Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sneak peek - the method method

Guess what, squeaky green fans? method co-founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry have a brand new book hitting store (and e-reader!) shelves in September! (You've still got your snazzy copy of their first book squeaky green: the method guide to detoxing your home, I hope!) So I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peek at the new cover (above) to the method method, as well as a bit about the book (which, if I don't end up on the cutting room floor, Ha!, will also include a case study on none other than the ole' method lust blog! Yay!) Details include:

Founded ten years ago by childhood pals Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, Method has been making headlines and profits with a revolutionary blend of culture and commerce, style and substance. Today, Method's ecofriendly soaps, detergents, and cleaners are ubiquitous in stores, capturing valuable shelf space long dominated by the tired old products of giants P&G and Unilever.

Ryan and Lowry obsess over seven principles at the heart of Method's business philosophy, including:

+ Kick Ass at Fast: Use small size to your advantage; by bringing innovations to market faster, you can stay out in front of larger rivals.

+ Inspire Advocates: Rather than getting caught up in costly battles for market share, foster deeper relationships with fewer customers in pursuit of greater wallet share.

+ Win on Product Experience: Beyond satisfying your customers' rational needs, design experiences for them.

The Method Method is an irreverent, candid, firsthand case study. Readers will learn how today's consumers behave, how today's companies compete, and how both groups are acting together to drive profound global change.


Will you be picking up a copy? (You know you want one!) Look for it online and in stores September 15, 2011!


bittersweetsonata said...

Is it bad that I really want to pre-order this? I don't actually own the first one-but I've borrowed it from the library so many times that I might as well buy it. Seriously, the circulation numbers on it last year- all mine. Why did they have to put hand soap on the cover? It's my weakness.

Oh, Katie's fine. I know I come up as a username, but that's just because my blog is so sorely neglected that I didn't want my name attached to it until I have time to get back to it. :)

Nathan Aaron said...

Katie, I just wanted to say how much I LUST your profile pic! :)

bittersweetsonata said...

Aww thanks. My sister, who's a photographer, graphic designer goddess took it. She's amazing! I LUST both of your websites. Your graphic design site is such a happy orange pop of color and well, I spent far too much time on the archives on here mourning my pre-method years.

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