Wednesday, July 20, 2011

green tease!

Tease #3 Looks like method might be getting a bit tired of the zillions of posters on their Facebook page begging, pleading, and praying that Monday's big reveal is the return of aircare (which they obviously need to bring back! Because, uh, zillions of posters on their Facebook page have been begging, pleading, and praying for it!) Today's tease is:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #3: it's not aircare."

Yeah, rinse and repeat. It's gonna be car care, lusters! Oh, and my favorite comment from the teasers so far: (directed to method) "I bet now you wish it was aircare!" Zing! (Cause of the zillions of... oh, you know!)


Tease #2 Today method issued the following tease:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #2: both Rihanna and this product have ties to Barbados."

What's a famous Barbados tourist destination? None other than the Sea Flower Cave (also known as the Animal Flower Cave.) And what would one of the original scents in the method Vroom car care line be? Why none other than... sea flower! Wow, it'd be great if they brought this scent back, it was amazing (my favorite in the car care line.)

So far, I've still got my betting money down! What do you think? (Other than I need to get a life, I realize that...)


Tease #1 Things have been mighty quiet around these here parts, now haven't they? Well, that's all about to change! method made a whole bunch oh' advocates giddy with excitement when they slipped us this naughty little tease today:

"people against dirty: we're re-introducing something you love and have been asking us for. the big reveal will be on monday, so we're gonna keep you guessing 'til then. clue #1: this product first debuted in 2005."

Of course people are begging for it to be aircare (and I'm included in that bunch! In fact, I'm down on my knees this very moment praying to the Green Gods!) But alas, you're ole' method lust buddy and pal here decided I just had to do a little research into this! I mean, for shame on me if I didn't, right? This blog is called method lust, after all, not method eh it's alright, or method "It's me, not you"! (Actually, at this point, it should be called method stalking! Oh, man, I should have thought that up at the very beginning! Ha!)

Guess what I've found out? Aircare - so 2006. Pish posh. Now, now... candles were around even before 2005 (before they became part of the aircare line.) So, it could be candles, but nah, I'm not betting any money on that horse. My strong guess is (drum roll, please!) car care! The method vroom (Target) brand debuted... in 2005! May, 2005 to be exact. Well, possibly April, but let's not split hairs here, ok? So that's my educated guess! method's left me out in the dark on this one, so I'm again just guessing here, but I'd put a whole bunch of money down on this! Like, Vegas style money, baby!

Whatever it may be, looks like we'll all know come Monday! (Only 116 hours or so to go! Let the countdown begin!) Thoughts?


Sprockets said...

Care care seems like a good educated guess. I've seen some questions in surveys about that if I recall correctly. But they've also been asking a LOT about body care, body washes, etc. When did that debut?

Nathan Aaron said...

Well, body care has always been around in some form. method bloq debuted in 2007, and that would be their biggest jump into body care, if you asked me. Lotion, shaving cream, body wash, etc.

So my guess is still car care. But maybe we'll get a big body care update this year, too!

bittersweetsonata said...

I guessed body care on the facebook page. Car car, while appealing, doesn't make me giggly like aircare or body care. Plus, my target probably won't stock much. I see this being a much more Lowes friendly item if it's care car.

bittersweetsonata said...

When did the fig scent premiere? I wasn't searching Barbados on wikipedia and finding this: "The Golden Shield in the coat of arms carries two "Pride of Barbados" flowers and the "bearded" fig tree (Caesalpinia pulcherrima), which was common on the island at the time of its settlement by the British and may have contributed to Barbados being so named." If it's fig, I will be all over that.

It's going to be car care. 100%. I just really want fig aircare now.

Yes, I too, do google the Method hints. Haha.

Nathan Aaron said...

Work it, Katie! Wow, you're so testing my method knowledge! Maybe method should make me their Museum Curator of methodopia!

IF I'm correct, fig debuted fall of 2008. Fig was only around once, I'm 99.9% certain of that (gingerbread spice came back a few falls, but I swear we only got one fig run!) And, they had aroma spray, but the entire aroma spray line was recalled that year, along with the one and only chance to get the fig aroma spray! (I still have a bottle of that. It's under glass, with lasers all around it.)

I LOVED fig. I LOVE fig! method should really use that scent more, even for the holidays! I mean, candied fig for the holidays? Come on now! Don't mess with the scent, method, it's perfect. Give it a holiday name, and be done with it! :) (The year method gives us spiced pear, candied fig, and frosted fir holiday products WILL be the year my life will finally have reached sheer perfection. Just sayin', method. :) But I digress...

Fig car care sound rockin, by the way! :)

Unknown said...

target recently renewed its vroom trademark. Personally I don't care about car care at all. I would be much happier with a candle.

bittersweetsonata said...

Thanks so much for checking that for me! I figured it would be too good to be true. I've read your fig Target disaster post- never were able to pick any up at Big Lots, eh? I'd totally buy fig. Actually, I'd buy any holiday scent this year. Only one of the Target's I frequent even bothered with method holiday last year due to the late release date and the selection was terrible. I got one peppermint vanilla hand soap because that was about it. I really have a hard time justifying shipping and handling right now via the interwebs. You know, early 20's, college aged, dirty poor and all.

Should have been air care. I hope everyone signs the petition. Car care, here we come though. It has to be- it's the only thing that fits.

Um, method so should give you that job. You are over qualified. ;)

Nathan Aaron said...

Unknown, I don't think they'll release it as Vroom. Vroom was a sub-name under method, I think to test the whole category out. (You wouldn't have even known it was method except for the nice packaging and tiny lettering on the back that said "Vroom, a method people against dirty company.") Plus it was a green brand. Once Vroom as a brand became a part of Target's line, it went all non-eco, car care. So method would probably distance itself from that line, and debut these new products as straight up method auto care.

OR, I could be completely wrong about the whole thing. But if that happens, I'll be blown away. :)

The aroma spray got destroyed, I think (since it was a recall due to health concerns.) But I've found fig candles and pill refills at Big Lots before, way back when. You can still find some on eBay! :)

kirby said...

I have been using Febreze Noticeables plug-ins in my place and I'm almost starting to like them! FEBREZE! Look what you've done, Method, you've left me no other choice! Oh, the humanity!

**I wasn't ever huge on plug-ins or aircare other than candles, but I now live in a 60's high rise building and to me the interior hallways smell...old. And I don't like smelling that old smell in my space.

Unknown said...

It's going to be some sort of mop or cloths for cleaning.I can feel it!

Too bad it won't be aircare though :(

Nathan Aaron said...

Unknown, if it is I'll scream, after method's zillion mentions of only wanting to focus on "liquid cleaners in a bottle." :)

Anonymous said...

My guess is Pink Grapefruit dish soap :)

Nathan Aaron said...

HA! You win, anonymous. ;)

Aaron Agopian said...

Well I give up I guess

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