Thursday, July 22, 2010

sneak peek - dish soap

UPDATE Looks like I might be right about my August instead of September guess! A fellow advocate asked method about the apparent lack of fabric softener on store shelves, and their response was: "are you psychic? check the shelves mid august." So expect to see a new "lighthouse" fabric softener bottle (in the new laundry scents) this August; and I'd definitely say this is when many of the other new items (kitchen hand wash line, new dish soap, etc.) will also hit! It's just a matter of a few weeks! We can do it! (Well, actually I'm not so sure, but I'm gonna try! Real hard like!)


Well, that was quick! Thanks to this snappy new article over on, we now get a really nice sneak peek of method's brand new dish soap (version 4.0!)

As I've mentioned before, they're taking their new, highly awarded (in fact they just won another one!) and lauded laundry "lighthouse" shaped bottle, and placing it on your kitchen sink! Along with that, we know now that at least one new scent will be clementine (which I'm dying to give a sniff! Clementine, mmm!) Another interesting bit is this new bottle will hold 18 oz. of dish soap, compared to the previous 25 oz. (which from the image seen on site, seems to have been maintained throughout all three previous bottle versions.) Not sure if this will mean a reduction in the price or not (I'd go with a not, given how everything seems to be going up, up, up! Have you eaten at Subway lately?! Oh wait, I digress...) But the extra good news is it's concentrated! So you use less! So I'd call that a win-win!

More soon! In the meantime, read this! (And... one more exclamation point! There, done.)


Jason said...

Clementine? That sounds like a good one! I love the bottle design! Hope to see some other new "flavors" as well!

kirby said...

Ooh! So do you think we'll see other "matching" clementine products? :D

Rhonda said...

Clementine sounds great.
I love the limited edition Violet handsoap at Target right now too.

Bradley said...


Clementine, Cucumber and Sea Minerals seem to be the core three scents for the new dish,

Lemongrass and Basil the two "Kitchen Handwashes"

New laundry scent looks to be Lavender & Cedar

Fabric softener is fresh air

Nathan Aaron said...

Bradley, WHOA! Thanks! I'm not sure how you got this info, but keep it comin! ha ha ha! I really appreciate it! And sweet pea has been on the shelf for a couple of months. (It's a Babies R' Us exclusive right now.) Thanks again! I've already added the info. to a post!

netta said...

can't wait to try the clementine scent and love the new bottle by the way. Is it going to be a foam or a gel?

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