Friday, June 17, 2011

holiday tease

I don't know about you, but I'm just about over these mid-ninety degree days! Summer has barely begun, and my air conditioner has already let me know it can't keep up! So you know what, my thoughts are floating off to snow! And holidays! And Santa Claus! Cause it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas and the holidays, right? Of course not! And even method has gotten in on the fun, posting this interesting little tease over on their Facebook discussion page:

"dear lovers of mint,
stay tuned for holiday 2011.

love, method

Ohh, do they have me excited! I'm already dreaming of the possibilities! (Though I pray to my minty Gods above that it's not simply method bringing back peppermint vanilla again. I lust you method, but please give us some exciting new holiday scents this year!)

So cross your fingers, tap your snow boots together, and dream mint filled holiday dreams (even if it is only June!) Well, unless you don't like mint (which I've discovered there are actually a few of you out there, and honestly, you're not right. There is something seriously wrong with you. No, really. Like, seek medical and mental attention immediately, ok. I'm just sayin'... not right.)

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bittersweetsonata said...

I want peppermint vanilla aircare for Christmas. That'd be the best present ever.

Actually, I'm hoarding my one peppermint vanilla left because my local target didn't carry the holiday line this year. :(

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