Monday, October 10, 2011

method-a-go-go: sea minerals spray cleaner

If you happen to sea (insert groaning here!) any sea minerals all-purpose spray cleaner at your local stores, and you lust it, snatch some up and stash them away for a rainy day! Cause it's being discontinued (more than likely to make room for method's new white rosemary all-purpose spray scent!) - That is all. You are dismissed.


Jamison Combs said...

Gotta admit, I was never a huge fan of this sent. I purchased it once in the dish soap and it didn't impress me.

I wonder if it gets expensive for Method to constantly be making all these changes. It seems like there have been multiple scents/products lately that have had a short run and then been killed. Maybe it's an issue of what sells and giving people what they want. I wish they'd listen to advocates more instead of wasting money on trying new products only to see them crash and burn a few months later. I don't know who took over social media for them but it seems like they've been less in touch with their advocates.

Kristen Helbert said...

I agree with Jamison. I think the sea minerals scent is too "typical" for method. I've purchased it in both foaming handsoap and dishsoap. To me it smells like any other brand could offer.

I've noticed that they really haven't been doing a very good job with keeping up with questions and requests on Facebook, in particular. It seems to me that this would be an easy way to keep in touch with their most ardent fans.

I'm curious about the white rosemary scent. What makes it 'white'?

Jon Glover said...

The Mickey and Minnie soaps are on clearance at Target too.

Jason said...

Sea Minerals is a great scent. I just ordered the white White Rosemary and it has a sort of chemical odor to it.

Sabrina said...

I <3 sea minerals.

Nathan Aaron said...

There is actually a white rosemary plant. Here's a quick bit about it:

Sea minerals AS a scent isn't going away, just the spray cleaner. I always thought it was just eh. It's almost exactly like waterfall, so I'm not sure why they have two competing scents.

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