Thursday, December 17, 2009

carbon copy

Hmm! Check out that photo? What might you see?

I stumbled upon this product at my local TJ Maxx a couple of days ago! It's a candle line from a brand called beanpod candles (soy candles). But what really caught my eye was the jar it came in. method's old ceramic soy candle jar, painted a shiny black! But the shape was totally method! I wonder if this might be a rip-off design, or another case of method having leftover containers it sold to another brand (as they've done in the past.) Curious! (What's really interesting is this particular jar is nowhere to be found on their website, so hmm...)


Anonymous said...

If it was at TJ-Maxx, it's probably from last year. Beanpod has been around a minute.
I see one of their other jar designs looks suspiciously like woodwick. :)

Jason said...

Beanpod candles are really great!

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