Monday, February 6, 2012

sneak peek - wood for good

method's wood for good polish in old (left) and new (right) bottles

Check out wood for good's spiffy new bottle redesign! I noticed these the other day during my usual obsessive run to Target (really, I want to know if they have a file on me at this point. Cause they should. No, but seriously. - They should...) The new bottle is taller, thinner and flat-ish. It has squared sides, which I think is awfully cute! You can view the old, rounded bottle in the above photo (left) for comparison! I also found these at Lowes Hardware (which is where this photo was taken. Hence the woodland shelves!)

1 comment:

Gary said...

My wife, Pam, loves this wood polish. She says it easily removes all the "paw prints" around our cabinet door handles and leaves behind a nice shine. Plus, she thinks it smells great!

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