Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ho ho download-e-oh!

method's taken their website and holiday-ed it all up! And left us a little treat under the tree, ta' boot! Right now you can click on over to method's official website, or hey, just click this link here and get a big ole' $2.00 (yes, $2.00!) off method coupon! Good to use in retail stores! So go ho ho ho, and download! Wait, if you went ho ho ho that might mean you were Santa, and Santa doesn't open the gifts he gives out, so perhaps you should just drink some eggnog, and download! Or hot chocolate! Or hot apple cider! Or whatever the heck holiday drink you like, 'kay? (Glogg, anyone?)

(PS - You can only download one coupon per household. Just lettin' you know, cause if you try for more, you'll just be wasting paper. Trust me on this!)

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