Friday, September 30, 2011

sneak peek - white rosemary, and more!

Why not take a quick moment to welcome method's newest scent to the family, white rosemary! OMG. Does that not sound amazing! And you'll soon be able to pick up white rosemary in all-purpose cleaning spray and dilutable floor + surface cleaner!

And that's not all! Coming to the kitchen hand wash line will be clementine! A lot of people lust this scent, so it should be a perfect fit right next to the lemongrass scent (still my fuh-av-orite ever!) Now I'm just making an educated guess here, but I'd say basil might be on its way out, as lemongrass has received a new bottle (yellow, instead of it's current stainless steel look) and they've added clementine, while basil has not gotten a new look. So I'd stock up on basil while I could, just in case. I've been noticing the kitchen hand wash has not been restocked for a while at Target stores, so I bet this update is the reason!

Along with all of those, method has been, and is continuing to roll out lots and lots more!

Just recently we got red currant limited edition dish soap, wood for good daily clean spray, lavender and clementine floor + surface cleaner, and coming this month we'll also see:

method's new designed for good hand wash line in botanical garden and mimosa sun, and their updated fabric softeners in fresh air, water lily + aloe, and lavender lilac scents!

What will you be picking up? What excites you? Have you seen these new products out on store shelves yet? Let method lust know! You're all so quiet anymore! But I know you're reading, I check my stats, advocates! So speak up! Remember, method is also listening, so your thoughts and comments are appreciated by not only me, but method, too! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan! Cool blog--I just read about it on the "Inspire Advocates" chapter of "The Method Method" :) It's awesome to meet other people who care about these things, since many people I know or my age (out of college recently) simply look for what's cheapest or stick to what they know! But I'm weird and look for what's innovative (and mission-oriented) even in categories like cleaning products :) And I really believe that great scents enhance the cleaning experience. Anyway, happy weekend...I need to go and work on finishing that book! -Ruth

Rebecca said...

Looking forward to sniffing the White Rosemary - many years ago they had Rosemary Mint floor cleaner, which is an exact dupe scent of an Aveda salon... swoon...

Karin said...

Man, I am so NOT on par with method and how they choose scents! I think basil is one of the best scents they've made...and now it's going away? They do this with all the scents I lust (e.g. beach sage and fig). I am not a fan of clementine or the lemongrass...I don't think they smell like their names. Now, white rosemary sounds good, but we'll see.

Also, I wonder if basil is going to become another Whole Foods exclusive scent...because that is the only place I found the basil dish soap!

Nathan Aaron said...

Ah, I hadn't thought of that. Basil might become a Whole Foods exclusive (the dish soap is.)

I LUST some lemongrass like no one else! But I kinda gotta agree with you on the clementine. People freak out over this scent, but I don't get it. I don't think it's fresh, or smells like a real clementine at all. It's kinda just "generic Kool-aid orange scent". But it appears to be popular, so method is running it through their entire line (hello, hand wash, spray cleaner, floor dilutable cleaner, dish soap, and kitchen hand wash!)

I'm intrigued with white rosemary, though!

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