Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sneak peek - (was) live!

Eric Ryan is now speaking live (see post below!) And he's already given some sneak peeks for upcoming products debuting this September (or earlier!) Above, new dish soap in the lighthouse (laundry detergent) pump! Tada!

Anti-bacterial spray cleaner (I'm sorta shocked about this one!)

And kitchen hand wash (to help remove heavy scents, such as garlic, onions, etc.)


I can't wait! I so wish I could read those bottles, and figure out the fragrances! Ah, patience, Nathan. Patience!


Apparently there is a new website coming! (Not sure if it's a new website, or a specialty website ala methodlaundry.)


They also liked to have a little fun with Eric, as well. You'll notice the mariachi band in the background. They also had dancing daisies, and some Trojan warriors throughout the hour!


kirby said...

Ahh, I have been so excited to read this post all day. Love the new dish soap pump design. What scent is that? It doesn't look like our grapefruit/lavender/cucumber staples.

Nathan Aaron said...

I think we're getting NEW scents! (Not sure if the old ones are going away or staying, though.)

Jamison cOMBS said...

And with the new bottle design comes a smaller sized bottle. (Size does matter.) (Price matters too.) Here's to hoping the price stays the same... or gets cheaper.

Definitely excited about the new design. Also very much excited about the anti-bacterial spray. I'm not huge on anti-b stuff, but when I handle chicken/fresh meat, I like a cleaner that can get rid of the bacteria it leaves behind on the counter. Call me OCD. I call it safe.

I'm hoping there is some consistency in the colors of the bottles. I hate having multiple colored bottles throughout the kitchen. Prefer the hand soap, dish soap and all surface spray to match. (Take not Method. I know you spy on our comments.) I'm all for some new scents.

Bastet said...

I'm not getting any video at all when I click on those pix. What gives?
Anyway, Sept. is so far away. What is happening now? The methodhome site has almost nothing on it. About five hand soap scents. I was in shock. Target has waterfall the the old standbys. What is going on? I did score Peony at Babys R Us and I now us it as my gentle wash (good bye Woolite). But it seems to me they were talking about all kind of fascinating new scents, like that violet stuff and I can't find it anywhere.
Here in Chicago, Method presence is still going down, down, down, and I write to method and tell them to get their sales reps out here. Don't know what else to do. Mrs. Meyers sucks!

Nathan Aaron said...

Bastet, the link to the video is in the post above this one. The original video was a live chat, and wasn't available once it ended; until put up the recorded video a couple days later. Clicking on the pics won't take you to the video. Hope that helps!

nettodo said...

if you look closely. you'll notice that the antibac cleaner is powered by CleanWell, which as we should know, is the first company to make an all-natural, alcohol, chloride, and crazy-stuff-free hand sanitizer. This is not the first time CleanWell has partnered with an all-natural cleaning product company.

Jamison cOMBS said...

CleanWell has partnered with Seventh Generation. Very interesting. Method... you read this stuff... Any thoughts? What are the new "flavors" of the dish soap too?!? PLEASE TELL.

josh said...

OHHHH MANNNN I'm really excited about the new dish soap and antibacterial spray!

I've never really had issues with the existing dish bottles like everyone else seems to have had, but this new one is definitely smaller and super cute, so I'm all for it. Plus, I absolutely love the pump action lighthouse bottle.

I hope they introduce a bunch of new scents for all product lines or extend a few. I finally got ahold of a bottle of Violet Bloom hand wash, and dear gaga it smells soooo lovely. It's a shame the aircare line is no more, because I feel like it would've fit in there perfectly.

On a somewhat offtopc design note, I'll say that I wish they ditched the label on the spray bottles. The hand wash bottles are so elegant with their (usually) clear bottles and screened on text/designs. I think using the same production style would be nice. They did this with the holiday spray bottles a few years ago (vanilla mint, spiced pear, cinnamon bark).

Nathan Aaron said...

I had seen that Clean Well logo, but figured it couldn't possibly be (as I did not realize they had partnered with other green cleaners in the past.) Very interesting! I'm still not sure how killing bacteria in a green manner is any better than killing bacteria in a non-green manner. You're still killing bacteria that probably needs to stick around so we don't all just keep getting sick. No? Makes sense to me... but I guess we'll find out.

Honestly, I think they made this antibac line to appease the (sorry) obsessive people who MUST have antibacterial products, but these are green so method feels better about releasing them to the consumer.

neta said...

i agree with you nathan, i am not for the whole "antibacterial thing" but i guess that i will see how this plays out....curious to know what the scents are though :-)

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