Thursday, July 26, 2012

sneak peek - orla kiely + method

 I got a secret for you! Fall is only two-ish and so months away! And living in North Carolina, I can't wait til it gets here! Seriously, Mother Nature can keep summer. It sucks. Major style. Like, it sucks words I can't even type on this blog or I'd get in trouble and have to go wash my mouth out with soap. But it would be method soap, so that wouldn't be so bad.

Anywho, along with fall comes method's new limited edition hand wash line! This time they collaborated with designer Orla Kiely to create their shrinkwrap bottle designs! You might remember she also recently had a line of exclusive items at your local Target stores!
photo via Angela Matusik at Shelteriffic, 2012

Lusters will also be getting four new scents! These include bay leafvanilla chai, primrose, and pear ginger. (I'm really excited for the bay leaf and pear ginger!) All will be available in gel and foaming hand wash, and the pear ginger will also be available in dish soap and all-purpose cleaner!  

The new hand washes are already hitting store shelves at some Targets, but the actual date for release is mid-August. Special thanks to method luster Rhonda for giving me this tip!

Are you excited? What do you think of the new fragrances?

image via method home, 2012


Rhonda said...

Hey Nate, I bought the Bayleaf, lovely! The bottles are so pretty and match my Orla Keily kitchen stuff from Target.

Nathan Aaron said...

Wonderful, Rhonda! My Targets are so slow at getting things! I checked three of them, nada! Patience, patience, I guess! :)

Karin said...

I've seen and smelled the vanilla's pretty nice, but definitely a fall scent, which I'm not ready for yet. My only complaint is about the shrinkwrap...which seems cheap to me. I wish they would actually print on the plastic, or use stickers. Shrinkwrap just always seems chintzy...and Orla Kiely designs deserve better than that!

Nathan Aaron said...

I really didn't think I'd be interested in the vanilla chai, but it's kinda great! You're completely right, though, it's a total fall scent! I, on the other hand, am READY for fall! (But I'll wait til it actually gets here before I buy the chai. Ha!)

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