Thursday, July 22, 2010

target a go-go

Well, everyone has been asking method what's up with the apparent lack of replenishment when it comes to their favorite dish soap being carried by Target! Many Target stores appear to be out, empty shelves, crying for more cute colored bottles! People just can't find their dishy suds! And with method announcing (via their recent Q&A chat session on a new dish soap in their lighthouse/laundry shaped bottle, the answers have finally been revealed!

Target has placed all the current method dish soap (mine still has it on the shelves) on clearance! And I gotta tell you (don't get all freaked out yet, as I don't know the answer) but I'm not sure if the current scents (cucumber, lavender and pink grapefruit) will make the move over to the new line, or not. From the pics we've seen, I'd say we can definitely expect one new scent! Other than that tidbit of knowledge, time will tell. method said we could expect to see the new detergent in September, but with Target already clearancing the current version out, I'd guess it might be more like mid-August!

Now, along with Target clearancing out the dish soap, they're also clearing out the go-naked gel hand wash, and all the multi-surface cleaning wipes! I'm not sure if we're about to see a new line of wipes as well, or if Target is just finished carrying them!

More information to come, don't ya know! In the meantime, I'd stock up just in case, OR there is always Lowe's Hardware for your method dish soap needs, until the new line hits the shelves!


Jason said...

I went to Target last weekend and they had NO dish soap on the shelf (and none in the clearance sections). I had to go to Lowes to get my fix which was ok, as I was able to buy some more of that Green Tea + Aloe handwash that I love.

kirby said...

My Target hasn't had the dish soap for a while. Lowe's has lavender and grapefruit, but no cucumber.

Meredith said...

Also on clearance today at my local Target: Tub & Tile bathroom cleaner. It was only about 60¢ off, but I bought a bottle to keep my supply up anyway.

Jason said...

I hope they aren't getting rid of the Tub & Tile bathroom cleaner! I might have to go out and stock up! It's one of my fav Method products of all time!

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