Wednesday, June 8, 2011

meet me!

Ok, well, you've already met me, lots of times here on ole' method lust, I know! But it's also the title of a new article (possibly for inclusion in an upcoming new book!) by David Bunnell. He's been writing a book on brand advocacy, and method was of course included! Not only that, but I was surprised when he asked if I would like to be interviewed for the book, too! How could I pass that up? So, here is my interview! (I even drew my own self portrait! What do you think? Does it look like me?) I hope you enjoy it, even just a little (if not just lie to me, ok? I'll probably not be able to tell the difference, and my feelings won't get hurt. And I have very thin skin, so you wouldn't want to hurt my feelings, cause I'll bleed and bleed all over. Oh yeah, and cry a lot, too!) So without further blah blah blah:

"Meet Nathan Aaron, Method’s Advocate Extrordinaire | by David Bunnell

Definition: Brand advocates are people who habitually review products and share their opinions with others around them. The sharing can be done in-person around the water cooler with a few close friends or it can be done online with email or on social media networks where advocates can reach many thousands of peers almost instantly.

Marketers are increasingly seeking out brand advocates and oftentimes “energizing” them by providing tools that make it easier for advocates to write product reviews, post messages, answer questions from customers or potential customers and even share coupons.

All companies have advocates. Some companies have fanatical advocates, amazing people who do amazing things for the companies or brands they love. Apple is an example, and so is Method; the environmentally friend cleaning products company.

One such fanatical advocate, profiled below, is Nathan Aaron who was so taken by Method, he launched a blog called “Method Lust” on which he has posted hundreds of articles about Method, the people who work there, and the importance of nontoxic cleaning products.

I learned about Nathan when I recently visited the corporate headquarters of Method in San Francisco. Below is a profile I recently wrote about him:

Struggling to explain his unusual advocacy for a brand of cleaning products, North Carolina graphic artist Nathan Aaron shrugs his shoulders and says, “Maybe I don’t have much of a life.”

But once you hear his story, you’ll realize this isn’t true. Nathan is a very interesting, passionate, and creative person..."

Read the rest here!

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