to see you back posting after a longish time away. You were missed!

As for scents, my favorite method hand wash gel right now is botanical garden. It's a very gentle, but distinct floral fragrance, reminiscent of my trip to Tahiti. Too bad it isn't more readily available (via Target, perhaps?) to more people.

I also really like the new spearmint toilet cleaner. Really never thought I'd be caught dead taking a big, healthy whiff of my own toilet bowl, but this product makes me feel better about cleaning the biffy without poisoning the environment.

Not too keen on any of the new body washes. (They're "alright", I guess.) But I agree with Logan, they moisturizing stuff seems to not only change the product's consistency, but it's ability to easily lather. If they made a body wash in botanical garden, I'd love that.

That's enough for now. Thanks for reading this.

Jamison Combs said...

Agreed about the body wash. Bought a bottle last night and it seems the texture of the formula has dramatically changed. I expected more creamy and rich. This seams watered down. Still worked great and smells great--- got the job done. I agree about making it in coconut. The Olive isn't bad. My other option would leave me smelling like a sack of flowers.

Can we start a petition for Lime Sea Salt to become a permanent scent? DAMN I LOVE THAT SCENT.

Nathan Aaron said...

LOL EVERYONE appears to love Lime + Sea Salt, so I have a feeling it'll become a regular scent. I've never heard such excitement over a new method scent before!

The body wash is watery as all get out. And just being honest here, it seems like method decided the only people purchasing their body wash were older women, and released new scents accordingly. They're overly flowery, overly strong, and overly ick. I know that's extreme, but man did they fail with this soft relaunch (IMHO.)

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman but I HATE super sweet, cloying scents like the new waterfall, hibiscus flower, and spring scents of the hand washes! Yuck!

However, I LOVE the new lime and sea salt and also the green tea and aloe which I never see anymore. I just prefer more subtle, less floral scents.

Nathan Aaron said...

Yeah, anonymous, I apologize for my quick comment. I guess I'm lumping every woman together with my above statement, and that wasn't what I meant at all! :)

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