Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lustful surprises!

I have many friends that think I'm kinda crazy in the head. (Shh... silence is golden. And I don't need your opinion, too!) They're all "How can someone lust soap as much as you do? It's not right! It's not sane! It's soap!" They just don't get it. But sometimes, someone pops up that does get it. And gets me, too! That newest someone is method advocate Gary! You'll notice he's been helping out on many of the posts lately, sending me soapy intel whenever he finds or reads something method!

So how about this for a surprise! Today my boss hands me a small, kinda heavy envelope! What's this? I never get packages at work! Cause no one loves me, and no one wants to send me anything, cause I love packages, and opening packages, and throwing the peanuts into the air, and ripping open the tape, and squealing with joy at what could be inside! But no, no one ever sends me anything! It's all work, work, work at work! What's up with that?! Well, not today, mister (and ma'am!) So I'm all "huh?!" I rip it open, and what's inside... four tiny bottles. What do they say? "white tea with aloe vera, olive leaf with aloe vera, magnolia with aloe vera, and lime + sea salt hand wash." From Gary! Here's the short version of what he wrote in the letter that accompanied these bottles:

"...I thought the keeper of the blog should have some samples to sniff. How else are you going to give the people what they want - your honest assessment of whether the new scents deserve our cheers, or our jeers! Happy inhaling!"

Now how sweet is that! Different Targets will "launch" new products at different times (I think it has more to do with how quickly they reach the boxes in the warehouse, and actually put them out on the shelf!) And my Targets always seem slow! Gary has been lucky enough to find all the new goodies hitting the shelves in the last couple of weeks, and I was so excited to get an "in my hands" miniature sneak peek of these new products, until I can grab the full size version!

I gotta say, lime + sea salt might just become my favorite new scent! I lust it! Thanks, Gary!
Have you found any of method's new spring 2012 products? Lust them? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


Gary said...

Your co-workers are right. You and that goofball Gary ARE nuts. Ha ha.

Maryanne in SC said...

Got the Lime + Sea Salt last weekend at Target in Columbia, SC.
Delicious! Clean and fun.

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