Monday, July 25, 2011

pink is the new back

(...and yes, it's supposed to say back, not black. Get it? You will... just a bit more... oh, and there it is!)

So after three days of teases, method did their big product re-introduction reveal! And it was none other than... limited edition pink grapefruit dish soap! method says:

"get out the good china. pink grapefruit dish soap is BACK! we know that many of you have sorely missed your zesty sink partner. some even said that dishwashing almost wasn’t worth doing anymore. we thought of you with your dishes piled up, unable to gather enthusiasm for anything else, and it sort of broke our hearts.

so we brought it back and made it even better. the biodegradable formula and fragrance you love now comes in a handy pump bottle for easier washing up. all is right in the world of grease-fighting.

it’s here as a limited edition, but if it’s as big a hit as we anticipate, it’s likely to be granted permanent status. look for it online at now and on shelves at your local Target at the beginning of August. it will be rolling out to other online retailers soon thereafter."


I'm pretty surprised it's limited edition, and I'd bet money it'll become permanent. Though, uh, I bet money the big reveal would be auto care, too, now didn't I? I guess I'm broke!

So, what do you think? Excited? Underwhelmed? Facebook comments ranges wildly from:

"Yay!!!! LOVE this scent." and "Thank you!!!! ♥" to "I thought it was going to be a new product. Not a new scent that we had months ago. There was no reason to drum up so much anticipation."

Honestly, three days of teases for one product return (and it wasn't really a product, but more so a scent) might have been a tad much. But at the same time, many people (method lust included) were screaming for a new line, when method had used the word "product" the entire time. So let's go with 50/50 blame on over excitement, shall we?

So, will you be picking up some pink grapefruit dish soap?


Logan said...

I think that the reintroduction of a scent that we've already had was a big let down. 3 days of anticipation was not needed for such a small return. Method got my hopes up and let me down.

Jamison cOMBS said...

Agreed. Though I think if Method sent me a bottle (hint, hint), I might not feel so let down. I do love surprises (hint, hint).

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